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MVP Cafe and Sports Lounge in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Mini maki tray(38 pcs) or Mini sushi tray(25pcs) from Soji Sushi. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant in Calgary offers many options including Calamares and Bulaklak Chicharon. Extreme Bean Eatery includes a wide range like Add $2.00 For Organic Yam Fries or Extreme 1/2 Pound Burger. Pita Wraps and Spanakopita from . OPA! of Greece Brentwood Village offers Una Pizza + Wine and Beet Salad.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • 75. Benihana Roll 8pcs
    • Red Tuna, jalapeno, soy paper, volcano sauce, hot sauce, unagi sauce, tobiko
  • Blue Fin (Mid Fatty Toro)
    • Sushi or sashimi 1pc
  • 119. Ginger Chicken
  • 26. Hamachi 2pcs
  • 125. Spring Roll 4pcs
  • 133. Peter’s Number One
    • warm chocolate raspberry cake with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato
  • 22. Masago/Tobiko/Ikura with Quali egg 2pcs
  • 64. Spicy Tuna Roll 4pcs
  • Small (8")/Medium(10") $ 14/$21
  • Small (8")/Medium(10") $ 13/$20
  • Chicken wings (12) $12
    • hot, medium, mild, BBQ, teriyaki, honey garlic, sweet thai chili, suicide hot, salt and pepper & greek
  • Large(12")/X large(14") $ 24/$28
  • Combo Platter $18
    • Zucchini sticks, chicken fingers, wings and calamari
  • Large(12")/X large(14") $ 24/$28
  • Large(12")/X large(14") $ 25/$29
  • Small (8")/Medium(10") $ 13/$20
  • General Tao Chicken
    • deep-fried boneless chicken, in light and crispy batter with Tiki Ming house sauce
  • Cantonese Chow Mein
    • chicken & shrimp with mixed vegetables served on crispy egg noodles
  • Shanghai Noodles
    • soya sauce flavoured stir-fry on thick noodles (choice of chicken, beef or shrimp)
  • Chicken Balls
    • crispy batter chicken balls
  • Szechuan Shrimp
    • sweet & sour spicy shrimp served on steamed rice
  • Beef & Broccoli
    • stir-fry marinated beef slices and broccoli florets with garlic and special soy sauce
  • Mixed Vegetables
    • stir-fry assorted vegetables
  • Honey Garlic Ribs
    • marinated spareribs in honey garlic sauce.
  • Boneless wings
    • A boneless version of our original wings – plump chicken breast pieces coated with your choice of signature sauce. Served with carrots, celery and bleu cheese or ranch dipping sauce.
  • Double kingburger
    • Two big, juicy, fresh, never frozen ½ lb alberta angus beef patties, choice of double cheese, mustard, relish, red onion, deli pickles, tomato, lettuce and mayo.
  • Old style bacon cheddar
    • An all time favourite! Our big, juicy ⅓ lb alberta angus beef patty topped with double canadian cheddar and maple bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and red relish.
  • Chicken sandwiches our chicken sandwiches are made with 5 pepper marinated (tasty – not spicy!) Premium chicken breast. Crispy chicken sandwiches are home-style breaded for extra crunch.
  • The original fatburger
    • Our big, juicy signature ⅓ lb fresh, never frozen alberta angus beef patty stacked with fresh toppings. Make it perfect by adding cheese!
  • Buffalo wings
    • Our big and juicy chicken wings fried to perfection and coated with your choice of signature wing sauce. These are not your average wings. Served with carrots, celery and bleu cheese or ranch dipping sauce.
  • ●sides & fries
  • ●chicken sandwiches
  • Bacon cheese
    • Chunks of bacon & grated cheese
  • All Fries gluten free & cooked in canola oil GST included
  • Chicken Fries
    • Chicken, Feta cheese, gravel
  • Spiral Fry
    • Cut from fresh Yukon Gold Potato
  • Chilli Fries
    • Chilli, sour cream, grated cheese
  • Poutine
    • "Canadian classic" fresh cut fries, cheese curds, vegetarian gravy & green onion
  • Fries
    • Cut fresh Yukon Gold Potato's
  • Yam Fries
    • Yams c/w garlic & chill dip on the side
  • Combination platter (for two) $70
    • With so many incredibly dishes to choose from, we thought…
  • Psilokomeni $10
    • A light and refreshing salad with thinly sliced lettuce and…
  • Hirino souvlaki $25
    • Pork souvlaki
  • Gourounaki psito $29
    • Roast suckling pig
  • Garithes souvlaki $27
    • Prawn souvlaki
  • Cold appetizer platter $20
    • The perfect dish to sample all of our cold appetizers.
  • Taverna special $39
    • An experience and not simply a dish.
  • Halloumi $7
    • A semi-hard cheese made from goat and sheep milk.

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5600 19 St SW, Calgary, AB T3E 3H3, Canada