Choco Coo Cafe in Burnaby Menu

Choco Coo Cafe in Burnaby has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Grilled lamb chops (GF) or Calamari from The Lennox Pub. Taco Bell offers many options including 2 Soft tacos and Cheesy gordita crunch. Koya Japan includes a wide range like Chicken or Beef. Chicken Cutlet w sweet Plum sauce and Cilantro pork Intestine from . Bubble World Restaurant offers Nikko Sushi and Jambler roll.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Confit duck rillette $19.00
    • Smoked foie gras, cipollini onion fig preserve, duck scratchings
  • Wedgewood ceasar salad $16.00
    • Crisp hearts of romaine, bacchus dressing sourdough crouton
  • Bacchus truffle frites $7.00
  • Butter poached farmcrest chicken $36.00
    • bc seasonal mushroom potato and onion croquette celeriac puree
  • Beetroot carpacio (V) $16.00
    • Seasonal greens, salt spring island goat's milk cheese, cranberry vinagrettte granny smith apple
  • Crusted albacore tuna $19.00
    • Foraged bc greens, pink grapefruit, kimichi slaw
  • Bacon roasted brussels sprouts $9.00
  • "AAA" alberta beef tenderloin $29.00
    • Creamed polenta, roasted root vegetables pan juices parmigiano-reggiano
  • Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio $19.75
  • With luxurious leather, velvet banquettes and spectacular original art, the cocktail bar at gotham is elegant and inviting. The hand crafted cocktails are fresh and original, with the classics getting equal attention. The appetizers and snacks are perfect for casual visits, but the full menu is always available too. For drinks, dinner, or something in between, your with is our command
  • Caesar Salad $14.00
  • Beer Salad $16.75
    • red and gold candied beets, pecans, goat cheese, red wine vinaigrette
  • Seafood Cannelloni $19.00
    • fresh white fish and shrimp with ricotta cheese and spinach, oven baked with swiss and white cheddar, heirloom tomato sauce
  • Tomahawk Steak $152.00
  • Old Fashioned Chocolate Brownie $12.00
  • Petit Filet $49.50
  • Prawn Spaghettini (RF) $21
    • slow-roasted tomato sauce, chilies, fresh herbs, crostini
  • Rocket Salad (RF) $18
    • parmesan crusted chicken breast, arugula, vine tomatoes, red onion, lemon caper dressing
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake (RF) $8 ¼
    • chocolate cookie crust, raspberry compote, hand whipped cream
  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (RF) $7 ¾
    • apple curry foam, basil oil, black pepper croutons
  • Chicken Tacos (RF) $15 ¾
    • mexican-style braised chicken, avocado, lettuce, pickled radish, onions and jalapeños, feta, sour cream, cilantro, sea salted fries
  • single $3
  • bacon $ 1
  • triple $9
  • Seared tuna salad (GF) $ 17
    • seared spicy ahi tuna, fried noodle, arugula, avocado & peanuts tossed with cilantro lime dressing & topped with mango salsa.
  • Sub spinach for seasonal greens in your salad $1.50
  • Gyoza $ 12
    • veggie dumpling filled carrots, cabbage & bean sprouts, pan fried and sprinkled with chopped green onion & shredded carrot
  • Or, yarn fries & chipotle aioli $ 7.50
  • Greek Lamb Chops (GF) $19
    • grilled marinated lamb chops, garlic flatbread wedges & quinoa greek salad, with a side of tzatziki
  • New York Strip $28
    • 12oz new york striploin with a Madagascar peppercorn sauce
  • Chicken pot poutine $13
    • fries curds creamy wiggle filled pot pie gravy & sliced breaded chicken breast
  • Quinoa salad (GF) $ 9
    • quinoa tossed with cucumber, red onion cherry tomatoes feta cheese, kalamata olives & red wine vinaigrette
  • Tandoori Chicken
    • Onions, Green Peppers, Tandoori Chicken, Tomatoes
  • Pepperoni
    • Pepperoni & Mozzarella Cheese
  • Chilli Paneer (M/L) $10.99/$14.99
  • For delivery add $3.00
  • BBQ Chicken
    • Onions, Green Peppers, mushrooms, jalapeno, BBQ Chicken, Tomatoes
  • Served With Garlic Toast (1 toast/2 toast)
  • Mexican
    • Ground Beef, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olive, jalapenos
  • Butler Chicken
    • Onions, Green Peppers, Buster Chicken, Tomatoes, Buster Sauce
  • Sizzling stone eel hitsumabushi $16.80
    • Eel fillet cooked in soy flavoured sauce served in a sizzling stone of rice. Served with house special broth on the side for the after half. This is nagoya’s famous local dish.
  • Uni miso udon $13.80
    • gourmet pan-fried udon noodles coated with savory sea urchin & sweet white miso cream sauce. Topped with ikura(salmon caviar) and shiso herb for a refreshing layer to a rich dish.
  • Kingyo negitoro sushi $7.20
    • kingyo style negitoro sushi.chopped tuna, japanese pickles & green onion topped with tobiko(flying fish roe),wasabi sesame soy dressing & wasabi mayo.
  • Porkloin cutlet (tonkatsu) combo $16.80
    • Deep-fried pork cutlet, using only the finest fresh japanese “panko” . It’s thick, tender & crunchy! Can not compare with others…sorry!
  • Chef’s choice sashimi
  • Takana rice ball $5.80
    • 2 pcs rice balls mixed with takana pickles and sesame oil.
  • Small curry $6.80
  • Crispy chicken karaage $9.40
    • Crispy deep fried boneless chicken thigh served with real salt.

Choco Coo Cafe


501 North Road, Metro Vancouver, Coquitlam V3K 6R4





Opened hours

Monday: 12:00 – 11:30 PM, Tuesday: 12:00 – 11:30 PM, Wednesday: 12:00 – 11:30 PM, Thursday: 12:00 – 11:30 PM, Friday: 12:00 – 11:30 PM, Saturday: 12:00 – 11:30 PM, Sunday: 12:00 – 11:30 PM








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501 North Road, Metro Vancouver, Coquitlam V3K 6R4
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