1912 Bar and Grill in Calgary Menu

1912 Bar and Grill in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 1. Salmon 2pcs or 2. Tuna 2pcs from KinJo. Nando's offers many options including Peri nuts and Peri hummus with pita. Pho Nam includes a wide range like Vietnamese spring rolls (4 rolls) or Vietnamese shrimp roll (3 rolls). All appetizers and tandoori dishes are served with Mint, Mango or tamarind sauce and Papadam (2 pcs) from . Little India offers Soji Sushi and Mini maki tray(38 pcs).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Beef Cheek Hash & Eggs $14
    • smoked tomato hollandaise, asparagus
  • 3 Onions $9
    • beef broth, thyme, provolone bowl
  • Bourbon Short Ribs $13
    • herbed Yorkshire pudding, smashed peas with pancetta & mint
  • Rosemary Almonds $ 2
  • Albacore Tuna Lettuce Wrap
    • tomatoes, pickled onion & carrot, preserved lemon aioli
  • Roasted Carrot $6
    • feta, mint
  • Maple Bacon Wrapped Dates $6
    • gorgonzola, whiskey syrup
  • 6 oz. Classic Sirloin* with Grilled Avocado CA$12.29
    • 100% USDA choice sirloin with Chili's seasoning & drizzled with spicy citrus-chile sauce, topped with grilled avocado slices, garlic roasted tomatoes & chopped cilantro. Served with fresco salad.
  • Bottomless Tostada Chips ("Tostada Chips" Only on to Go Menu) $3.79
    • Extra-thin corn tostada chips made fresh daily. Go ahead and ask for more now (not on to go menu)
  • Oldtimer® with Cheese* CA$8.89
    • Pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion & mustard. You can't top perfection unless you add cheese.
  • Fresco salad or house salad with any entree $3.19
  • Classic Ribeye* CA$17.99
    • 100% USDA well-marbled, thick-cut steak topped with garlic butter. Served with loaded mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.
  • Grass-Fed Sunrise Burger* CA$11.39
    • Grass-fed beef patty, cage-free fried egg, provolone, bacon, lettuce, red onion & tomato with Chili's signature sauce.
  • Southwestern Eggrolls CA$8.69
    • These aren't your ordinary eggrolls. Crispy flour tortillas, chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeño Jack cheese, red peppers, spinach. Served with avocado-ranch.
  • Fresh Steamed Broccoli CA$1.99
  • Fish&Chips $8.00
    • 4 pc / Battered Fries/dip
  • 48 pc $29.99
  • 3 pc $6.99
  • 9 pc / 20 pc/30 pc $3.99 / $7.99 /$9.99
  • 24 pc $15.99
  • French Fries -Skin on
  • Chicken Fries
    • comes with a side of sweet chili or sweet & sour
  • Add (each) $1.00
    • Pizza Toppings
  • Vegetable Mo:Mo (6 pcs) $7.95
    • Steamed Nepali style dumplings filled with veggies, mozzarella cheese, herbs and spices. Served with tomato and spice based sauce.
  • Plain Flat Bread $2.25
  • Flat Bread
    • Buttered
  • Lamb Choyla $8
    • Grilled lamb seasoned with garlic, ginger and tempered with herbs and mustard oil. Served with mixture of cripsy beat riceflakes and soybeans. >>
  • Cottage Cheese
    • creamy tomato & cashew sauce
  • Nepali Tarkari (Mild, Medium or Hot) 14.5
    • Cottage cheese and potatoes cooked in a creamy spinach and tomato sauce
  • Saag Channa (Mild, Medium or Hot) $14.5
    • Chickpeas and spinach cooked with Nepali spices.
  • Kathmandu Vegetables (Mild, Medium or Hot) $14.5
    • Chickpeas, cauliflower and potatoes cooked in tomato and onion based sauce.
  • Hawaiian
    • Succulent pineapple and slices of ham topped with an extra layer of cheese.
  • Cinna Stix
    • Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then baked to perfection. Served with sweet icing.
  • Philly Steak
    • Loaded with tender slices of steak, melted Provolone cheese, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and American cheese.
  • BBQ Dip Cup
    • BBQ Dip Cup
  • Icing Cup
    • A thick sweet icing with a hint of vanilla.
  • Pepperoni Feast
    • Lots and lots of pepperoni topped with an extra layer of cheese.
  • MeatZZa
    • Slice after slice of pepperoni, ham, savory Italian sausage and beef topped with an extra layer of cheese.
  • Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake
    • Oven baked chocolate cakes, crunchy on the outside with molten chocolate on the inside.
  • 40. B.C Cone
  • 95. Teriyaki Chicken
  • 96. Teriyaki Beef
  • 132. Baby Octopus 5oz
  • 117. Avocado Tempura
  • 112. Yam Tempura 4pcs
  • 79. Kiss Kiss Dragon Roll 16pcs
    • male and female dragon rolls
  • 97. Salmon Kama 1pc

1912 Bar and Grill


421 12 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1A5, Canada





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421 12 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 1A5, Canada
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