Narita Sushi in Burnaby Menu

Narita Sushi in Burnaby has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Yogurt Parfait or Maple Pan Fried Oatmeal from Jam Cafe YVR. Cafe Medina offers many options including Add Egg and Free Range Egg. BG Urban Cafe includes a wide range like Omelette croissant with cheddar or Breakfast wrap. Quarter and ●Ribs + lamb from . Urban Fare offers Kingyo and Kingyo’s assorted deluxe bento box.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Chocolate swiss roll, stout buttercream, iced coffee sorbet, cookie crunch, raspberry puree $9.00
  • Yoghurt, strawberry, honeyed oats $6.00
  • Tomato and mozzarella frittata, gremolata, arugula, lemon parmesan brussels sprouts $15.00
  • Home fries, parm, lemon zest $5.00
  • Buttermilk fried confit lamb belly, honey ginger, roasted garlic aioli, grilled red pepper sauce $13.00
  • Sweet honey corn cake, peaches, buttermilk anglaise, salted caramel, roasted peanuts $9.00
  • Warm kale salad, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, buttermilk onions, lemon parm $14.00
  • Scallop cracklins $5.00
  • Rice
    • Aromatic Indian Basmati rice cooked in light spices
  • Large $ 11.00
  • Mango Ice Cream $ 3.65
    • Mango ice cream is an all time favourite hit
  • Chicken Potato Vindaloo
    • Vindaloo is a popular curry that hails from a tiny little state of Goa in India. Portuguese had their colony in Goa for decades and so the state has a great influence from Portuguese culture. The name Vindaloo was also derived from Portuguese dish where “vinho” means wine and “alhos” is garlic.
  • Chili Chicken
    • Boneless chicken chunks marinated in herbs spices and cooked with onion, green peppers and hot peppers
  • Chicken Korma
    • Korma is undoubtedly one of the more popular items that can be found on the menu of any authentic Indian restaurant. Korma is a milder form of curry and is distinguished from other curries by its rich gravy and smooth texture, mainly because of its heavy incorporation of yogurt as part of its main ingredients.
  • Large $ 10.00
  • Large $ 10.00
  • ●All day
  • Hot and ready 3 meat $8.00
    • Pepperoni, italian sausage & bacon
  • -Medium $12.99
  • Hot and ready chicken wings $6.00
    • 8 Pcs, hot, medium mild, honey garlic, BBQ, teriyaki, garlic parmesan, bacon honey mustard
  • Meatsa
    • Pepperoni, ham, bacon, italian style sausage & beef topping
  • Supreme! supreme!
    • Pepperoni, beef topping, italian style sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions
  • 1 Pizza
  • -Large $24.99
  • Enjoy our slow roasted prime rib $32.50
  • Hummus $10
    • Warm naan, kalamata olives, roasted roma tomato
  • Raspberry sorbet $4.50
  • Kasseler Pork & Apple Sausage Benedict $22
    • poached eggs, rustic ciabatta with rouille, hollandaise sauce
  • Enjoy with rosemary marinated roasted chicken $16
  • Fried Cauliflower $9
    • Cajun, fresh lime, grana padano & basil
  • Lemon Tart $4.50
    • candied lemon
  • Teahouse Stuffed Mushrooms $14
    • Crab, shrimp, cream cheese
  • Includes a mini sub, fruit side, minute maid, apple juice & a premium
  • Classic/Classic Plus (Reg 6 inch/Reg folding) $1.50/$3.00
  • Meatball Marinara $4.25
  • Seafood Sen $7.90
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt $9.75
  • Avocado (Reg 6 inch/Reg folding) $0.75/$1.50
  • Signature (Reg 6 inch/Reg folding) $1.50/$3.00
  • Premium (Reg 6 inch/Reg folding) $1.50/$3.00
  • If so desired, guests can also to fixed price menu on Wednesday, Thursday & Sundays
  • Sorbetto Al Limone (G) $9
    • lemon sorbet
  • Spaghetti Con le Noci (V)
    • roasted walnuts, pecorino romano, ricotta, fried sage, chilies, aglio e olio
  • Gamberoni Alla Griglia (G) (Per pieces) $2.25
    • grilled prawn with lemon and chiles
  • Bistecca Alla Griglia (G) $ 26
    • grilled aged sterling flat iron steak, roasted potatoes, natural jus, caprese tomato
  • Frittata (G) (Per person, 3 pieces) $3
    • traditional omelette style appetizer with peas, ricotta, kale, pancetta
  • 3 Courses (Per person) $45
    • appetizer, pasta/ main, dessert
  • Pappardelle Cacciagione
    • boar ragu, tomato sauce, garlic, rosemary, parmigiano

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