Wing'n It in St. John's Menu

  • French Onion Soup $6.99
    • Sweet tender onions simmered in a savoury stock, topped with croutons and Swiss cheese
  • Potato Skins $7.99
    • 4 potato shells loaded with our three cheese blend, bacon, green onions and a side of sour cream
  • Dill Pickle Spears $7.99
    • A tasty favourite of lightly breaded fried pickle spears served with buttermilk dill
  • Mozzarella Sticks $7.69
    • Lightly breaded and deep fried mozzarella sticks served with our signature International sauce
  • Jalapeno Poppers $7.99
    • Choose from lightly dusted cheddar or cream cheese filled jalapenos, served with a side of ranch
  • Pop'n Shrimp $8.69
    • Delicious beer battered shrimp fried until golden, served with seafood sauce and a lemon wedge
  • Sweet Potato Fries $7.99
    • Gourmet plank cut sweet potatoes, deep fried until crispy on the outside and served with a side of honey mustard
  • Bacon Cheddar Broccoli Bites $7.69
    • A crispy coating filled with a blend of melted broccoli, bacon and cheddar, served with sour cream
  • Swiss & Bacon Minis $7.69
    • Juicy bite-sized chicken stuffed with Swiss cheese and bacon, served with a side of ranch
  • Spinach & Artichoke Dip $11.99
    • A creamy medley of spinach, artichokes and cheese served hot with freshly fried pita and nacho chips
  • Cobb $12.99
    • Our house blend lettuce tossed in your choice of dressing and topped with crispy chicken, bacon, hard-boiled egg, cheese, tomato and green onions
  • Caesar $7.99
    • Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in gourmet Caesar dressing and topped with Parmesan cheese, bacon and croutons
  • BLT $10.99
    • A timeless combination of ranch dressing, bacon, cheese, tomatoes and croutons
  • Garden $6.99
    • Crisp fresh greens, tomatoes, red onions, and our three cheese blend served with your choice of dressing
  • Greek $8.99
    • Fresh lettuce tossed in Greek dressing topped with feta cheese, tomatoes, black olives and red onions
  • Cheesy Garlic $9.99
    • Brushed with garlic butter and smothered with our Monterey jack, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese blend. Add bacon 1.99
  • Smokehouse BBQ Chicken $12.99
    • A delicious flatbread topped with Mesquite BBQ sauce, cheese blend, grilled chicken, red and green onions and finished in the oven
  • Spinach Artichoke $13.99
    • Creamy spinach, artichoke and cheese topped with crispy chicken, tomatoes, onion straws, basil and balsamic reduction
  • Feta Bruschetta $10.99
    • Baked garlic butter flatbread topped with crumbled feta cheese and our in-house recipe of fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil. Add balsamic reduction .99
  • Pulled Pork Flatbread $13.99
    • Wing n it classic BBQ sauce, slow smoked pulled pork, cheese and green onions, topped with onion straws and a ranch sauce drizzle
  • Single - One Flavour $11.99
  • Triple - Two Flavours $33.99
  • Centennial - Five Flavours $114.99
  • Double - One Flavour $22.99
  • Quad - Three Flavours $44.99
  • Bicentennial - Ten Flavours $229.99
  • One Grand - Twenty Flavours $899.99
  • Four Large - Ten Flavours $399.99
  • Wing Sampler Platter (Dine-In Only) $23.99
    • 16 boneless or 20 regular wings tossed in 4 of your favorite Wing's It flavors. Served with carrots, celery and your choice of blue cheese or ranch dip
  • Mediterranean Nachos $16.99
    • Fresh tortilla chips tossed in Greek seasoning topped with our cheese blend, grilled chicken, feta cheese, black olives, red onions and tomatoes
  • Cheeseburger $16.98
    • Shaved steak, cheese, mayonnaise, pickles, red onions and tomatoes baked and finished with fresh shredded lettuce
  • Pulled Pork $16.98
    • BBQ pulled pork, cheese, onion straws, tomatoes and green onions topped with a drizzle of BBQ sauce and fresh shredded lettuce
  • Chicken Caesar $16.98
    • Chicken, bacon, cheese and Caesar dressing baked and finished with parmesan cheese, onion straws and shredded lettuce
  • Veggie $12.99
    • Tri-coloured corn tortilla chips topped with cheese, tomatoes, green onions, black olives and lettuce. Add Chicken 3.99
  • Mach 2 Chicken Quesadilla $13.99
    • Our newest quesadilla is filled with our signature boneless chicken wings, Mach 2 sauce, cheese, tomatoes and green onions.Served with salsa & sour cream
  • Chili $6.49
    • A hearty bowl of chunky klondike chili served with fresh nacho chips. Add Cheese .99
  • Steak Quesadillas $13.49
    • Our classic quesadilla layered with shaved steak and a bbq sauce drizzle, finished in the oven and served with sour cream and salsa
  • Taco Duo $12.99
    • Choose from 2 soft tacos filled with either crispy shrimp, boneless chicken or 1 of each
  • Classic Quesadillas $10.49
    • 3 cheese blend, green onions and tomatoes baked between fresh tortilla shells and served with sour cream and salsa
  • Wing Dinner (Regular or Boneless) $13.99
    • Our famous wings tossed in your favorite sauce. Served with fries, carrots, celery and your choice of blue cheese or ranch dipping sauce
  • 1/2 Rack of Ribs $18.99
    • A half rack of fall off the bone pork ribs tossed in your preferred flavor. Served with fries, coleslaw, ranch or blue cheese
  • Rib & Wing Combo $20.99
    • 4 wings tossed in your desired flavor accompanied by delicious ribs, also tossed in any flavor. Served with fries, coleslaw, ranch or blue cheese
  • Fingers & Fries $13.99
    • 5 chicken tenders fried until golden, served with fries and sweet & sour sauce. Toss tenders in your favorite wing flavor .99
  • Fish & Chips $11.99
    • Two fried beer battered cod fillets served with fries, tartar sauce, coleslaw and a lemon wedge
  • Garden $8.99
    • Our house blend of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and cheese tossed in your choice of salad dressing
  • Greek $10.99
    • Feta cheese, tomatoes, red onions, black olives and Greek dressing mixed with our fresh house blend of lettuce
  • BLT Chicken $11.99
    • Chicken tenders, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese topped with Thai mayonnaise and served with fries
  • Caesar $9.99
    • Romaine lettuce, bacon, Parmesan cheese and gourmet Caesar dressing
  • Pulled Pork $11.99
    • Slow smoked pulled pork tossed in our classic BBQ sauce and topped with tomatoes, fresh lettuce and cheese
  • Philly Steak $11.99
    • Thin tender cuts of Philly steak, sauteed green & red peppers, white onions, shredded cheese, topped with our signature gravy
  • Chicken Sandwich $11.99
    • A tender breaded chicken breast fried golden and topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun. Served with coleslaw and fries
  • Thundercrunch 13.99
    • A crispy chicken breast topped with hot sauce, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, jalapenos, 2 onion rings on a bun brushed with garlic butter
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich $12.49
    • Pulled pork tossed in your favorite sauce and topped with tomatoes, lettuce and crispy onion straws on a sesame seed bun
  • Philly Steak Sandwich $12.49
    • Philly steak and a sauteed vegetable medley of onions and peppers topped with shredded cheese, our signature gravy and crispy onion straws
  • Flatliner Fries $8.99
    • fries topped with Klondike chili, sour cream, three cheese blend, tomatoes and green onions
  • Philly Steak Poutine $10.99
    • Our signature fries topped with Philly Steak, a sauteed vegetable medley of onions and peppers, cheese, gravy and green onions
  • Pulled Pork Poutine $9.99
    • Our delicious fries, cheese & gravy topped with slow smoked pulled pork and BBQ sauce
  • Lemon Zingers $8.99
    • A zesty Mediterranean combination of lemon juice and lemon pepper seasoning served with tzatziki dip
  • French Fries $6.59
  • Fries & Bacon $6.89
  • Creamy Parmesan Fries $7.29
    • Tossed in creamy Caesar sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese
  • Bacon Cheese Fries $8.29
  • Fries, Cheese & Gravy $7.99
  • Authentic Poutine $8.99
    • Topped with our signature gravy and cheese curds
  • Dusted Fries $6.89
    • Tossed in your choice of Crop Dustin flavor
  • Fries & Cheese $6.99
  • Chili Fries $7.29
  • Wing Flavoured Fries $7.29
    • Tossed in your favorite flavor
  • Chili Cheese Fries $8.39
  • Bacon Cheese & Gravy Fries $8.39
  • Wedges $6.99
  • Bacon Wedges $7.99
  • bacon Cheese & Gravy Wedges $8.79
  • Wedges & Gravy $7.29
  • Wedges Cheese & Gravy $7.99
  • Onion Rings $6.90
  • Wing Flavoured Rings $7.99
    • Tossed in your favorite flavor
  • Dusted Rings $7.29
  • Creamy Parmesan Rings $7.99
    • Tossed in creamy Caesar dressing and topped with Parmesan cheese
  • Brownie Delight $7.99
    • Rich fudge, sweet cream, caramel brownies served with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whip cream
  • Funnel Cake Fries $5.99
    • Hot funnel cake fries topped with cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
  • Nutella Poppers $6.99
    • Delicious warm and crispy puff pastries stuffed with Nutella and drizzled with chocolate sauce
  • Turtle Cheesecake $6.99
    • Caramel cheesecake topped with toasted pecans, caramel and bittersweet chocolate chips on chocolate cookie crust
  • Brownie Obsession $5.99
    • Rich fudge, sweet cream and caramel brownie chunks served with whip cream and chocolate sauce
  • Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake $6.99
    • Chocolate cake filled with rich fudge ganache
  • Sundae $3.99
    • Vanilla or chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whip cream

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Triple Dipper $13.99
    • Crocodile skins, crispy onion rings & golden Cheezy Queso Stuffers with sour cream, salsa & chipotle mayo
  • 4 JUMBO SHRIMP $5.99
  • SURF & TURF $27.99
    • 8-oz New York Striploin steak, a skewer of bacon-wrapped scallops & Jumbo Shrimp sautéed Louisiana BBQ-style or Funky-Breath style (garlic butter). With fresh steamed veggies.
    • 7-oz grilled sirloin, seasoned & sautéed with fresh bell peppers, mushrooms & onions. Piled high on baguette & topped with melted mixed cheese. Served with au jus
    • Grilled BBQ-seasoned chicken breast on a bed of lettuce with red & green peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, mushrooms, tomato and a sprinkle of mixed cheese. Served with garlic baguette
    • With creamy cucumber dip.
  • THE GODFATHER $13.99
    • Grilled seasoned chicken breast, tossed with linguine and Alfredo sauce, and topped with fresh Parmesan.
    • Romaine lettuce, fresh Parmesan, croutons and bacon bits, tossed in Renee’s Mighty Caesar dressing, and topped with a Cajun-seasoned chicken breast. Served with a garlic baguette.
  • 100% Canadian Russet Fries
    • Crispy chicken, carrots, snow peas, Thai honey sauce, jasmine rice
  • PAD THAI BOWL $19.27
    • Rice noodles, peanut tamarind sauce, red pepper, bean sprouts, fried onion, peanuts, cage-free fried egg. Choose between the following/Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai Bowl/Chicken Pad Thai Bowl/Shrimp Pad Thai Bowl
  • Truffle Parmesan Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries
    • Flour-dusted, deep fried and then tossed table side. Guaranteed tears of joy!5Pc: $9.96 // 10Pc: $15.97 // 15Pc: $21.67
    • Asiago crusted chicken, bow-tie pasta, creamy cheese sauce, semi-sun-dried tomatoes
    • Fried chicken pieces and vegetables coated in honey garlic chili sauce served over rice and sprinkled with sesame seeds

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