The Fresh Italian Eatery in Old Toronto Menu

The Fresh Italian Eatery in Old Toronto has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Crispy Spring Roll or A1 Veggie / Taro(2 Pcs) from Evergreen Thai Restaurant. Local Public Eatery offers many options including Add ‘Shrooms and Add Griddled Onions. Subway includes a wide range like Extra Taste or Turkey Breast. Edamame and Kansas city steak soup from . Canyon Creek Steakhouse offers Salus and BOX / SALAD / WRAP.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Southwest chicken $20.95
    • Cajun rubbed double chicken breast, roasted sweet peppers, fresh avocado, crumbled feta, with basmati rice
  • -Skinny fries
  • Bandera chicken tacos $12.35
    • Chilli marinated, roasted chicken on corn tortillas, with fresh guacamole, charred tomato salsa, shredded red cabbage, queso blanco and valentina crema
  • Grilled chicken caesar $15.45
    • Chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, chopped romaine, sourdough croutons, shaved parmesan, with house made garlic dressing
  • Pan roasted pickerel $26.85
    • Fresh ontario pickerel, roasted cauliflower, sweet green peas, smoky roasted red pepper, with saffron cauliflower puree and chive beurre blanc
  • Korean fried chicken $11.95
    • Ginger and garlic marinated chicken, coated in puffed ancient grains, served with cauliflower pakora and spicy korean sauce
  • Banana coconut cream pie $6.25
    • Baked rolled oat crust, sliced banana, coconut cream custard banana liqueur, with whipped cream and toasted coconut
  • -Full $29.95
  • -Sashimi $6.99
    • 5 Pcs
  • -Handroll $5.99
  • -1 Pc $2.99
  • Snapper
  • -Handroll $4.99
  • Philadelphia roll
    • 6 Pcs
  • Unagi roll
    • 6 Pcs
  • Tuna set $9.99
    • 11 Pcs, 6 pcs tuna/avocado roll, 4 pcs tuna sushi, 1 pc tuna hand roll
  • Katsukare
    • A breaded deep fried pork cutlet with curry sauce and rice
  • Gyudon
    • A bowl of rice topped with cooked beef and vegetables
  • Snowflake
    • Two icy flavour, matcha or fruit
  • Nakasaki champon
    • A regional cuisine of nagasaki, fresh seafood (mussels, scallops, squid and shrimp) combined in a hearty tonkotsu-esque broth
  • Ji su men
    • A soy sauce base soup combined with chicken, egg and sesame oil, mixed with stir fried vegetables, vegetarian option available
  • Takoyaki
    • Baked octopus ball filled with octopus, green onion, cheese and shrimp flavouring
  • Netsu ramen
    • Spicy sapporo-style ramen with your choice of ground pork or chicken, added with loads of stir fried vegetables
  • Karashi ramen
    • Spicy ramen with japanese karashi hot sauce topped of with roasted pork slices seasonal topping: marinated bamboo shoot
  • The Atlantic Canada Lobstar (6 inch/12 inch) $8.99/$14.99
  • Chips $1.50
  • Italian B.M.T (6 inch/footlong) $5.50/$7.99
    • Pepperoni, genoa salami & ham
  • 21oz coke + 8oz soup $3.75
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese (6 inch/Footlong) $5.00/$7.50
  • Today's Flavours soup 8 oz $2.75
  • Spicy Italian (6 inch/footlong) $5.49/$7.99
  • Saba Oshi Sushi (GF) $ 16
    • pressed house-cured mackerel, miso sauce
  • Steamed Edamame sea salt (GF) $7
  • Kale Goma-Ae Sweet Sesame Soy (GF) $7
  • At Miku Toronto, we take pride in offering sustainable seafood choices on our menu. Our chefs strive to serve the freshest Ocean Wise' seafood, respecting the natural flavours of the ingredients while adding our signature Miku style. Most of the items below are Ocean Wise',
  • Served With Miso Soup
  • Ebi / Prawn (Nigiri each) $3.5
  • Ikura / Salmon Roe $5
  • can be served without rice and miso upon request for $25
  • Entrecote & frites
    • Red wine butter, bordelaise
  • Omelette du jour $15.00
    • Buttered sourdough & chef's seasonal salad
  • Trout meuniere $36.00
    • Kolapore spring rainbow trout new potato, parsley & lemon
  • Entrecote & frites
    • Red wine butter, bordelaise jus
  • Salade de carottes $14.00
    • Lime, sesame crumble, aleppo pepper, sweets yoghurt, cumin & coriander
  • Poulet a la creole $29.00
    • Brick chicken, cajun spiced butter frites
  • Greens $5.00
  • Cavatelli maison $22.00
    • Ricotta, black olive crumble, hazelnuts, dandelion

The Fresh Italian Eatery


42-109 McCaul St, Toronto, Ontario M5T 3K5, Canada





Opened hours

Monday: 10:00-20:00, Tuesday: 10:00-20:00, Wednesday: 10:00-20:00, Thursday: 10:00-20:00, Friday: 10:00-20:00, Saturday: 11:00-16:00,








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42-109 McCaul St, Toronto, Ontario M5T 3K5, Canada
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