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Selfish the Sushi Shop in Winnipeg has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as 1 Pizza (Small/Medium) or Oil And Vinegar, House Italian, Ranch, Thousand Island, Creamy Italian, Our Homemade Caesar, French And Poppyseed from Sorrento's. Salisbury House of Canada offers many options including Processed Cheddar Cheese and HEARTY BREAKFAST. The Old Spaghetti Factory includes a wide range like Tomato Basil Flatbread with Goat Cheese or Bam Bam Shrimp. Wild + Field Mushroom Quesadilla and Steamed Shrimp Dumplings from . Fort Garry Hotel Palm Lounge offers Maxime's Restaurant & Lounge and Served with garlic crostini.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Black Pepper Beef
    • Succulent beef, mushrooms and veggie in a piquant pepper sauce
  • Ask us what we're cooking today! Not all selections available at all times
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • Pepper Steak
    • Succulent beef with a peppery kick
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Orange Chicken
    • Lightly-battered chicken with real orange, crisp carrots & peppers in a rich, tangy sauce
  • PORK
  • Spicy Chicken
    • Tender chicken stir-fried with carrots, onions, celery and red peppers in our spicy Manchu WOK sauce
  • Veggie $12.25
    • grilled mushroom, onion, green pepper, tzatziki or hummus, lettuce & cucumber
  • Lemon Rice $4.25/$6.50
    • cup/bowl
  • Pork Souvlaki $13.25/$5.00
    • marinated pork tenderloin/extra skewer
  • Village Salad Add $2.75
  • French Fries
  • French Fries
  • Wrapped with tomato, onion, fresh parsley & our famous tzatziki sauce
  • Soup Of The Day $4.25/$6.50
    • cup/bowl
  • Chili
    • Cup 200 Cals, Bowl 330 Cals
  • BBQ Chicken (520 Cals)
    • bacon, mozzarella, cheddar, onions, BBQ sauce
  • Signature Tuna (510 Calories)
    • cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red wine vinaigrette
  • Black Angus Steak (480-1030 Cals)
    • mozzarella, cheddar sautéed onion, sautéed mushrooms, honey bourbon mustard, zesty grille sauce
  • Chicken Noodle
    • Cup 80 Cals,Bowl 140 Cals
  • The Italian (540 Cals)
    • pepperoni, salami, capicola, ham, mozzarella, cheddar, marinara sauce
  • Classic Club (470-1020 Cals)
    • turkey, ham, bacon, cheddar, tomato, lettuce, mayo
  • Cheesy Cheese (400-450 Cals)
    • includes sub, drink & snack
  • Médaillons de Boeuf Sirloin Poivrée $28
    • Medallions of prime aged sirloin topped with a brandied peppercorn sauce
  • Poulet à la Façon du Chef $22
    • Chicken stuffed with apple, havarti & red pepper in a cranberry brown butter gastrique
  • Jarret d'Agneau $28
    • Braised lamb shank served in a maple balsamic reduction
  • Prawns au Pernod $14.50
    • Sauteed in garlic and finished in a pernod cream sauce topped with leek tempera
  • Tartine de Poulet et Roquefort $14.50
    • Roast chicken, avocado, blue cheese & bacon on ciabatta
  • Char Arctique $26
    • Artic char stuffed with a lobster gruyère potato mousseline over a lemon verbena sauce
  • Add garlic mushrooms $3.50
  • Crab Cakes $14.50
    • Served with mango salsa on a bed of mesclun greens with a raspberry, champagne & poppy dressing
  • Lasagna Mama Pelosi's Secret Homemade Recipe $13.95
    • Layer upon layer of pasta, meat sauce and three different cheese
  • Roasted Garlic Grilled Chicken $15.25
    • A breast of chicken marinated with garlic and lemon and then grilled , served over linguine noodles in a light parmesan and roasted garlic butter
  • Kid’s Spaghetti Dinner with Choice of Sauce $5.75
  • Greek Salad $9.50
    • A favourite with tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, feta cheese, calamata, olives and crisp romaine lettuce tossed with our lemon herb dressing
  • Hunter’s Chicken $15.75
    • A breaded chicken breast fried to a golden brown and topped with our delightful hunter’s sauce served with Spaghetti with tomato sauce or fries
  • Spaghetti with Browned Butter and Mizithra Cheese $11.95
    • Our signature mizithra cheese is a deliciously salty cheese that is grated over our spaghetti and drizzled with browned butter
  • Penne with Chicken $14.25
    • Tender pieces of chicken breast, mushrooms, and penne noodles tossed in a rich basil cream sauce with minced peppers and fresh tomatoes
  • Or, Skewer of sautéed prawns $2.95
  • Olives, herbs, water bread $ 6
  • Jumbo crab, asparagus, bacon, soft egg, quinoa & almond crumble, herbs $ 19
  • Beef tartar, brioche toast, torchon of foie gras, mustard, quail egg, yogurt $ 21
  • Roast Magret duck breast, smoked caramel apple, chestnut & orange crust, aromatic broth, endive $ 21
  • Roast cauliflower, cave-aged gruyère, panade, almond, citrus, caper & brown butter vinaigrette $ 17
  • Green salad, romaine hearts, edamame, cucumber, celery, jicama, crème fraiche, pistachio, wasabi peas, lime vinaigrette $ 16
  • NY striploin, potato & black trumpet mushroom pavee, charred onion, red wine glace $21
  • Salumi, romesco, manchego, toast (each) $6

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