Water Valley Saloon in Cremona Menu

Water Valley Saloon in Cremona has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Plain or Pepperoni from Vern's Pizza. Tonic Kitchen+Bar offers many options including Cream Cheese Bagel and Mix Berry Parfait. Starbelly includes a wide range like Seasonal Soup or -bowl. Milana and Manche from . Gaga Pizza offers Pho Nam and Vietnamese spring rolls (4 rolls).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Brown sugar bacon & roast turkey
  • Curly fries
  • Brown sugar bacon half pound club
  • Brown sugar bacon & roast beef
  • Chopped side salad
  • Montreal smoked meat `n cheese slider
  • Grand turkey club
  • Limited availability
  • Nepali Tarkari (Mild, Medium or Hot) 14.5
    • Cottage cheese and potatoes cooked in a creamy spinach and tomato sauce
  • Spinach Tarkari (Mild, Medium or Hot) $15.95
    • Lamb or Chicken Spinach, tomato and onion based sauce.
  • Plain Flat Bread $2.25
  • Garlic (Chicken or Shrimp) (Mild, Medium or Hot) $17.5
    • Roasted garlic and tomato based sauce
  • Saffron Rice $3.5
  • Coconut Flat Bread $3.5
  • Lamb Choyla $8
    • Grilled lamb seasoned with garlic, ginger and tempered with herbs and mustard oil. Served with mixture of cripsy beat riceflakes and soybeans. >>
  • Substitue in main dish $1.5
  • -40 PCS $29.99
  • Chicken bacon mushroom melt
    • chicken, fresh mushrooms, bacon strips, red onions and creamy garlic sauce
  • Seasoned Dry Ribs
    • Canadian pork bone-in dry ribs, slow-cooked and seasoned to perfection.
  • -2 medium 12" $25.50
  • -12 PCS $5.75
  • -2 small 9" $16.95
  • Mega Meal - Large $35.99
    • Two large (14") 2-topper pizzas, 8pc side o' wings, 4 cans of coke, 2 dipping sauces & 4 bags of chips.
  • Box O' Wings a pizza 73 specialty! Get them golden crispy or tossed in your favourite flavour. Served with dip.
  • Italian Sausage Marinara
    • Penne pasta baked in a zesty marinara sauce with Italian sausage, a blend of Italian seasonings and Provolone cheese.
  • Hawaiian
    • Succulent pineapple and slices of ham topped with an extra layer of cheese.
  • Cinna Stix
    • Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then baked to perfection. Served with sweet icing.
  • Boneless Chicken
    • Our boneless chicken is lightly breaded with savoury herbs, made with 100% white breast meat. Comes with our signature BBQ sauce for dipping.
  • Blue Cheese
    • A thick creamy dressing with bits of blue cheese.
  • Deluxe
    • A mouth-watering combination of pepperoni, savory Italian sausage, fresh green peppers, fresh mushrooms, fresh onions and cheese.
  • Pasta Primavera
    • Fresh tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms and onions are mixed and baked to perfection with creamy Alfredo sauce.
  • Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza
    • An Alfredo Sauce base with a Mozzarella/Cheddar Cheese blend, fresh mushrooms, onions, all white-meat chicken, bacon and Provolone cheese.
  • Psilokomeni $10
    • A light and refreshing salad with thinly sliced lettuce and
  • Mediterranean sea bass or sea bream $35
    • Yes, fish can swim, but for us, they fly! On…
  • Hirino souvlaki $25
    • Pork souvlaki
  • Garithes souvlaki $27
    • Prawn souvlaki
  • Psilokomeni $10
    • A light and refreshing salad with thinly sliced lettuce and…
  • Seafood platter (for two) $78
    • An array of favourites that embodies the greek cuisine’s reliance…
  • Krema karamelle $6
    • Cream caramel
  • Brizoles $35
    • Broiled lamb chops
  • Combo Platters For 2
  • 10”/12”/15” $ 2.00/$2.75/$3.50
  • 15”/18” $39.45/$45.95
  • Pepperoni
    • Pepperoni, Cheese, Pizza Sauce
  • 10”/12” $16.95/$ 22.95
  • The Big Cheese
    • Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta & Parmesan, Pizza Sauce
  • Chicken Teriyaki
    • Chicken, Pineapple, Cheese, Teriyaki Sauce
  • Canadian
    • Pepperoni, Bacon, Mushrooms, Cheese, Pizza Sauce

Water Valley Saloon


AB-579, Cremona, AB T0M 0R0, Canada





Opened hours

10 AM to 2 AM








Canadian , Bar Food


AB-579, Cremona, AB T0M 0R0, Canada