Franx Supreme Angrignon in Lasalle Menu

Franx Supreme Angrignon in Lasalle has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Saganaki or Taramosalata from Molivos. Saloon Bistro Bar offers many options including petite verte and Les tartares sont offerts en deux formats, la portion repas est servie avec frites et petite verte. L'Orignal includes a wide range like mixed lettuce, pickled onions, pumpkin seeds or Roasted beets, mozzarella, almonds, apples, pickled squash. Thin slices of Angus beef tenderloin (not cooked) seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and shredded Arugula and Parma Prosciutto “Ruliano” with Parmigiano Reggiano with traditionally aged Balsamic from Modena from . Da Vinci Restaurant offers Jellyfish Crudo+Charbon and Oysters.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Fried gyoza dumplings with rabbit confit and grilled sesame sauce $8.00
  • Duck wings coated $9.00
  • Black Kalamata olives $2.25
  • Lamb marrocian brick rolls $10.00
  • Quesadillas with aged cheddar $8.00
    • black beans, chipotle, tomatillos and sour cream
  • Nachos from oven $13.00
    • 120g of light cheddar, house salsa, green and black olives, hot peppers.
  • Homemade pogos $8.00
  • Accras de morue codfish cakes with lime mayonnaise $8.00
  • 4 Viande $28
  • Porc Effiloche Style Caroline
  • Notre Brisket Champion Mondail
  • Feves Bbq De Kansas City
  • 1. brisket(poitrine de bouef)
  • Choisissez 2 a cotes Gratuits
  • Salade De Mais Alabama
  • Cotes De Porc Couple St Lous
  • Godzilla Brownie $5
    • Brownie aux Maltesers / Crème Glacée à la Vanilla(Maltesers Brownie / Vanilla Ice Cream)
  • Végé(Veggie)
  • Saumon & Nori
  • Anguille(Eel)
  • Riz / Rice $3
  • Seul ou à plusieurs , Alone or with others
  • Edamame $4
  • Salmon & Nori
  • Mediterranean fish soup, rouille, garlic mayonnaise and croutons
  • - Lar. $15.95
  • Red gazpacho with Catalan chorizo $6.95
  • Common dolphinfish and eggplant stacks, coriander and dill virgin sauce $14.95
  • Almond-crusted goat cheese, strawberries and heart of palms salad $11.95
  • Vegetables coucous with mediterranean flavors $17.95
  • Calamaris blanquette with Roussillon's dry muscat wine $26.95
  • Plancha's seared gambas ( king-size prawns) and scallops, Basque Espelette pepper sauce $38.95
  • Oysters Portuguese style, tomato and chouriço sauce, gratiné with São Jorge MP
  • Daily catch & fresh arrivals from Portugal PM
  • Crispy octopus on a black-eyed pea hummus and smoked paprika oil $14.00
  • Crispy octopus on a black-eyed pea hummus and smoked paprika oil $20.00
  • Fish and seafood “Bouillabaisse” (+ lobster MP) INCLUDED
  • Crispy octopus on a black-eyed pea hummus and smoked paprika oil $16.00
  • Piri Piri grilled Cornish hen served with organic green salad and homemade french fries $32.00
  • Grilled calamari, lemon butter sauce, Beluga lentils salad $10.00
  • Homemade lamb merguez sausages $16
  • Tartare of the day , fries and salad $20
  • Extra grilled chicken breast $7
  • Tartare of the day $14
  • Green salad (Small/Large) $7/$12
  • Grilled chicken $16
  • Extra grilled garlic shrimp $10
  • Jalapenos, mozzarella, gruyère, cheddar $1

Franx Supreme Angrignon


7077 Boul Newman, Montreal, Quebec H8N 1X1, Canada





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7077 Boul Newman, Montreal, Quebec H8N 1X1, Canada
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