The Ladle in Burnaby Menu

The Ladle in Burnaby has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Bone In New York Strip or Gotham Onion Loaf from Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar. Opa Souvlaki of Greece offers many options including Souvlaki Choices and Add. Kingyo includes a wide range like Kingyo’s assorted deluxe bento box or (limited to only 10 sets per day!). Assorted Seasonal Chinese Pickles and Sichuan Cucumbers, Spicy Vinaigrette from . Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie offers Salty's Fish & Chips and ●Side ordes.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • -Large $6.95
  • Prawn & sweet potato tempura $9.50
    • Prawn & sweet potato deep fried 5pc & 4 pc
  • Tamago $1.25
    • Egg
  • -Small $4.95
  • -Small $4.95
  • Soyu ramen $7.95
    • Japanese soy sauce paste noodle soup, large
  • Maki combo $7.50
    • California roll or BC roll, salmon roll, tuna roll
  • Sweet potato tempura $6.95
    • Sweet potato deep fried 6 pc
  • Grilled W/Beans, Cheese, Eggs, Salsa & Rice $9.5
    • Served W/Salsa, Guacamole, Cilantro & Lime
  • Gluten free scramble available, take off $1
  • Florentine Crepe $10
    • egg (free range), spinach, tomato, mozza
  • Ham & Cheese / Tuna / Oven Roasted Turkey / Oven Roasted Beef Capicollo/Hummus (feta &olives) $9
    • Between The Bread: Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Moyo and Mustard
  • Green Machine $9.5
    • (cilantro, guacamole, hot peppers)
  • Brie Crepe $10
    • egg (free range), spinach, garlic, sauteed mushrooms
  • Banana & nutella w/ whipped cream $6
  • Tamari $9.5
    • (almonds, carrots, beets & lime)
  • -Capt morgan rum $4.00
  • Firecracker beans, the big /french) o, signature fries, yam fries, speared baby dills $5.00
  • Calamari with a kick $12.00
    • Fried golden brown and tossed in garlic and sambal served with tzatziki
  • Chicken strips $6.00
    • Crispy chicken tenders, shoestring fries
  • Chicken & waffles $12.00
    • Breaded chicken breast marinated in buttermilk and hot sauce, stuffed between two belgian waffles, topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon and maple bourbon aioli
  • Belgian waffles $10.00
    • 3 Belgian waffles topped with fresh berries and confectioners sugar, served with a side of maple syrup
  • Bries t&a club $13.00
    • Slow roasted turkey breast on fresh artisan sourdough bread, topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, apple chutney aioli and brie cheese
  • Add chicken breast $5.00
  • One ramen topping
    • Does not include chashu pork
  • SET B $ 3.50
  • Miso Chashu-men $13.95
  • Karashi Takana (Pickled Veg) $1.00
  • Gyoza (3 pcs)
  • Classic Rekka Ramen $10.75
  • Classic Ramen $9.75
    • Our signature Tonkotsu Pork Broth
  • Shio Chashu-men $12.95
  • Or Roast Milk Fed Veal Tenderloin Wrapped In Pancetta
    • chive butter poached Atlantic lobster pommes Parisienne, natural jus
  • “AAA” Beef Tartare $19
    • & wild Pacific prawn on golden potato gaufrette
  • Caramelized Weathervane scallop
    • sun choke purée, roasted hazelnuts & crispy capers double smoked bacon emulsion
  • Allow 25 Minutes For Preparation
  • Atlantic Lobster Bisque
    • fresh lobster garnish, topped with bisque foam
  • Or Pan Seared Filet Of ''AAA" Alberta Beef
    • sauteed baby spinach & foraged mushrooms Cashel blue infused golden potato pave. silky truffle sauce
  • Luxe Lemon Mille-Feuilles
    • delicate layers of phyllo pastry & chilled lemon cream garnished with pearls of orange 'caviar" fresh berry purée
  • Or Roast Milk Fed Veal Tenderloin Wrapped In Pancetta
    • chive butter poached Atlantic lobster, pommes Parisienne, natural jus
  • Beef Tartare $17
    • pemberton beef tenderloin, preserved mustard root, crispy shallot, ginger, quail egg, watercress, burnt scallion oil, taro chips
  • Crispy Pork Belly $21
    • radish, cucumbers, pickled ginger, mint, crispy potatoes, vetnamese cilantro root dressing
  • Crispy Tofu, Garlic Sweet Soy, Fresh Water Chestnut $5
  • Spicy Noodles $9.5
    • flat wheat noodles, chili lamb mince, pork fat, sesame sauce, cucumber,preserved peanuts
  • Marinated eggplant, soy, garlic and ginger $5
  • Steelhead Trout $23
    • crispy kabocha cumin gnocchi, rapini, shiso butter clam sauce
  • Sichuan Cucumbers, Spicy Vinaigrette $5
  • Shan Tofu $16
    • chickpea tofu, salted mustard leaf forestiere, yuzu miso Portobello, charred cauliflower, garlic stem, cucumber, sake vinaigrette

The Ladle


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Simon Fraser University, Maggie Benston Centre, 8888 University Drive, Burnaby V5A