Tofu Hotpot in Richmond Menu

Tofu Hotpot in Richmond has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Quarter or ●Ribs + lamb from Urban Fare. Salty's Fish & Chips offers many options including ●Side ordes and West coast chowder/bisque. The Flying Pig includes a wide range like Organic Fruit Smoothie or Classic Red Eye. Souvlaki Choices and Add from . Opa Souvlaki of Greece offers Copper Chimney - Hotel Le Soleil and Available until 2 pm daily.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Prawn Cocktail $ 18
    • Cocktail & Tarragon Horseradish Sauces
  • Feature Pizza
    • Market Price
  • BC Salmon Burger $ 16
    • Housemade Tartar Sauce
  • Steak Sandwich $ 18
    • Striploin Steak, Crispy Onions, Horseradish Mayo
  • Pan Fried Oysters $ 16
    • Horseradish Cocktail Sauce
  • Fresh Oysters Raw, On The Half Shell
    • Market Price
  • Harbour Platter $39
    • Prosciutto, Seared Albacore, Chilled Prawns, Hummus, Feta, Roasted Tomatoes, Olives & Pita
  • BBQ Ribs $ 17
    • Honey, Molasses, Forno Baked
  • Avocado
    • The avocado dog is finally coming to the robson store.
  • Negimiso
    • Juicy turkey sausage and miso sauce, topped with shredded cabbage.
  • Kobe beef
    • The reknowned, kobe beef in a hotdog. Flavors are enhanced with the best selected ketchup from japan, and the maple leaf shaped bean curd.
  • Shrimpy chili
    • Try the great texture of our shrimp sausage. Topped with real shrimp and signature chili sauce to bring the heat.
  • Age ice
    • Deep fried bun filled with ice cream. Five flavors to choose from: vanilla, mango, strawberry, black sesame and maccha.
  • Terimayo
    • Japadog's signature hot dog: teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed make for a winning combination.
  • Ebi tempura
    • Japadog's first tempura dog! The crunchy shrimp tempura on rice makes a perfect combination.
  • Shichimi & garlic
    • Roasted garlic with nanami togarashi spice(hot pepper). Boost your energy level!
  • Pressed avocado sushi $7.80
    • A simple pressed avocado sushi with an extra touch of seaweed paste.
  • Kanazawa pork cutlet curry $13.80
  • Yellow tail (japan) $10.80
  • Lotus root agedashi $7.40
    • deep-fried crunchy lotus root stuffed with cream cheese and blue cheese in agedashi broth. Topped with cod roe mixed grated radish.
  • Pressed mackerel sushi $13.40
    • Seared mackerel pressed sushi with special mustard mixed soy based sauce & green onion-ginger paste oil.
  • Crispy chicken karaage $9.40
    • Crispy deep fried boneless chicken thigh served with real salt.
  • Tomato kimchi $4.80
    • kingyo original kimchi sauce marinated with chinese chives.
  • Chichken-nanban bowl $12.80
    • Deep fried chicken thigh with vinegar and homemade yuzu-kosyo(japanese jalapeno), tartar sauce on a bed of rice.
  • Fragole Al Balsamico (G & V) (per skewer) $1.75
    • fresh strawberry with balsamic and black pepper
  • Carpaccio Di Manzo $14
    • sliced rare beef carpaccio, arugula, parmigiano shavins, trutta oil and lemon
  • Frittata (G) (Per person, 3 pieces) $3
    • traditional omelette style appetizer with peas, ricotta, kale, pancetta
  • Pappardelle Cacciagione
    • boar ragu, tomato sauce, garlic, rosemary, parmigiano
  • Panna Cotta Al caffe (G) $10
    • vanilla bean and coffee infused cream pudding
  • 3 Courses (Per person) $45
    • appetizer, pasta/ main, dessert
  • Frittelle Di Baccata (G) $ 12
    • salt cod fritters served with organic quinoa salad, cauliflower, pine nuts and raisins
  • See Here For Group Set Menus
  • Sushi Cone (RF) 5 ¾
    • spicy ocean wise™ albacore, hand rolled with avocado, cucumber, pickled ginger, tempura, micro cilantro, green onion, soy paper wrapper
  • Ravioli + Prawn Trio (RF) $13¾
    • butternut squash and mascarpone ravioli, truffle butter sauce, sautéed jumbo prawns, pine nuts
  • Short Rib Sandwich (RF) $ 17 ½
    • caramelized onions, beef jus, emmental cheese, toasted sourdough
  • Caramel Chocolate Mousse (RF)
    • warm caramel foam, crunchy sponge toffee, velvety chocolate mousse
  • 9oz sirloin 2 ¼
  • grilled chicken breast $ 5½
  • Crispy Dry Ribs $11½
    • sea salt, cracked pepper
  • Tuna Stack (RF) $16½
    • ocean wise™ albacore, citrus tamari vinaigrette, nori, sesame, avocado, micro cilantro, wonton chips
  • Pastrami Sandwich $ 15
    • Hand carved pastrami with grainy mustard and gruere cheese
  • Blackened Ling Cod $18
    • creamed cauliflower and French lentil ragout, salsa verde
  • Sautéed Prawns $13
    • spinach puree, warm green, cherry tomato and kale salad, lemon parsley vinaigrette
  • Served on ciabatta bun and served with your choice of fries, garden salad, or soup, Caesar salad add $2
  • Spinach Dip $10
    • spinach and goat cheese dip with flat bread
  • Beef Burger $16
    • with bacon, aged cheddar, house roasted tomato relish, dijonaise and crispy onions
  • Veggie Burger $ 14
    • Black bean, mushroom and almonds with aged chedar, house roasted tomato relish djonaise and crispy onions

Tofu Hotpot


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11 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Wed, Sun), 11 AM to 9 PM (Thu-Sat)








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Aberdeen Centre, Food Court, 3090-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond