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Care Bakery in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as All our pizzas are made daily with homemade, fresh dough. we have a special blend f 4 cheeses, and a "family secret" recipe for our incredible tomato sauce. we only use the best quality meats, vegetables, and cheese for all our incredible creations! you are about to indulge in one of, if not the best pizza you will ever have in your life!!! or Cheesy cheddar from Western Pizza Express - Cranston. Noodlebox offers many options including Spicy Peanut Noodle Box and Teriyaki Box. Spud Mobeel includes a wide range like Fries or Yam Fries. House Smoked Turkey BLT and Garden Baguette from . Traders Grill offers Wasim's Donair & Pizza and Sm10″/Med12″.

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  • Served from 11:00 – 4:00 pm All sandwiches are served with your choice of soup, fries, green salad, or Caesar salad
  • Mushroom $11
  • Old Fashion $12
    • 2 eggs your style, 2 slices of bacon, s sausages, breakfast potatoes
  • Small (8")/Medium(10") $ 13/$20
  • Small (8")/Medium(10") $ 13/$20
  • Small (8")/Medium(10") $ 16/$22½
  • Large(12")/X large(14") $ 25/$29
  • Caesar Special
    • Beef, ham, pepperoni, shrimp and green peppers
  • -2Sidelines $12.00
  • -Regular $3.50
  • Peri-peri chicken pita
  • Peri potato wedges
  • -Regular $3.50
  • Double leg
  • half chicken $10.00
  • Boneless breast $4.50
  • Greek Pizza 15.95/20.95/27.95/32.95
    • pepperoni spiced beef green peppers tomatoed onions fta olives parmesan mozza pizza sauce
  • Pepperoni 13.95/19.95/26.95/31.95
    • pepperoni cheese pizza sauce
  • Boneless Dry Ribs reg/lg 7.95/14.95
  • Double Double 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • pepperoni Extra sauce and extra cheese cheddar mozza pizza sauce
  • Vegetables 1.50/2.00/2.50/2.75
    • green peppers pineapple mushrooms tomatoes onions hot banana peppers black olives
  • Vern's Special 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • pepperoni salami mushrooms green peppers pineapple onions cheese pizza sauce
  • T-Rex 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • pepperoni salami ham ground beef cheese pizza sauce
  • Lasagna Trays For 1 7.95
  • 6oz Tenderloin $34.00
    • Roasted mushroom, cauliflower puree, jus
  • Naturally Raised Chicken Supreme $27.00
    • Grana padano mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms
  • Assorted Cheeses $24.00
    • A selection of 3 cheeses with housemade preserve, pickled vegetable
  • Vegetable Platter $18.00
    • Housemade trued mushroom pate, assorted fresh and prepared vegetables
  • Starbelly Baked Brie $16.00
    • Oven baked brie cheese, dried fruit, toasted nuts, crostini, local honey
  • Mussels in a Mediterranean Tomato Butter $18.00
    • Watercress, chilies, warm baguette, fries
  • Pacific Halibut and Prawns $34.00
    • Tomato consommé and salad, pepper greens
  • Mixed Greens $10.00
    • Toasted sunflower seeds, pears, shaved carrots and parsley vinaigrette
  • Backyard BBQ Steak
    • Mushrooms, onions, peppers, zucchini, feta & BBQ ranch dressing
  • Veggie (Reg)
    • Roasted red peppers, onions, zucchini, Kalamata olives, feta & pizza sauce
  • BBQ Chicken & Bacon (Reg)
    • Onions, cilantro, cheddar, ranch dressing
  • Chicken Fajita
  • Egg & Spinach
  • Create your Pita
    • Choose any 3 veggie toppings, Choose your cheese, Choose 1 protein
  • BBQ4U(reg)
    • Grilled chicken, tomato, cucumber, romaine lettuce and BBQ sauce
  • Our pitas re-imagined as our version of a wood-fired pizza. Lighter, healthier and even tastier! Enjoy your favourite for dinner and feel good about it
  • Pancit Canton $12.99
    • Thick Egg Noodles Sauteed With Chicken, Shrimp and Vegetables
  • Wonton Soup $7.99
    • Pork Dumplings In Chicken Broth
  • Dangsilog $8.99
    • Fried Boneless Milk Fish (Daing) With Two Eggs Served With garlic Rice
  • Boneless Bangus Sisig $12.99
    • Shredded Boneless Bangus Seasoned With Spices
  • Sizzling bangus Sisig $14.99
    • Shredded Boneless Bangus Served With Spices, Spicy or Mild
  • Tokwa’t Bayboy $9.99
    • Fried Tofu and Pork Cubes In Vinaigrette Sauce
  • Goto $7.99
    • Rice Porridge Beef Tripes Topped With Boiled Egg, Fried Garlic And Green Onions
  • Sizzling Squid $14.99
    • Spiced Squid Served On A Sizzling Plate, Spicy or Mild

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Bay 1r 7635 44st SE, Calgary, AB T2C 2K6, Canada
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