Three Hands in Old Toronto Menu

Three Hands in Old Toronto has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Drake + bake or Charcuterie from The Lounge - The Drake Hotel. ALO RESTAURANT offers many options including Chilled Watermelon, Drumbuie,Bay Leaf Granite and Pork Belly, Ginger, Coriander. Fox and Fiddle includes a wide range like Soup of the Day or Baked Onion Soup. -Stkiloin and ●Weekend brunch from . Colette Grand Café - Thompson Toronto Hotel offers California Thai and Medley 1.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Steamed Rice $2.00
  • Sliced Pork with Mushroom $8.95
  • Cantonese Chow Mein $10.50
  • whole shrimp with Mushroom $10.50
  • Special Fried Vermicell $10.50
  • Serving Special Assorted Meat $14.95
    • (Hot & Spicy)(with shrimp, Chicken, Beef. Pork)
  • Roast Pork Lo Mein (Chow Mein) $8.50
  • Singapore Rice Noodle $10.50
  • Coconut shrimp maki $15.00
    • Panko shrimp, dynamite sauce
  • Drake + bake $9.00
    • House breads, crisp, spreads
  • Charcuterie $12.00 PP
    • Sourdough, pickles, mustard
  • Spicy tuna maki $14.00
    • Crispy garlic, sesame cucumber, scallions
  • Fish + chips $24.00
    • Daily catch, slaw, pickles, tartar, fries
  • Grilled romaine $14.00
    • Peaches, tomatoes, charred corn, jalapeno, cilantro lemon dressing
  • Unagi oshi $15.00
    • BBQ eel, avocado, kimchi-lime sauce
  • Lobster tempura maki $16.00
    • Scallion, tobiko, old bay, yuzu-kewpie mayo
  • Veg./Chicken$6.69/$7.39
  • Curry
    • Sauce Choice: Green, Golden
  • Beef/Shrimp $7.39/$8.19
  • Medley 2 $7.29
    • Rice or noodles w/1 meat & 2 veggies or salad
  • Beef/Shrimp $7.39/$8.19
  • Noodle Soup
    • Soup Choices: Tom Yum, regular
  • Medley 3 $8.19
    • Rice or noodles w/2 meats & 1 veggie or salad
  • Pad Thai
    • Sauce choice: chicken curry, peanut
    • Come visit us to see our daily sushi offerings
    • A snack portion of ramen, udon or Tonkinese noodle soups(Choice of chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables)
    • Koya’s most popular dish of all time! A stir-fry dish prepared on the teppan-grill with your choice of topping and cooked right in front of your eyes. Served with rice, mixed vegetables, and carefully simmered teriyaki sauce(Choice of: chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken)
    • A snack portion of teriyaki classic. Great for afternoon snacks!(Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken Option: teriyaki sauce, curry sauce)
    • Flavourful fried udon noodles prepared on teppan-grill, cooked with a topping of your choice, mixed vegetables, and teriyaki sauce(Choice of: chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken)
    • Choose two toppings of your choice, and stir-fried with udon noodles, mixed vegetables and flavored with teriyaki sauce(Choice of chicken & beef, chicken & shrimp, beef & shrimp, scallop & shrimp)
    • Koya’s ramen noodle soups are carefully prepared to ensure perfect texture of the noodles. Various toppings include nori (dried seaweed), soy sauce egg, crab stick and fish cake* and shoyu (soy-flavored) soup base(Choice of chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables*Toppings vary in different options)
    • Choose 2 toppings of your choice and serve with rice and mixed vegetables and carefully simmered teriyaki sauce(Choice of chicken & beef, chicken & shrimp, beef & shrimp, scallop & shrimp)
  • Buffalo Skillet Shrimp
    • beer battered shrimp tossed in hot sauce tzatziki dip
  • Range Braised Bison Burger
    • Canadian free raised Bison burger free of gluten additives & preservatives Excellent source of iron & protein with fresh cut fries
  • Cinamon Poppers 5.95
    • mini cinnamon danish bites topped with warm chocolate sauce and sprinkled with icing sugar great for sharing
  • Chili Lime Kettle Chips
    • chili lime seasoning & house made garlic aioli
  • Warm Goat Cheese Salad
    • warmed Ontario goat cheese on mixed greens glazed pecans cucumber carrot cherry tomato & a garlic bread stick
  • West Coats Burger
    • topped with fresh avocado roasted pepper spring mix & roasted garlic aioli
  • Beer Battered Fish & Chips
    • our fish is battered fresh with Amsterdam Blond beer when you order it coleslaw fresh lemon and tartar sauce a truly authentic fish and chips
  • Greek Salad sm/lg
    • lettuce tomatoes cucumber kalamata olives onion feta cheese & green peppers with a greek vinaigrette
  • Calamari $ 12.00
    • Choice of grilled or fried tender squid rings served with chipotle aioli
  • Carbonara $ 14.00
    • Linguini with ham, smoked bacon, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes & scallions in a cream sauce
  • Grand Marnier Infused French toast $ 10.00
    • Thick challah bread with caramelized peaches, roasted pecans and bacon & sausage
  • Veal Asiago Sandwich $ 10.00
    • Served with sautéed onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, light tomato sauce & asiago cheese
  • 8 oz. BBQ Sirloin Burger $ 8.00
    • Homemade sirloin burger brushed with BBQ sauce served on a kaiser with lettuce, tomato, bacon & cheese
  • Napolitan $ 11.00
    • Rigatoni noodles with a homemade garlic and herb tomato sauce
  • Please notify your server of any food allergies
  • Chicken Gorgonzola $ 18.00
    • Penne with chicken, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts and a gorgonzola cream sauce

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1532 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1T5, Canada