Willy's Jerk in York Menu

Willy's Jerk in York has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Bibimbap or Add prawns from Earls. California Thai offers many options including Medley 1 and Medley 2. Kenzo Ramen includes a wide range like Sho-yu ramen or Shi-o ramen. Crispy Spring Roll and A1 Veggie / Taro(2 Pcs) from . Evergreen Thai Restaurant offers Vivetha Bistro and Eggs.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Garden Roll(VG,GF) $ 14
    • ume shari, seasonal vegetables, kale coulis, sesame soy paper, sweet soy reduction
  • Ebi Fritters $15
    • white tiger prawns, herb-beer battered, sweet chili aioli, chili powder, soy-balsamic reduction
  • Steamed Edamame sea salt (GF) $7
  • Kobachi Small Plates (VG)
  • Beni-Sake / Sockeye Salmon (Nigiri each/Sashimi 6pc) $4/$18
  • Jidori Chicken Nanban $13
    • sweet and sour soy, house made tartar sauce, butter lettuce, asian slaw
  • Miku Roll $ 18
    • sockeye salmon, crab, cucumber, rolled in tobiko, Miku sauce
  • For Aburi add $0.25
  • Per Extra Topping $0.5, Extra Egg $1
  • Double Meat/ extra Egg $1/ $1
  • Grilled Vegetable $ 9
    • Mozzarella, Zucchini, Red Pepper, Mayo, Caramelized Onions, Eggplant
  • Parm caprese(S/R) $ 4.50/ $ 9
  • Omelette $ 10.15
    • 2 Eggs, Choice Of 3 Toppings And Choice Of Toast
  • Chicken Parmesan $ 10
    • Mozzarella, Caramelized Onion, Roasted Pepper
  • Tuna $ 9
    • Red Onion, Lettuce
  • Baked Eggs $12
    • 2 Egg Casserole, W/ Home Fries, House Pesto, Fresh Basil, Mozzarella, Finished W/ Parmesan, Bruschetta, Candied Pancetta And Toast
    • Choose two toppings of your choice, and stir-fried with udon noodles, mixed vegetables and flavored with teriyaki sauce(Choice of chicken & beef, chicken & shrimp, beef & shrimp, scallop & shrimp)
    • Flavourful fried udon noodles prepared on teppan-grill, cooked with a topping of your choice, mixed vegetables, and teriyaki sauce(Choice of: chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken)
    • A snack portion of teriyaki classic. Great for afternoon snacks!(Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken Option: teriyaki sauce, curry sauce)
    • Japanese-style curry has a sweet and mild taste and pairs very well with beef, chicken, and tofu. The recipe contains vegetables accompanying the curry--potatoes, carrots, green peppers and white onions—enhancing the curry sauce flavor to another level(Choice of chicken, beef, tofu, vegetables)
    • A snack portion of ramen, udon or Tonkinese noodle soups(Choice of chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables)
    • Choose 2 toppings of your choice and serve with rice and mixed vegetables and carefully simmered teriyaki sauce(Choice of chicken & beef, chicken & shrimp, beef & shrimp, scallop & shrimp)
    • Koya’s ramen noodle soups are carefully prepared to ensure perfect texture of the noodles. Various toppings include nori (dried seaweed), soy sauce egg, crab stick and fish cake* and shoyu (soy-flavored) soup base(Choice of chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables*Toppings vary in different options)
    • Koya’s most popular dish of all time! A stir-fry dish prepared on the teppan-grill with your choice of topping and cooked right in front of your eyes. Served with rice, mixed vegetables, and carefully simmered teriyaki sauce(Choice of: chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken)
  • Pressed Cubano Sandwich $ 6
    • With Plantain Chips
  • Black Bean Soup $ 6
  • Medianoche, With Fried Egg $ 12
  • Sat & Sun 8 to 3
  • Pork Belly, Pineapple Glaze, Sunny Side Up Egg $ 13
  • French Toast With Maple Syrup & Bananas $ 6
  • French Fries $ 4
  • Grilled Coconut Shrimp $ 8
  • Chips & guacamole $3.30
    • Serves 2
  • Roasted chili-corn
    • Medium
  • Salad
    • Chopped romaine lettuce with choice of beans, meat, salsa and cheese, with or without chipotle-honey vinaigrette
  • Veggie $8.95
    • Includes our fresh guacamoles, and your choice of beans
  • Tacos
    • Your choice of three crispy corn, soft corn or soft flour tortillas with meat, salsa, cheese or sour cream and romaine lettuce
  • Steak $8.95
    • Naturally raised, marinated in our chipotle adobo, then grilled
  • Burrito
    • Flour tortilla with a choice of cilantro-lime rice, black or pinto beans, meat, salsa, and cheese or sour cream
  • Barbacoa $8.95
    • Naturally raised beef, braised for hours, the shredded
  • Basil Pesto $12.99
    • black olives red onions tomato fresh garlic goat cheese pizza mozzarella cheese & pesto sauce medium
  • Double Dealicious $17.99
    • 2 medium pizzas 4 toppings combined, 8 garlic bread sticks
  • The Trio $25.99
    • 3 medium pizzas, 9 toppings combined (add 15 wings $12.99)
  • 10 Wing pcs
    • 10 BBQ or breaded wing pcs or boneless chicken perfect with pizza
  • The Big Deal $12.99
    • 1 large 1 topping 2 cans of pop, 2 dipping sauces
  • Chunky Monkey $4.99
    • fall in love with our new sweet and delicious choco-banana dessert
  • Red Curry Chicken $12.99
    • grilled seasoned chicken strips red onion green pepper fresh cilantro pizza mozzarella cheese & Thai red curry sauce
  • 1LB Potato wedges
    • potatoes have tasted better

Willy's Jerk


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2349 Weston Rd, York, ON M9N 1Z7, Canada
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