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Dark Table in Vancouver has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Confit duck rillette or Crusted albacore tuna from Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge. The Oakwood Canadian Bistro offers many options including Crispy pork belly, fried polenta, cheddar scrambled eggs, corn salsa and Smoked ham hock benedict, parmesan dill hollandaise, greens salad, home fries. Kingyo includes a wide range like Kingyo’s assorted deluxe bento box or (limited to only 10 sets per day!). Meatsa and ●All day from . Little Caesars Pizza Sunshine Hills offers CinCin Ristorante + Bar and ●Entrees.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Three cheese smoky
    • Swiss, cheddar, and havarti are blended into the sausage. A best seller
  • Topped with avocado, cream cheese, japanese mayo and soy sauce .
  • Ume
    • Sliced onion with special plum sauce, makes for a light refreshing taste.
  • Hot & spicy
    • Beef hotdog with lettuce and special spicy sauce.
  • Yakiniku rice
    • Flavoured rice, and bbq style beef on top of an arabiki sausage. A hotdog to satisfy your appetite!
  • Love meat
    • Our home made meat sauce is fused together with melted cheese, making it popular to all ages.
  • Tonkatsu
    • Deep fried pork cutlet marinated in tonkatsu sauce topped with fresh cabbage.
  • Kurobuta terimayo
    • The popular hotdog that was listed as “one of the must eat items in the world”. The juicy kurobuta sausage elevates the flavours of the terimayo sauce.
  • Tuesdays $4.35
    • 0k Spring 1516 Lager
  • The Margherita $14.25
    • Cherry tomatoes, basil, bocconcini, mozzarella and edam cheese, with an olive oil and garlic base with a marinara drizzle
  • Halibut 1 piece / Halibut 2 pieces $14.50/$19
  • The Freighter Burger $15.50
    • House-made all-beef patty with an 0k Pale øJe 580 sauce, bacon and smoked Gouda cheese
  • Per sleeve starboard cocktail (each) $4.78
  • Peach Cobbler $7.50
    • With vanilla ice cream
  • Prime Rib Dinner $13.95
    • An 8oz slice of prime rib Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes and vegetables for only
  • Caesar Salad (full/half) $9/$6
    • Crisp Romaine lettuce, Parmesan Reggiano cheese, croutons and a house-made Caesar dressing
  • Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee
  • Fresh Steamed Broccoli $11.50
  • Gorgonzola Mac & Cheese $14.75
  • Garlic Shrimp $44.75
  • Wedge Salad $11.75
    • bacon, grape tomatoes, blue cheese or 1000 island dressing
  • Steak Tartare $21.50
    • hand chopped prime grade filet mignon
  • Belgian Chocolate Bourbon Cake
  • Bearnaise, Peppercorn or Steak Sauce $4.75
  • Saucisses Maison $6
  • Pomme Frites $6
  • Fromages $23
    • Selection of cheese, condiments
  • Roti De Boeuf $19
    • Roast beef, cucumber, tomato, Belgian endive, pickled Portobello, mushroom & basil salad, spiced nuts, galangal root dressing
  • Pomme Frites $6
  • Mama Rizk $12
    • Caramelized honey custard, orange chiffon, pistachio ice cream
  • La Pièce de Boeuf (8oz/10oz) $35/$49
    • AAA char grilled beef, fine herb potato croquette, burnt shallots, chimichurri, sundried tomato jus
  • Paella $15
    • 1 fried egg, curried orzo, hot spanish chorizo, charred tomato salsa, pickled cilantro
  • Ebi Oshi Sushi $17
    • pressed prawn, lime zest, urne sauce
  • Tern pura Fish & Chips $13
    • feature fish, root vegetable chips, ponzu, tartar sauce
  • Ebi / Prawn (Nigiri each) $3
  • Shokai $68
    • zensai, entrée, signature sushi, and dessert
  • Salmon Oshi Sushi (GF) $17
    • pressed BC wild sockeye salmon, jalapeno, Miku sauce
  • Sake Soy Glazed Obe Brazier (GF) $23
    • MA beet shank, yukon potato purée, seasonal vegetables, au jus, cilantro gremolata
  • Kale Gomae (GF) $7
    • sweet sesame soy
  • Ben i-Sake / Sockeye Salmon (Nigiri each/sashimi 6pc) $4/$19
  • Wonton in Chili Sauce $5.50
  • Ham & Egg Fried Rice $7.75
  • Cheese Bacon Waffle $6.95
  • Takoyaki $5.25
  • wonton Soup $5.50
  • Pork Dumplings in Beef Vegetable Soup $5.95
  • Hot pan Beef Stir-fry $7.95
  • Taiwanese Pork chop w Noodle in Soup $7.95

Dark Table


2611 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P8, Canada





Opened hours

5:30 PM to 10:30 PM










2611 W 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 1P8, Canada
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