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Unimarket Kitchen in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Pig fat popcorn or Pot ‘o’ pickles from Blackbird Public Urban Bar. Barrio Fiesta Restaurant in Calgary offers many options including Calamares and Bulaklak Chicharon. Big Rock Grill includes a wide range like Alberta Style Western Buffet (Per Person) or Soup & Sandwich Buffet (Per Person). Fries and Yam Fries from . Spud Mobeel offers The Kitchen Table and Get the kitchen table's limited-time burger delivered from september 1st to 7th.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Penne with Meat Sauce $8.49
    • Oven baked penne pasta with meat sauce.
  • -2 large 14" $30.95
  • -20 PCS $16.99
  • 73 deluxe
    • pepperoni, ham, fresh mushrooms and green peppers
  • Penne Pasta Special $6.00
    • Oven baked penne pasta with meat sauce. Add it on for only $6 with the purchase of any medium or large everyday deal.
  • -2 large 14" $30.95
  • Hot country
    • ground beef, bacon strips, red onions and chili flakes
  • -caesar with steak $6.99
  • Switch to almond feta $1
  • The petal pusher $19
    • camelina massaged kale, shredded romaine, flower petals, zucchini spirals, fried capers, seared portobello mushroom, macadamia parmesan cheese, citrus sel de provence dressing
  • Baked rosemary yam fries $10
    • Served with choice of tahini miso gravy, tzatziki, or garlic aioli
  • Organic rainbow greens(H/F) $12/$16
    • topped with sunflower sprouts, shredded carrot, beet, hemp hearts, pumpkin & sunflower seeds with your choice of dressing, haskap juniper maple balsamic, tahini lemon gold, serrano herb cashew ranch
  • Switch to almond feta $1
  • Satay bowl $19
    • steamed broccoli, seared tofu, wilted spinach on rice vermicelli noodles & crushed nuts, Topped with choice of sauce: spiced almond satay or thai curry peanut
  • Daily feature
    • ask your server
  • Soup (H/F) $6.50 / $9
    • served with oat poppy flax seed crackers
  • -half rack $149.00
  • Seared pork potstickers $16.00
    • Pork dumplings with chili soya vinegar
  • South of the border $17.50
    • Chicken, red onion, black beans, corn, tomato, bell peppers, avocado/poblano aioli, crunchy tortilla strips
  • Shanghai kung pao $20.00
    • Stir-fried chicken or shrimp, sautéed bell peppers, bok choy, carrots, mushrooms, onion and broccoli in a sichuan kung pao sauce, topped with peanuts served with your choice of basmati rice or egg noodles
  • New york steak sandwich $24.50
    • 8oz “aaa” northridge farms alberta beef striploin on a ciabatta with sautéed crimini mushrooms
  • Springfest butterleaf $9.50
    • Hothouse butter leaf lettuce with sliced strawberries, green apple, spiced candied pecans, honey lemon dressing
  • Cubano sandwich $17.50
    • Roasted pork shoulder, gruyère, rosemary ham, pickles, jalapeños, dijonnaise, avocado on sourdough bread pressed on a panini grill
  • Side salads $6.00
    • Spinach, caesar, artisan or iceberg lettuce
  • Farmer Johnis Delight $16.95
    • Hardwood smoked bacon & rosemary ham, green onions, field mushrooms
  • Chunky Lobster Scramble $19.20
    • Maritime lobster, shrimp & egg scramble, shallots, green onions, American asiago, brown butter hollandaise
  • Rabbit (Windy acres farm MB) $16.25
    • Hog & rabbit mortadella, sicilian pistachio, spinach manchego
  • EHHHH Itza Meat Ball $15.99
    • Poached eggs, herb potatoes, quebec cheese curds, spolumbo's chorizo meatballs & brown butter hollandaise
  • Rabbit Mortadella (Windy Acres Farm MB) $5.00
  • Canadian Lobster & Shrimp Crepe $19.80
    • Butter poached lobster & shrimps scramble, green onions, brown butter hollandaise & caviar pearls
  • Add Canadian bacon or maple smoked bacon $4.25
  • Thuringer Riesen Bratwurst 250 grms $6.95
  • Avocado hosomaki(6 pcs) $3.49
  • Tobiko with quail egg nigiri $1.99
  • Large maki try(86 pcs) $39.99
    • For a party of 12 or more, the large maki platter is a crowd-pleaser that features our fabulous assortment of maki roll. No raw fish
  • California roll(8pcs) $4.99
  • Salmon sashimi(5pcs) $9.50
  • Each.
  • Mini maki tray(38 pcs) $22.99
    • The mini maki platter in perfect for an ultimate get together for up to 4 people. No raw fish
  • Kani nigiri $0.99
    • Carb
  • Goto $7.99
    • Rice Porridge Beef Tripes Topped With Boiled Egg, Fried Garlic And Green Onions
  • Sizzling Squid $14.99
    • Spiced Squid Served On A Sizzling Plate, Spicy or Mild
  • Pork Sisig 10.99
    • Chopped Seasoned Pork Sauteed To Perfection
  • Ginataang Bilo- Bilo $4.75
    • A Mixture Of Sweet Rice Flour Balls In Coconut Milk
  • Chicken Sotanghon $8.99
    • Chicken Soup With Vermicelli Noodles Topped With Boiled Egg, Fried Garlic and Green onions
  • Kilawing Kambing $12.99
    • Chopped Goat Meat Seasoned With Vinegar, Onion And Other Spice, Seasonal
  • Kilawing Tanuige $12.99
    • King Fish Cubes In Vinegar, Onions And Spices
  • Chicken Mami $7.99
    • Shredded Chicken In Broth With Egg Noodles Topped With Boiled Egg And Fried Garlic

Unimarket Kitchen


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10 AM to 6 PM (Mon, Sun), 9 AM to 7 PM (Tue-Fri), 9 AM to 6 PM (Sat)








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128 50 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5N3, Canada
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