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Dim Sum Garden in Winnipeg has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as First or Onion Soup from Peasant Cookery. Maxime's Restaurant & Lounge offers many options including Served with garlic crostini and Add. Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge includes a wide range like Pane Casa or Pane Al' aglio. Pita Pocket and Beef Donair from . Baraka Pita Bakery offers Stella's Cafe on Osborne and Café Breakfast.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • All sandwiches are served with choice of soup, frites or la petite salade
  • Soupe a l'Oignon Gratinée $7.50
    • The original French onion soup with port
  • Bison Spring Rolls $14
    • Served with sweet chilli dipping sauce
  • Saumon Champagne $24
    • Pan seared salmon topped with sorrel and champagne cream & tempura leeks
  • Coconut Thai $18.50
    • Sweet chili peppers & cilantro in a ginger lemongrass coconut broth
  • Trio de Pâtes $15
    • Country style pâté, duck liver pâté & foie gras
  • Cappuccino Creme Brulee $8
    • Cappuccino infused custard topped with caramelized sugar
  • Filet Mignon $32
    • 7oz prime aged filet mignon
  • Chipotle Steak & Cheddar (560-1190 Cals)
    • sautéed green peppers, sautéed onion, jalapeño peppers, chipotle mayo
  • Caesar Chicken (Side 420 Cals )
    • asiago blend, tomato, onion, peppercorn caesar dressing (Entrée 520 Cals.)
  • Beef & Swiss Melt (540-1160 Cals)
    • sautéed mushrooms, bacon alfredo sauce, served on garlic toast
  • Chili
    • Cup 200 Cals, Bowl 330 Cals
  • Ham & Swiss (440 Cals)
    • tomato, lettuce, mayo
  • Classic Italian(550-1190 Cals)
    • capicola, salami, ham, pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, lettuce, onion, olives, red wine vinaigrette
  • Mesquite (520-1120 Cals)
    • bacon, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, onion, ranch dressing
  • Honey Bacon Club (530-1150 Cals )
    • turkey, swiss, tomato, lettuce, onion, honey french dressing
  • Pickerel $18.95
    • lightly breaded northern Manitoba pickerel fillets
  • Calamari $11.25
    • lightly battered calamari rings served with tzatziki sauce
  • Wrapped with tomato, onion, fresh parsley & our famous tzatziki sauce
  • To Any Salad Add
  • Baked Feta $9.75
    • oven baked feta, tomato & olive oil, served with pita, tapenade & tzatziki
  • Spaghetti With Meat Sauce/Add Meatballs $13.50/$4.00
  • Pouting Add $1.50
  • Classic Italian
    • pepperoni, ham, onion, green pepper, mushroom, grated parmesan, cheddar & mozzarella
  • Roast cauliflower, cave-aged gruyère, panade, almond, citrus, caper & brown butter vinaigrette $ 17
  • Beef tartar, brioche toast, torchon of foie gras, mustard, quail egg, yogurt $ 21
  • Seared sablefish, miso-whipped celery root, spiced duck jus, sour pear, truffled corn flakes, shaved foie gras, caviar $ 22
  • Roast Magret duck breast, smoked caramel apple, chestnut & orange crust, aromatic broth, endive $ 21
  • Lamb sugo, fresh pasta, carrot, rye, chevre, gremolata $ 19
  • Salt-roasted beets, pickled beets, beet aioli, honey, hazelnuts, orange, chorizo, fennel pollen $ 16
  • Green salad, romaine hearts, edamame, cucumber, celery, jicama, crème fraiche, pistachio, wasabi peas, lime vinaigrette $ 16
  • White prawns, crustacean remoulade, capers, pickled baby turnip, brown butter brioche, caviar $12
  • With Chicken add $4.99
  • Spanish Omelette $10.99
    • With a homemade tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese
  • Shrimp Citrus Spinach Salad $17.99
    • Tiger prawns sautéed with red peppers and onions, peach and mandarin slices, crumbled feta, fresh spinach, toasted almonds and our citrus honey dressing
  • With sautéed mushrooms, add $1.00
  • Side Mandarin Raspberry Field Green Salad $3.99
  • Orange Pecan Walleye
    • Seasoned walleye fillets in a fresh herb and panko crust served with an orange pecan sauce
  • Steak and Eggs (6 oz. Top Sirloin charbroiled) $18.99
  • 4 Cheese Ravioli à la Primavera $16.99
    • Ravioli filled with Ricotta, mozzarella, romano and parmesan tossed in a sundried tomato pesto cream sauce with mushrooms, red peppers, julienned carrots, spinach and red onions
  • Sals silver denver & beverage $7.99
    • A Denver sandwich and your choice of bottomless coffee or soft drink, or premium loose leaf tea
  • Sals Homestyle Skillets
    • We begun with 2 grade A large manitoba eggs, scrambled and golden cubed potatoes, fresh quality ingredients and natural cheese with your choice of side
  • Salmon nip platter $9.99
    • A 4 oz. Pacific Salmon patty grilled to perfection with lettuce, tomato and mayo on Sal’s own Fresh baked multigrain bun. Served with your choice of our 6 different sides
  • Side Bacon (5 slice) $3.79
  • Sais Sauce $0.99
  • Meat Eaters $10.99/$14.99
    • Side bacon, sausages, shredded ham and natural shredded Monterey jack and cheddar cheese
  • Hearty Breakfast Supreme $11.99
    • 3 eggs, 2 strips of side bacon, 2 sausages, ham, your choice of shredded or cubed potatoes
  • BBQ bacon chic’n nip platter $12.99
    • A grilled, seasoned chicken breast topped with Sal’s own BBQ sauce, side bacon and a slice of processed Cheddar cheese. Topped with an onion ring and served on your choice of Sal’s own Fresh baked white or multigrain bun

Dim Sum Garden


268 King St, 2nd Floor, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1J5, Canada





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268 King St, 2nd Floor, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1J5, Canada
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