Royal Kabab Express in Calgary Menu

  • All meals are served with seasoned grilled tomatoes and rice
  • 1. Kubideh Kabab
    • Two large skewers of ground beef
  • 2. Barb Kabab
    • One large skewer of tender marinated steak grilled
  • 3. Sultani Kabab
    • combination of one kubideh and one barg meals one large skewer each
  • 4. Jujeh (Chicken) Kabab
    • one large flame broiled skewer of tender, marinated, boneless, chicken breast
  • 5. Sultani Jujeh (Chicken)
    • one large skewer of jujeh kabab and koobideh kabab
  • Served with seasoned grilled tomato and choice of onion
  • 6. Kubideh kabab
  • 7. Barg Kabab
  • 8. Sultani Kabab
  • 9. Jujeh (Chicken) Kabab
  • 10. Sultani Jujeh (Chicken) Kabab
  • Hummus (small/medium/large) $3.50/$5.50/$7.00
  • Samousa (small/large) $1.99/$3.75
    • veggie or beef
  • Dolma (small/large) $1.99/$3.75
    • cooked rice, tomato, parsley and onion wrapped in grape leaves
  • Persian Salad (small/large) $3.99/$5.50
    • onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, dry mint, olive oil and lime
  • Tzatziki Salad (Mast O Khiyar) (small/large) $3.99/$5.50
    • yogurt, cucumbers, garlic and dried mint
  • Greek Salad (small/large) $5.50/$7.99
  • Caesar Salad (small/large) $3.99/$5.50
  • Kuku
    • veggie sandwich; egg mixed with vegetables or herbs
  • Kubideh (Ground Beef)
    • one large skewer of grilled kubideh wrapped with veggies on pita bread
  • Sharwarma
  • Beef (medium/large/supper) $8.75/$11.50/$13.50
  • Chicken (medium/large/supper) $8.75/$11.50/$13.50
  • Donair (medium/large/supper) $8.75/$11.50/$13.50
  • Falafel (medium/large/supper) $7.99/$9.99/$11.99
  • Eggplant Sandwich (medium/large/supper) $7.99/$9.99/$11.99
  • Herbs (medium/large/supper) $7.99/$9.99/$11.99
  • Potatoes (medium/large/supper) $7.99/$9.99/$11.99
  • Skewer of kubideh Kabab
  • Chicken kabab
  • Barg Kabab
  • Rice with Saffron

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Nachos $12
    • Melted cheese, peppers, tomato & jalapeno peppers, served with sour cream & salsa
  • Triple P Peanuts Pepperoni Pizza
    • Homemade pizza with fresh pepperoni & mozzarella
  • Mingers Zingers $12
    • Spicy chicken wings served by the pound with celery carrots & homemade blue cheese dressing salt & pepper or hot
  • Buffalo Chicken Fingers
    • Tender chicken with spicy buffalo sauce and ranch dressing
  • Add Marinara sauce $1
  • Spolumbo's Sausage $11
    • Grilled spicy sausage in our own authentic roll topped with roasted peppers & caramelized onions
  • Clubhouse Sandwich $12
    • The all time double decker with turkey bacon, lettuce & tomatoes
  • Caesar Salad $8.50
    • Fresh crisp romaine lettuce with croutons & caesar dressing
  • Palak paneer $12.49
    • Cubes of Indian cottage cheese sautà with creamed spinach
  • Beef vindaloo $13.49
    • Tendered beef pieces cooked traditional goan style hot & spicy sauce
  • Jeera rice $3.49
  • Malai kofta $12.49
    • Handmade cheese dumpling in rich creamy delectable gravy
  • Shrimp biryani $14.49
  • Beef curry $13.49
    • Pieces of tendered beef cooked in onion & tomato based sauce
  • Chicken chettinad $13.49
    • chicken cooked in south Indian spices, coconut and curry leaf
  • Beef samosa $3.49
    • Deep fried crispy flour pastry stuffed with ground beef & select condiments, served with tamarind and mint sauce
  • Stir-fry veggie & tofu on steamed rice $10.95
  • Stir-fry lemongrass chicken & chill $11.95
  • Crispy chicken in egg noodle soup $11.95
  • Vermicelli with veggie spring roll $8.95
  • Crispy chicken $11.95
  • Charbroiled lemongrass $8.50
    • beef wrapped in wild betel leaves (6)
  • Medium rare beef & brisket $10.75
  • Assorted mixed vegetables and fried tofu in rice noodle soup $9.95
  • Seasoned Dry Ribs
    • Canadian pork bone-in dry ribs, slow-cooked and seasoned to perfection.
  • -16 PCS $7.95
  • -2 medium 12" $25.50
  • -8 PCS $7.99
  • -2 small 9" $17.95
  • -8 PCS $8.29
  • -8 PCS $8.29
  • -2 large 14" $30.95
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
    • Kick it up a few notches. We added our own fiery blend of peppers and spices to your favorite chicken breast. Topped with mayo, lettuce, and red, ripe tomato.
  • Steel cut oatmeal
  • Asiago Ranch Chicken Club
    • These aren't some boring ol' chicken sandwiches. Meet Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Clubs tender, all-white meat chicken breast topped with thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, Asiago cheese, creamy ranch sauce, hand-leafed lettuce, and hand-sliced tomatoes.
  • Spicy Asiago Ranch Club
    • These aren't some boring ol' chicken sandwiches. Meet Wendy's Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club, tender, all-white meat spicy chicken breast topped with thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, Asiago cheese, creamy ranch sauce, hand-leafed lettuce, and hand-sliced tomatoes.
  • Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad
    • Here's the nutrient-rich, protein-packed fuel you need to power through your day. Always-fresh-grilled chicken teams up with a savory ensemble of feta cheese, hummus, and sundried tomato quinoa blend to take this salad to the next level. This product is available at participating locations.
  • Crispy Chicken BLT
    • The Crispy Chicken BLT features a tender breaded chicken patty, two slices of thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, a slice of American cheese, mayo, a leaf of lettuce, and a slice of tomato.
  • Mozzarella Chicken Salad
    • This flavorful salad starts with freshly chopped lettuce, slices of fresh mozzarella, a drizzle of creamy basil pesto, a juicy, marinated grilled chicken breast, grape tomatoes, seasoned croutons, and served with Marzetti® Simply Dressed® Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.
  • Spicy Caesar Chicken Salad
    • We start with fresh hand-chopped romaine and our signature center-cut spicy chicken breast. Then we add a savory three-cheese blend with asiago, parmesan, and romano cheeses plus grape tomatoes and French bread croutons; finishing it all off with Marzetti? Simply Dressed? Caesar dressing for a spicy taste combination that can't be beat.
Royal Kabab Express

Royal Kabab Express



B-20 14 St NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1Z4, Canada








Opened hours

Monday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Thursday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Friday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Saturday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Sunday: Closed
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Middle Eastern



Takeaway ,  Kid Friendly

B-20 14 St NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1Z4, Canada
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