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Spicy Hotpot in Markham has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Hummus or Dolmades from Pita Lite. Rawlicious offers many options including Soup of the Day and Nori Rolls. Sansotei Ramen includes a wide range like Tonkatsu or Tonkotsu Black. Caesar Salad and Fruit Salad from . Coffee Time offers Canton Kitchen and Fish sauce chicken.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sunset Omelette $11.49
    • swiss cheese peameal style bacon and tomatoe
  • Kids French Toast 2 $5.99
  • Sunset Western $6.49
    • ham onion and egg
  • Side Corned Beef Hash $6.99
  • Sunset pancakes $5.99/$7.99
    • nice and fluffy done just right 3/5
  • Side Home Fries $3.49
  • Greek Omelette $11.99
    • feta cheese onion tomato and green pepper
  • Grilled Chicken breast on a Bun $10.49
  • Julienne Salad $3.59
  • Black Forest Ham & Cheese (Small/Large) $4.19/$6.19
  • Brekwich Sandwich $4.85
    • with sausage, bacon or ham & Hashbrown with medium coffee
  • Gourmet Tuna Salad (Small/Large) $4.19/$6.19
  • -- (Each) $1.69
  • Donuts (Each/6/12) $1.69/$5.39/$7.99
  • Soup & Bagel $4.99
    • with medium coffee
  • Cookies (Each/6/12) $0.99/$4.89/$7.49
  • vegetable of the day $3.00
  • Bacon Burger $12.00
    • applewood smoked bacon BBQ sauce onion rings and blue cheese on a pretzel bun
  • Shaved Turkey $9.00
    • smoked turkey on a garlic butter toasted brioche bun BBQ sauce + apple fennel slaw
  • Egg omelete $8.00
    • choice of mushrooms onion spinach peppers tomato ham mozzarella cheddar or swiss cheese
  • BURGERS $10.00
    • Served with lettuce tomato and a pickle spear on a brioche bun Choice of french fries or veggie of the day(pepper jack aged cheddar swiss or blue cheese add $1.00/upgrade side to poutine add $2.00
    • choice of turkey premium butcher blend beef patty or veggie burger served with french fries or veggie of the day/upgrade side to poutine $2.00
  • California $12.00
    • ripe avocado baby arugula sliced tomato sriracha mayonnaise alpine swiss cheese mushrooms caramelized onion and Dijon mayonnaise sauce
  • Smoked Beef Brisket $9.00
    • slow smoked beef brisket with apple fennel slaw on a pretzel bun
  • Hemp Seed Bar $3.00
    • cashew dates vanilla coconut oil hemp seeds
  • Cannelloni with Side Salad $14.00
    • Thinly sliced zucchini stuffed with cashew cheese pesto marinated mushrooms on marinara sauce topped with pine nut parmesan
  • Olive Currant Nut and Seed $11.00
    • kalamata olives currants pine nuts pumpkin & hemp seeds on a bed of arugula
  • Superfood Cookies $2.25
    • 13 ingredients made up this energy cookie almonds walnuts coconut goji berries, cacao nibs pumpkin seeds sesame seeds hemp seeds bananas currants cinnamon vanilla and a dash of agave
  • Special Order Cheesecakes available in $50.00/$65.00/$85.00
    • lemon, chocolate banana, blueberry vanilla, strawberry vanilla, coffee, vanilla chai, cookie crunch
  • Taco Wrap $9.50
    • seasoned nut loaf guacamole romaine lettuce salsa & almond nut cheese wrapped in a collard leaf
  • Black Forest Cake $9.00
    • chocolate almond date crust with a cashew-based double layer cake composed of vanilla & cherry layer topped with coconut whipped cream
  • Pizza $12.00
    • served on a sprouted buckwheat & flax seed crust with cashew nut cheese and Either marinara or pesto sauce topping change daily
  • Bean curd & minced pork with rice $4.99
  • Fried fish sliced with garlic sauce $11.99
  • Deep fried bean curd $5.99
  • Fried rice fook kin style $9.50
  • Fried shrimp with egg $8.95
  • Beef & vegetable with rice noodle $5.30
  • Deep fried tofu with fish $7.95
  • Rice noodle with beef & satay sauce $5.30
  • Sultani Kabob $13.49
    • combination of barg Kabob and kofta kabob
  • Grilled Chicken Greek $8.99
    • greek salad topped with grilled chicken
  • Kofta Kabob $4.29
  • Tandoori Chicken Greek $9.99
    • greek salad topped with tandoori chicken
  • Chicken breast Kabob $8.99
    • boneless chicken breast marinated in our seasoning
  • Tandoori Chicken kabob $6.99
  • Chaplee Kabob $10.49
    • 2 round pieces of ground beef marinated in fresh grated spices
  • Half Chicken kabob $9.99
    • half chicken marinated in seasoning

Spicy Hotpot


7131 Kennedy Rd, Markham, ON L3R 0T4, Canada





Opened hours

11 AM to 11 PM










7131 Kennedy Rd, Markham, ON L3R 0T4, Canada
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