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Quiznos in Vancouver has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Lunch hours 11:30 am to 2:00 pm or Tom yum gai from Thai House Restaurant. Ricky's All Day Grill Ladner offers many options including Available until 4 pm and ●Famous big breakfasts. AnnaLena includes a wide range like Oyster or Olives. Fries and TraditionalPoutine from . Smoke's Poutinerie Vancouver offers Pizza Plus and Single Pizza Deal (S/M/L).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Cajun Chicken Sandwich $15 ½
    • aged cheddar, lettuce, tomato
  • Sea salted fries $ 3 ¼
  • Crispy Yam Fries $ 8 ¾
    • garlic aioli
  • Chicken Tenders $13 ¾
    • panko-breaded chicken, sea salted fries, honey mustard dip
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bar (RF) $9
    • tahitian vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, crunchy chocolate pearls
  • Key Lime Pie $ 8 ¼
    • freshly squeezed key limes, graham cracker crust, hand whipped cream
  • Truffle Fries (RF) $9 ¼
    • truffle, herbs, grana padano, garlic aioli
  • Steak Frites (RF) $25 ¼
    • 7oz certified angus beef® sirloin, kale salad, horseradish cream, sea salted fries
  • Turkey smoky
    • Our original juicy turkey sausage.
  • Three cheese smoky
    • Swiss, cheddar, and havarti are blended into the sausage. A best seller
  • Spicy cheese terimayo
    • Another signature dog contains three types of cheese with a hint of spiciness in the sausage. All that topped with terimayo sauce makes for a tasty hot dog.
  • Kurobuta terimayo
    • The popular hotdog that was listed as “one of the must eat items in the world”. The juicy kurobuta sausage elevates the flavours of the terimayo sauce.
  • Topped with avocado, cream cheese, japanese mayo and soy sauce .
  • Oroshi
    • Freshly grated radish with a special soya sauce. East meets west.
  • Age ice
    • Deep fried bun filled with ice cream. Five flavors to choose from: vanilla, mango, strawberry, black sesame and maccha.
  • Kobe beef
    • The reknowned, kobe beef in a hotdog. Flavors are enhanced with the best selected ketchup from japan, and the maple leaf shaped bean curd.
  • Scones $2.79
  • Bagel with cream cheese $2.79
  • Mediterranean grilled chicken $7.99
  • Pasta salad $2.99
  • Moroccan chickpea $2.99
  • -Add a garden spring salad
  • Bombay tandoori chicken $7.99
  • Santa fe smoked turkey $7.29
  • White Chocolate Minted Mousse, Frangelico Whipped Cream $9
  • Irish Whiskey Glazed Carrots $8
  • Veggie Burger $14
    • Beet and Quinoa with e Walnut Crunch, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Goat Cheese
  • Clonakilty Bay Crab Cakes $10
    • Breaded Crab and Parmesan mash, Caper Aioli
  • Turkey Cutlets $15
    • Marinated with Buttermilk, Champ Potatoes, Apple Fennel Slaw and Cranberry Chutney
  • Garlic Chilli Brussels Sprouts $7
  • Bang the Duchess $20
    • Two English Banger Sausages with a Mustard Based Demi Glaze, Baked Duchess Potatoes with Melted Swiss, House-made Sauerkraut, and Seasonal Vegetables
  • Irish Charcuterie $15
    • House-made Chorizo, Corned Beef, Duck Prosciutto, Baked Goat Cheese, Smoked Gouda, Apple Pickled Egg, Grapes, Apple
  • Special sub $5.00
    • Pate, mayo & assorted ham
  • Served with pickled vegetable cucumber cilantro & jalapeno
  • Chicken ragout $8.00
    • Cubed beef, carrot & onion in tomato stew
  • Grilled chicken $8.00
  • Salad roll $3.00
  • Lemongrass chicken & salad roll $9.00
  • Lemongrass chicken & spring roll $8.50
  • Served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber & house special sauce
  • Chopped Avocado on toast $10.00
  • Veggie $10.00
    • combo of the day
  • Ricotta $18.00
    • with baby spinach olives roast garlic
  • kale $12.00
    • with shaved fennel pumpkin seeds pecorino cheese
  • Eggs housemade sausage wild mushrooms $14.00
  • Chop Salad $15.00
    • greens salami tomato cucumber chickpeas provolone avocado
  • Greens $12.00
    • with chickpeas walnuts onion pecorino cheese
  • Eggs Braised Rapini chickpeas black olives $12.00



777 Dunsmuir, Vancouver, British Columbia V7Y 1E8, Canada





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777 Dunsmuir, Vancouver, British Columbia V7Y 1E8, Canada
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