Marcello's Market and Deli in Calgary Menu

Marcello's Market and Deli in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as House Smoked Turkey BLT or Garden Baguette from Traders Grill. The Extreme Pita offers many options including Chicken Fajita and Chicken Souvlaki. Pizza 73 includes a wide range like 2 By Two - Medium or 2 By Two - Large. Milana and Manche from . Gaga Pizza offers Nando's and Peri nuts.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • T-Rex 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • pepperoni salami ham ground beef cheese pizza sauce
  • Guybo Special 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • pepperoni salami onions mushrooms cheddar mozza Easy on the meat Extra sauce extra cheese
  • Vegetables 1.50/2.00/2.50/2.75
    • green peppers pineapple mushrooms tomatoes onions hot banana peppers black olives
  • Large Caesar Includes garlic toast 6.95
  • Plain 13.95/19.95/26.95/31.95
    • extra cheese pizza sauce
  • Cheeses 2.00/2.75/3.50/3.75
    • mozzarella feta cheddar parmesan
  • Meats 1.75/2.50/3.00/3.50
    • pepperoni salami ground beef spiced ground beef ham bacon
  • Vegetarian 13.95/19.95/26.95/31.95
    • mushroom green peppers onions tomatoes olives pineapple pizzza sauce
  • Turkey Club on Ciabatta $8.50
    • bacon tomato avocado mustard aioli
  • Meatloaf on Rye $8.50
    • havarti tomato BBQ sauce
  • Spicy Thai Chicken Soup $6.50
  • Verona Wrap $6.20
    • egg tomato bacon cheddar
  • Spicy Thai Chicken Soup $6.50
    • with side bread
  • Yogurt Parfait $3.90
  • Chicken pesto $8.50
    • chicken breast spinach pesto and provolone cheese on ciabatta
  • Vegetarian soup of the day $6.50
    • with side bread
  • Cambodian Spring Rolls 2 $5.00
    • pork spring rolls served with a Nuoc Cham dipping sauce or vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet chili sauce
  • Family Box $45.00
    • 3 boxes with the protein of your choice plus 2 sides
  • Free Run fried Egg $1.25
  • kung Pao Box $10.00
    • Szechuan style sweet & spicy chili bean sauce wok fried Hokkien noodles onions peppers Asian greens sprouts & roasted cashews
  • Tofu $2.00
  • Thai Style Chow Box $8.00
    • Soy ginger sauce wok fried with chow mein noodles garlic onions peppers sprouts Thai Basil & roasted peanuts
  • Green Papaya Salad $5.00
    • green papaya & pickled vegetables with a Nuch Cham dressing cilantro Thai basil mint roasted peanuts & crispy fried shalots
  • Chinese Style Fried Rice Box $9.00
    • A ligh soy & sesame sauce wok fried with Jasmine rice broccoli egg ribbon Asian slaw garlic ginger sprouts & green onion
  • Prime Rib CA$16.39
  • Skillet Toffee Fudge Brownie^ CA$6.99
    • Oven-baked HEATH® toffee fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce & topped with toffee pieces.
  • Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl CA$9.89
    • Grilled chicken, pico, field greens, Mexican rice, corn & black bean salsa, avocado, shredded cheese, tortilla strips, cilantro, chipotle pesto, house-made ranch.
  • Spiced Panko Onion Rings CA$1.99
  • Oldtimer®* CA$8.29
    • The original. Pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mustard.
  • Original CA$10.49
    • These Crispers beat fish & chips at their own game. Served with honey-mustard.
  • Bottomless Tostada Chips ("Tostada Chips" Only on to Go Menu) $3.79
    • Extra-thin corn tostada chips made fresh daily. Go ahead and ask for more now (not on to go menu)
  • Buffalo Chicken Ranch Sandwich CA$9.49
    • Crispy chicken with spicy buffalo sauce, sliced tomato, lettuce & house-made ranch on a brioche bun.
  • Medium 2-Topper $12.99
    • One medium (12") 2-topper pizza and 2 cans of coke.
  • -2 large 14" $30.95
  • -BIG BOX $5.99
  • Lite
    • feta cheese, green peppers, black olives and fresh tomatoes
  • Large Vegetarian $15.99
    • One large (14") vegetarian pizza and 3 cans of coke.
  • Great canadian
    • bacon strips, sliced hot sausage, fresh mushrooms and red onions
  • -2 small 9" $17.95
  • -80 PCS $49.99
Marcello's Market and Deli

Marcello's Market and Deli



400 3 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 4H2, Canada








Opened hours

6 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Fri),Closed (Sat-Sun)
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Pizza , Sandwiches




400 3 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 4H2, Canada
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