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Currently there is no menu available for Mikes in Laval. We are continuously adding menus, so check back soon! In the meantime feel free to browse our other menus within Laval below.

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  • Sandwiches
  • Midi Dolores
  • Discover our fruit dishes just overflowing with colour and freshness. Indulge without guilt... Because fruit is simply so good for you!
  • Such a sweet childhood memory, our irresistible waffles are your gateway to happiness! Whether you go for the sweet delicacy of our fruit waffles, or the savoury seduction of our Cheddar waffle, it’s party-time for taste buds!
  • Crêpes
  • Ham and Swiss
  • Cobb Salad
  • Crêpe burrito
  • -Table d`hote $7.95
  • Monday $25.50
    • Salmon with sorrel sauce and basmati rice
  • Make your own creation
  • Vanilla Crème brùlè $9.95
  • European sea bass stuffed with spinach, swiss chard, momay sauce, accompanied by squid ink ravioli, stuffed with ricotta and hazelnut $28.95
  • Beef carpaccio, parmesan, lemon, balsamic (fries and mesclun ) $19.95
  • Our fish & chips, fries & mixed greens $19.95
  • -Scallops $6.95
  • Salade printanière/spring salad 4.39/6,79
  • Extra pain pita 0,69
  • Salade cesar/caesar salad 4,89/7,89
  • Assiette combo/combo plate (souflaki porc + yero original) $9,99
  • Burger kojax au poulet/chicken kojax burger 8,39/4,49
  • Pita au taco épicé/spicy taco pita 8,79/4,99
  • Fromage feta/f eta cheese 1,69
  • Salade grecque/greek salad 1,39
  • Poulet Venitien CA$10.95
    • Grilled chicken breast, on crispy romaine lettuce with broccoli, green onion, cherry, tomatoes, apricot strips. roasted red peppers, sliced almonds, balsamic dressing
  • Mozzarella Napoli CA$5.95
    • Breaded mozzarella sticks, served with choice of tomato sauce or spicy arrabbiata sauce
  • Broccoli, Cheese & Bacon Bites CA$4.95
    • Served with choice of tomato sauce or spicy arrabbiata sauce
  • Manicotti Della Domenica CA$11.95
    • Manicotti (3) filled with ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese, and spinach, served with your choice of tomato or roste sauce
  • Saumon Trapani CA$11.95
    • Grilled salmon filet on baby spinach and mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onions, capers and hearts of palms, roasted garlic topped with shredded carrots and crumbled goat cheese creamy mustard and honey dressing
  • L'americana (toute Garne/all Dressed) CA$10.95
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, bell peppers
  • Pomodoro CA$8.95
    • Garlic, fresh basil, tomato sauce
  • Primavera CA$10.95
    • Tomatoes, mozzarella, eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, oregano
  • Signature Foie Gras $29.50
    • Foie gras au torchon, crispy langoustine with Terragon leaves. Homemade brioche. Citrusy beet and green apple smoothie
  • Yuzu freezing mist, cucumber and green apple $94.50
  • Cornish Hen $94.50
    • Cornish hen breast cooked and scorched on maple wood chips. Smoked mashed potatoes. Asparagus and root vegetables gratin Bold meat juice reduction
  • Sweets and mignardises $129.50
  • -additional $9.50
  • AAA Angus beef sirloin. Pommes Pont Neuf, wild mushrooms and runny quail egg $60.00
  • Sea bass filet cooked in hay lined pot. Beetroot spaghetti, grapefruit juice poached sorrel leaves and blood veined sorrel. White butter sauce. $45.00
  • Candy tree from Guilty land $129.50
  • Macaroni & Fromage
  • Faites Votre Assiette
  • Petit/Mayo/Large $6/$9/$16
  • Choisissez 2 a cotes Gratuits
  • Cotes De Porc Couple St Lous
  • 2 Viandes $19
  • 1. brisket(poitrine de bouef)
  • 2.Côtes levées de flanc, porc



2995 Boulevard Dagenais O, Laval, QC H7P 1T3, Canada





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2995 Boulevard Dagenais O, Laval, QC H7P 1T3, Canada
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