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Roni's Kitchen in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Get the kitchen table's limited-time burger delivered from september 1st to 7th or Blue cheese stuffed prime rib burger(8 oz) from The Kitchen Table. KinJo offers many options including 1. Salmon 2pcs and 2. Tuna 2pcs. The Extreme Pita includes a wide range like Chicken Fajita or Chicken Souvlaki. Vietnamese spring rolls (4 rolls) and Vietnamese shrimp roll (3 rolls) from . Pho Nam offers Blackbird Public Urban Bar and Pig fat popcorn.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sports Special 15.95/20.95/27.95/32.95
    • ham pepperoni mushrooms green piepper pineapple cheese pizza sauce
  • Flame Thrower 15.95/20.95/27.95/32.95
    • pepperoni spiced beef hot peppers green peppers onions cheese pizza sauce
  • Chicken Ranch 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • chicken mushrooms onions green peppers cheese ranch sauce
  • Vegetarian 13.95/19.95/26.95/31.95
    • mushroom green peppers onions tomatoes olives pineapple pizzza sauce
  • The Big Cheese 15.95/20.95/27.95/32.95
    • mozzarella cheddar feta and parmesan pizza sauce
  • Chicken Teriyaki 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • chicken pineapple cheese teriyaki sauce
  • Taco Pizza 15.95/20.95/27.95/32.95
    • taco seasoned ground beef taco chips green peppers tomatoes mozzarella cheddar salsa
  • Dry Ribs caesar salad & garlic toast 19.95
  • Chicken pesto $8.50
    • chicken breast spinach pesto and provolone cheese on ciabatta
  • Verona Wrap $6.20
    • egg tomato bacon cheddar
  • Yogurt Parfait $3.90
  • Spicy Thai Chicken Soup $6.50
  • Turkey Club $8.50
    • turkey bacon tomatoes avocado and Havarti cheese on ciabatta
  • Vegetarian soup of the day $6.50
    • with side bread
  • Grilled Cheese on Ciabatta $7.50
    • aged white cheese tomato jelly
  • Turkey Club on Ciabatta $8.50
    • bacon tomato avocado mustard aioli
  • Tofu $2.00
  • Ginger Beef Box $13.00
    • Crispy fried beef in a sweet dark ginger sauce with garlic Asian slaw sprouts & green onion on jasmine rice topped with sesame seeds
  • Extra Vegetables $2.00
  • Summer Roll $5.00
    • ocean wise prawns wrapped in rice pepper with vermicelli noodles cilantro pickled cucumber & Asian slaw served with a sweet peanut sauce
  • Pad Thai Box $10.00
    • sweet sour & salty tamarind glaze wok-fried with rice noodles egg ribbon onions peppers & sprouts, Topped with Asian slaw cilantro & roasted Peanuts
  • Black Bean and Garlic Box $9.00
    • house made roasted garlic and black bean sauce wok fried with Hokkien noodles onions peppers Asian greens & sprouts
  • Prawns ocean wise $5.00
  • Kids Box $5.00
    • sweet soy sauce glaze wok fried chow mein noodles & Asian greens
  • Original CA$10.49
    • These Crispers beat fish & chips at their own game. Served with honey-mustard.
  • Fresh Asparagus & Garlic Roasted Tomatoes When available. CA$1.99
  • Grilled Chicken CA$14.39
  • Mango-Chile Chicken CA$10.49
    • Grilled chicken breast seasoned with chile spices, drizzled with spicy habanero mango glaze & topped with chopped mango, cilantro, house-made pico de gallo & fresh diced avocado. Served with Mexican rice & steamed broccoli.
  • Honey-Chipotle Crispers® & Waffles CA$11.49
    • Crispy honey-chipotle chicken crispers on top of Belgian waffles. Topped with applewood smoked bacon, jalapeños & drizzled with ancho chile ranch. Served with homestyle fries and a side of honey chipotle.
  • Grilled Chicken Salad CA$9.59
    • Grilled chicken breast with fresh diced tomatoes, house-made corn & black bean salsa, shredded cheese & honey-lime vinaigrette.
  • Spiced Panko Onion Rings CA$1.99
  • Prime Rib Tacos CA$11.29
    • Tender pieces of prime rib over jack cheese & topped with chimichurri sauce.
  • -2 small 9" $15.50
  • Large Donair $15.99
    • One large (14") donair pizza and 3 cans of coke.
  • -2 small 9" $17.95
  • -2 large 14" $28.95
  • Large 73 Deluxe $15.99
    • One large (14") 73 deluxe pizza and 3 cans of coke.
  • Mini-meatball mania
    • mini-meatballs and red onions
  • Not-so-basic cheese
    • loads of mozzarella and cheddar cheese
  • Medium Tandoori Chicken $12.99
    • One medium (12") tandoori chicken pizza and 2 cans of coke.
Roni's Kitchen

Roni's Kitchen



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1502 27 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1G4, Canada
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