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Yoshi Sushi in Sherwood Park has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Smashed avocado toast or Loaded nachos from Browns Socialhouse. The Canadian Brewhouse offers many options including Soups of the Day and -Add garlic toast. Vaticano Cucina includes a wide range like Try your old favorite's made the Vaticano way. or Bread (Focaccia). Fried Pickles and Shrimp Tacos from . CRAFT Beer Market Edmonton offers Wok Box and Beef bulgogi.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Kung pao
    • Anise soy chili sauce, fresh veggies, peanuts, cilantro and chow mein noodles
  • Pot stickers $4.99
    • 5 crispy chicken and vegetable pot stickers, served with citrus soy sauce
  • Samosas $4.99
    • 4 crispy curry spiced vegetarian samosas, filled with potatoes , peas and carrots
  • Asian feast $39.99
    • Good to share with 4 to 5 people. Your choice of any 4 regular noodle or rice boxes and steamed rice
  • -Lunch $5.69
  • Naan bread $3.49
  • Mongolian
    • Sweet garlic sauce, fresh veggies and udon noodles
  • Breaded chicken $8.99
    • A choice of honey , lemon , orange, teriyaki, almond or sweet & sour sauce, served with rice
  • Market greens
    • Garnished with fresh berries and carrot threads, raspberry vinaigrette
  • Choice of: $64.00
  • -Large $12.00
  • -Small $10.00
  • Broiled atlantic lobster tail $38.00
    • Vermouth cream sauce, served on bed of fresh pantadella pasta
  • -Small $10.00
  • Wild alberta woodland mushroom chowder
  • Blackened pacific halibut $37.00
    • Black peppercorn crust, lemon butter sauce, rice pilaf
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich $11.00
  • Indian Summer Salad $16.00
    • Char broiled chicken breast over baby spinach and mixed greens, roasted corn, black beans, bacon, bannock croutons, onion crisps with aged cheddar, and creamy avocado dressing
  • Crispy Chicken Dumpling Salad $16.00
    • Crispy fried chicken dumplings, garden greens, rice noodle, wonton crisps, grape tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers,and toasted almonds. Drizzled with ginger lime vinaigrette.
  • Homefire Burger $16.00
    • Seasoned ground prime rib, melted cheddar and smoked bacon.
  • Country Club $15.00
    • Rotisserie chicken, smoked bacon, tomato, lettuce, aged white cheddar, chipotle mayo, on toasted brown.
  • - Starter spinach or caesar salad $7.00
  • Country Ham and Pineapple $17.00
    • Double smoked ham and bacon, fresh pineapple, and three cheeses
  • Sautéed vegetables
  • The following items served with house cut fries or soup, upgrade to Caesar, Green or Tabouleh salad 2
  • Middle Eastern Appetizer Platter $20
    • hummus, tzatziki, chicken souvlaki, spinach pie, Tabouleh salad & pitas
  • Hummus Plate $13
    • chickpea hummus, pita & Tabouleh salad
  • SIDE CHOICES: Soup du jour, House cut fries, Diners Green salad, Tabouleh salad, Caesar salad or Steamed seasonal veggies
  • Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich $13.95
    • egg dipped, grilled cheese bread, chicken salad & cheddar cheese
  • Diners Vegetarian Burger $14.95
    • organic soybean, brown rice, flax, onion & sunflower patty. served on a whole wheat bun with mayo, lettuce, tomato and sprouts
  • This dish is Vegan
  • substitute salad or steamed veggies $2
  • 7 oz hand-carved steak $14.99
    • A 7 oz petite filet steak, lightly smoked, grilled to your liking, then hand-carved and served with crispy seasoned waffle fries.
  • Smokehouse pork back ribs - large - 9 bone $25.99
    • Served with your choice of bbq sauce and either in-house baked beans or coleslaw, plus our in-house baked cornbread and choice of one side. Choose from five signature bbq sauces: sweet with heat, texas bold, chipotle honey, apple butter or honey garlic
  • Apple slices
  • Steak fajitas $21.99
    • Sizzling hot strips of tender steak served with peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, diced tomato, lettuce, sour cream, house-made salsa and toasty flour tortillas.
  • Rice
  • Brisket burger $16.99
    • Pit master says: texas bold sauce our beef burger topped with smoked bbq beef brisket, cheese, lettuce, crispy cajun onions, and chipotle mayo. It’s the perfect combination of toppings on the perfect burger. In other words, it’s the icing on the beef cake. Served with your choice of house-seasoned montana's chippers, classic fries, or house salad. Burgers come unsauced - sauce 'em up right at your table.
  • Starter soup - pot roast soup $4.99
  • Jane's chicken fries $7.99
    • Lightly breaded chicken strips with all-white meat. Served with plum sauce and your choice of side, a kid's pop, juice or milk and dessert. Available to kids 12 and under.
  • Combo box $9.50
    • Has more than one ingredient in a single dish mixed veggies, chicken beef, shrimp, and chow mein wok in our tasty hoisin sauce
  • Penang laksa $9.50
    • This is the most popular laksa dish in malaysia, mandarin noodles combine with prawns, tofu, chicken & fresh seasonal vegetables smoothed in our rich & creamy coconut sauce
  • Wonton $5.50
    • Wonton soup is so popular that it has almost become the symbol of chinese food. this soup is considered to be a meal in itself at lunch. it is also eaten as a snack. try it and impress your family and friends. (this is cantonese dish)
  • Oodle noodle lemon grass $11.00
    • You'll find the asian flavor here: rice noodle, asian greens, garlic, ginger, lemon grass, all wok tossed in our home made sauce
  • Spicy pon pon chicken salad $6.50
    • This is a funny name for a not funny dish.it's original in the lo shan area of szechwan. it comes with mixture crunchy of greens, shredded marinated chicken & tasty spicy dressing
  • Dish split into 2 boxes $1.00
  • Side of rice $1.50
  • Double meat $2.50

Yoshi Sushi


1995 Brentwood Blvd, Unit D, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada



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1995 Brentwood Blvd, Unit D, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
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