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Lakeview Pub & Grill in Edmonton has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Hot Breakfast Sandwich or Bagel B.E.L.T from Tim Hortons. The Marc offers many options including Omelette of the day and Fish of the day. Boston Pizza Devon includes a wide range like ●Boston's Famous Wings or Case of Wings. Vietnamese salad rolls (4) and Vietnamese spring rolls from . Oodle Noodle Box offers Wok Box Spruce Grove and Singapore cashew.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • ●Boston's Famous Wings
  • -2 Slices $2.99
  • Baked French Onion Soup
    • A rich broth made with sherry and a blend of sweet yellow and white onions. Baked with a toasted crouton and then topped with pizza mozzarella, cheddar, feta and parmesan.
  • Side Salsa $2.25
    • Take a hike ketchup packets: it's all about extra salsa on the side.
  • Side Cactus Dip $2.25
    • A rich blend of crushed chilies, green onion, sour cream and parmesan: a BP original & a crowd favourite.
  • -Double Order $21.99
  • Side Chicken Breast $5.00
  • Mediterranean Chicken Salad $17.25
    • Our twist on a favourite. Garden greens tossed in a tomato tarragon dressing, with cucumbers, red onions, red peppers and tomatoes. Topped with feta, Kalamata olives and a grilled chicken breast.
  • -Gyro
  • -Falafel
  • -Pork
  • -Gyro
  • -Chicken
  • -Gyro
  • Wrap Meal
    • Your choice of savoury opa! Souvlaki wrapped in warm pita bread, drizzled with our signature tzatziki sauce, and garnished with a choice of onions, tomatoes, lettuce, fresh jalapeno peppers and feta cheese. Served with crispy golden opa! Fries.
  • Tzatziki & Pita
    • An irresistible mediterranean staple, opa!’S original tzatziki is a tangy, refreshing dip that blends garlic and cucumbers with a hint of lemon. Add some freshly grilled pita, and it’s dipping time.
  • Veggie Burger $6.90
    • Burger with a veggie pattie and the choice of fresh veggies.
  • -Delux $8.49
  • Falooda $5.99
  • -Hot Buffalo / Teriyaki / Lemon & Pepper (8PCS) $8.99
  • Kulfi $2.50
  • -Supreme $9.99
  • -Delux $8.49
  • PC Meat Lover
    • A meat extravaganza: pepperoni, salami, ham, bacon, and ground beef.
  • Mediterranean $14.25
    • Pizza sauce, pizza mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, feta and a drizzle of pesto.
  • ●OvenFresh Breads
  • All Meat Bites
    • Seasoned chicken breast pieces, lightly breaded and fried.
  • Ribber-Winger Combo $26.99
    • Slowly roasted pork back ribs with your choice of our BBQ, honey garlic or BBQ sauce made with Jack Daniel’s, and six wings of your choice.
  • -Regular
  • Oven-Roasted Chicken Quesadilla $15.25
    • A flour tortilla with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, cheddar, pizza mozzarella, sun-dried tomato pesto, chipotle sauce, garlic, parmesan, and then oven baked. Served with salsa and sour cream.
  • ●Entrée Salads
  • Cactus Cut Potatoes $10.69
    • Spicy and thinly sliced fried potatoes served with our cactus dip.
  • Pollo (Chicken)
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Jalapeno
  • Corn & Black Bean Salsa
  • Carne Asada (AAA Sirloin)
  • Medium Salsa
  • ●Meats
  • Jalapeno
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9104 179 Ave NW, # 18, Edmonton, Alberta T5Z 2K7, Canada
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