Minervas Pizza & Steak House in Vancouver Menu

Minervas Pizza & Steak House in Vancouver has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as TradItional or Vegetation from LIFT Bar Grill View. Ramen Danbo - Robson offers many options including Classic Ramen and Classic Rekka Ramen. Bubble World Restaurant includes a wide range like Chicken Cutlet w sweet Plum sauce or Cilantro pork Intestine. Ransom and Sambar from . Dosa Hut offers Trattoria and Bruschetta sampler.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Salmon Nori Wraps (S, SE, DF $11.25
    • house cured wild salmon lox with cucumber, spinach, edamame, red cabbage, hummus, and pickled ginger wrapped in nori, 3 pieced served with carrot edamame salad on a bed of spinach, with sesame soy dressing
  • Bacon $2.00
  • ADD
  • Sausage Breakfast Sandwich (DF, SE) $6.45
    • organic scrambled egg with our house made all natural pork sausage
  • Goat feta $2.00
  • West Coast Eggs (DF) $8.45
    • omega rich house cured wild salmon lox with two scrambled eggs and green onion served on a bed of SMAK potatoes
  • Mango Salad (VE, S, SE, N, DF) $9.95
    • fresh sliced mango, bc peppers, grated carrot, cashews, cucumbers, thai slaw, herbs, arugula and spring mix lettuce with herbs dressing
  • Kaisen Soba Peperoncino $28
    • tiger prawns, squid, scallop, mussels, sweet pepper, shiitake, mushrooms, baby bok choy, jalapeno, wild baby arugula, chili garlic soy
  • Premium $28
    • a selection of traditional and aburi, oshi and specialty rolls 12 pcs
  • Maguro/Red Tuna (Nigiri/Sashimi) (Each/6 Pc) $4.5/$22
  • Champagne Roll $19
    • scallop, salmon, cucumber, uni, rolled in golden tobiko, miku sauce
  • Ebi Fritters $10
    • tiger prawns, herbs beer batter, soy balsamic reduction, sweet chilli harissa mayo, kale quinoa salad, yuzu vinaigrette, aonori tempura bits
  • Miso Sakekasu Sablefish & Crispy Prawn Dumpling $38
    • yk3 sakekasu, kaiso seaweed salad, umami soy vinaigrette, sweet soy reduction, asian micro greens, candy cane beets, ginger scallion wasabi relish
  • Pacific Roll $17
    • tobiko, scallop, cucumber, wrapped in smoked salmon, sweet soy yuzu kosho, sea asparagus tomato herbs salsa
  • Spice Roasted Potatoes, Caramelized Onions, Smoked Cheddar $6
  • Cassoulet $17
    • smoked bacon, andouille sausage, saucission parisienne a l’ail with white beans, red wine,tomatoes,2 sunny eggs
  • Blistered Wood Stone Flatbread $4
  • La Sante $13
    • 1 soft boiled egg, marinated tomato salad, olive taoenade, avocado, oyama charchuterie with grilled ciabatta
  • Tagine $16
    • 2 poached eggs, spicy merguz sausage, seasonal vegetables stew of chickpeas, black olives & preserved lemon with grilled focaccia
  • Bana Ganoush $4
  • Le Thon Ran El Hanout $17
    • rare albacore tuna, white bean & ouinoa salad, tahini dressing,Aleppo butter, ovendried, tomatoes & fresh herbs
  • Waffle $3.15
  • Ice Cream Sundae With Chocolate & Caramel Sauces
  • Bearnaise, Peppercorn or Steak Sauce $4.75
  • Apple Cider Smoked Salmon $21.50
    • fennel, green apple slaw and crostini
  • Assorted Local & Imported Cheeses $20.00
  • Heirloom Tomato Salad $16.75
    • bocconcini, grilled sweet onions, fresh basil, aged balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil
  • Seafood Cannelloni $19.00
    • fresh white fish and shrimp with ricotta cheese and spinach, oven baked with swiss and white cheddar, heirloom tomato sauce
  • Steak Tartare $21.50
    • hand chopped prime grade filet mignon
  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail $21.00
    • hot horseradish cocktail sauce
  • Veggieburger $7.49
  • Blackened Cajun Cheddar $8.49
  • Old Style Bacon Cheddar $8.99
  • Turkeyburger $8.49
  • Chicken tender poutine $7.99
  • Garden Salad $5.99
  • The Big Fat Deal $11.49
    • juicy AAA Angus Bacon cheeseburger with your choice of crispy skin on fries or caesar salad & bottomless drink
  • Red Hot Crispy Buffalo $8.49
  • Breakfast wrap $4.79
  • Tuna crunch $6.20
  • -Cup $2.99
  • Scones $2.79
  • Bagel with cream cheese $2.79
  • Thai chicken $7.29
  • Tuscan vegetarian $7.29
  • Bombay tandoori chicken $7.99

Minervas Pizza & Steak House


2411 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 2A5, Canada





Opened hours

4 PM to 11 PM (Mon-Sat), 4 PM to 10 PM (Sun)








Mediterranean , Greek , Pizza


2411 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M 2A5, Canada