Tam Tam d'Afrique in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Menu

Tam Tam d'Afrique in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as ***=Very Spicy or **59 Kai Prix Khing from Restaurant Maison Phayathai. L'amere a boire offers many options including Black Kalamata olives and Homemade Pretzel with Porter mustard. Chez L'Epicier includes a wide range like Cold cauliflower veloute, golden grapes, pine nuts and Dijon caramel or Lobster bisque, wood infused whipped cream and crispy fennel. Mustard and Relish from . Five Guys offers Maison Boulud and Madeleines tièdes.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Daily catch & fresh arrivals from Portugal MARKET PRICE
  • Roasted sardine filets with sea salt and vegetable escabeche on olive bread $12.00
  • Grilled calamari, lemon butter sauce, Beluga lentils salad $10.00
  • Sauteed seasonal mushrooms PM
  • Grilled organic salmon served with our side dish of the day INCLUDED
  • Seasonal vegetable risotto $26.00
  • Seared fresh cod on homemade agnolotti stuffed with salted cod, fava beans and mushrooms $38.00
  • Soup of the day INCLUS
  • Steak frites (bavette), compound butter $24.00
  • Arugula pistou tagliatelle $19.00
  • Grilled rosemary lamb chops (4) $32.00
  • Chef's daily soup $6.00
  • Duck confit & Toulouse sausage Cassoulet served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables $21.00
  • Spaghetti à la bolognaise $19.00
  • ~ With soup or daily starter and coffee or tea
  • risotto & légumes PM
  • Pierogi $8.00
    • Four dumplings stuffed with either beef or cheese and potatoes, or cabbage and mushrooms, served with sauerkraut sour cream upon request
  • Snycel mielony $18.00
    • Two breaded groundpork croquettes, served with a creamy mushroom sauce potatoes and salad of the day
  • Kielbasa $25.00
    • Two polish sausages served with sauerkraut and potatoes
  • Flaki $7.00
    • Old fashioned polish soup made of honeycomb beef tripes
  • -2 $17.00
  • Roti de sanguer $35.00
    • Roast of wild boar, served with braised red cabbage, potatoes and a prune and red wine sauce
  • Dessert
    • Small fruit cobbler served with sweet cream
  • Zupa dnia $6.00
    • Soup of the day
  • Catalan seafood paella with pork chorizo and chicken $36.95
  • - Reg. $8.95
  • Chicken nuggets with choice of fries or vegetables or pasta $8.95
  • Plancha's seared gambas ( king-size prawns) and scallops, Basque Espelette pepper sauce $38.95
  • Roll of eggplants and red peppers with goat cheese, quinoa salad and coriander $18.95
  • Rotinis with chicken, chorizo, crunchy vegetables, olives and sundried tomatoes $23.95
  • - Lar. $13.75
  • Catalan style chorizo and Matane shrimps risotto
  • Pieuvre marinee $14.95
    • Marinated octopus
  • Saganaki $13.95
    • Kefalograviera pan fried cheese
  • Galaktobouriko $6.95
  • Red snapper $28.00(Lb)
  • Calmar grille $22.00(Lb)
    • Grilled squid
  • Salade grecque molivos
  • Sword fish $26.95
  • Cotelettes d'agneau $31.95
    • Lamb chops
  • Sandwich club de tradition $12.00
    • Chicken, bacon, tomatoes, egg over easy, chiffonade of greens
  • Le suédois $9.95
    • All grain bread, salmon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and butter.
  • Cream of seasonal vegetables 6 $6.00
  • Le français $9.95
    • Ciabatta bread, ham, butter, brie cheese and lettuce.
  • L’américain $9.95
    • Ciabatta bread, shredded pork, confit onions, barbecue sauce, braised
  • Le grec $9.95
    • Ciabatta bread, homemade ratatouille, féta, tomatoes, lettuce, pesto.
  • L’anglais $9.95
    • Ciabatta bread, homemade roast beef, mustard, goat cheese, lettuce.
  • 1 choice of pastry $6.00

Tam Tam d'Afrique


408 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2J 1W1, Canada





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408 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2J 1W1, Canada
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