Tosca Ristorante Italiano in Mississauga Menu

Tosca Ristorante Italiano in Mississauga has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 1. 1 medium pizza, 1 topping (Small/Large/Extra Large) or 2. 1 medium pizza, 3 toppings (Small/Large/Extra Large) from Pizza King. Sunrise offers many options including Small Oxtail and Small Goat. Mr. Greek Express includes a wide range like (served with signature Greek salad your choice of 2 sides tzatziki & pita) or Chicken Souvlaki. Taboule and Hummus from . Osmow's Grill offers Pizza Mart and Pick up Special.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Ackee N Saltfish $7.00
  • Tea & Coffee (Reg/Large) $ 1.50/$1.95
  • Boneless Curry $6.50
  • Stew Chicken $9.00
  • Combo Add $2.50
  • Boneless Stew $6.50
  • Slice Snapper $8.95
  • Jerk Pork $8.85
  • Osmow's Special $6.10/$9.00
  • Philly Cheese Steak $6.90/$9.90
  • Veggie $5.09/$7.97
  • veggie Appetizer Plate $10.00
    • Fattouch Hummus Baba Ganouch tomato feta cheese and BBQ eggplant
  • Falafel $4.27/$6.95
  • Today's Special $7.97
    • all dishes are served with rice of french fries and your choice of salad, Ask us for today;s special
  • Falafel Plate $9.75
    • a combination of fattoush hummus baba Ganouch and falafel
  • Shish Taok $5.53/$8.06
  • Sandwich Combos
    • Choice of succulent marinated chicken or beef shawarma/chicken & beef shawarma/shish taouk/kefta/falafel, wrapped in a wholesome pita with fresh Mediterranean toppings of your choice
  • Chicken Shawarma
    • Chicken Shawarma cooked to perfection on a high grade rotisserie
  • Salads
    • Choice of Tabouli, Cabbage Salad, Red Beet Salad, Chickpea & Beans Salad, Couscous Salad, Fattoush Salad, Greek Salad, Chef Salad, Mango salad, Spinach salad, Pasta salad, Vine leaves and Broccoli salad
  • Kefta Plate
    • High grade ground beef minced with fresh herbs and spices and grilled to your liking on a hot skillet grill
  • Mediterranean Salad Plate
    • Your choice of 3 side salads and served with a pita
  • Beef Shawarma Plate
    • Tender beef Shawarma plate
  • Vine Leaves Plate
    • Fresh homemade grape vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices
  • Shish Taouk Plate
    • Succulent chicken breast kabob skewered with fresh vegetables and grilled to perfection on a hot skillet grill
  • Soft Pretzels $5.00
    • 2 German-style soft pretzels warmed and topped with salt served with housemade beer honey mustard
  • Mussels mariniere & Frites $21.00
    • fresh pei mussels onions garlic in a white wine and white beer sauce served with a heaping side of fries
  • Steak & Mushroom $16.00
    • Thinly sliced steak sauteed mushrooms & caramelized onions with cheddar & mozzarella cheeses
  • Apple Crumble Flamm $8.00
    • caramelized apples on our cinnamon flamm sauce topped with a brown sugar crumble and vanilla cream
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich $14.00
    • BBQ braised pulled pork with melted swiss cheese and crispy battered onions on a baguette served with coleslaw
  • Crispy Pretzel Chicken $10.75
    • fried marinated chicken breast salted pretzel bites and housemade beer honey mustard sauce
  • Steak Frites $21.00
    • grilled sirloin topped with herb butter and served with a heaping side of garlic fries
  • Provencale $12.00
    • fresh tomatoes & basil with swiss mozzarella and parmesan cheese finished with a drizzle of basil pesto
  • Panzerotti (3 toppings) $6.99
  • Garlic Bread Plain $2.99
  • Vegetables
    • Onion, green pepper, tomato, pineapple, roasted red pepper, hot pepper, black olives, green olives, jalapeno pepper, mushrooms, sundried tomato, feta cheese, broccoli, spinach
  • Potato Wedges $3.99
  • 30 pc wings $21.99
  • Additional Topping $ 2.50
    • each
  • Meats
    • Pepperoni, bacon, ham, Italian sausage, ground beef, salami, chicken anchovies
  • 1. 1 medium pizza, 1 topping (Small/Large/Extra Large) $5.99/$7.99/$10.99
  • Chicken & steak mix R$6.99/L$8.25
  • Ground beef $7.55
  • Triple taco
    • Add a third taco for a toonie
  • Soy $5.40
    • Vegetarian
  • Pulled pork $7.55
  • Chicken R$6.99/L$8.25
  • Pulled pork R$6.99/L$8.25
  • Add guacamole for just $1.00

Tosca Ristorante Italiano


30 Bristol Rd E, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3K8, Canada





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30 Bristol Rd E, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3K8, Canada
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