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Second Cup in Etobicoke has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as We Charge Extra For Any Additional Changes or All Items Below Include Miso Soup & Green Salad from Mi-Ne Sushi. Chipotle offers many options including Burrito and Burrito bowl. 241 Pizza Store includes a wide range like Friends & Family Deal or The Trio. Extra Taste and Turkey Breast from . Subway offers Ici Bistro - Windsor Arms and Plateau of croquettes.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Bacon Cheddar Burger $16.00
    • cured bacon, vine-ripened tomatoes, onion, pickles, mayonnaise and mustard, on a freshly baked brioche bun
  • Soup, Salad + Pan Bread $14.25
    • your pick of caesar or field greens salad, clam chowder or feature soup
  • Chicken + Wontons $12.00
    • tender chicken, crispy wontons, piled high with sweet and spicy chili sauce
  • Add prawns $5.50
  • Hot Wings $ 12.25
    • creamy grana padano parmesan dip, fresh celery sticks
  • Add tofu $3
  • Margherita Pizza $13.50
    • house tomato sauce, salted mozzarella, chiffonade basil, chili olive oil
  • Jerusalem Salad $17.25
    • pita crisps, spiced chicken, sumac yogurt, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, in preserved lemon dressing
  • Steak $8.95
    • Naturally raised, marinated in our chipotle adobo, then grilled
  • Burrito bowl
    • Just like a burrito, but served in a bowl with no tortilla
  • Taco kit $5.50
    • They build it, choose any three ingredients (one meat or guacamole) and two soft or crispy shells, served on a tray for easy building
  • Veggie $8.95
    • Includes our fresh guacamoles, and your choice of beans
  • Small cheese quesadilla $4.75
    • With a side of rice and beans
  • Guacamole $2.21
  • Carnitas $8.95
    • Naturally raised pork, braised for hours, then shredded
  • Tomatillo-green chili
    • Medium hot
  • Potato Perogies $8
  • Lemon Tart $16
    • Apricot Anglaise, Raspberry
  • Fleur des Monts, Quebec
    • Alpine Tomme stylw, brushed rind, sheep’s milk
  • Chocolate Beignets $2.5
    • Per beignet
  • Arancini $8
  • Wild Boar $34
    • Potato Perogies, Caponata
  • Chicken Parmesan
    • chicken, marinara sauce, parmesan, provolone
  • Turkey Cheddar Melt
    • turkey,cheddar
  • Philly Steak & Bleu
    • steak, bleu cheese
  • Chicken Buffalo
    • chicken, grilled onions, buffalo sauce, provolone
  • Steak Sicilian
    • steak, pepperoni, provolone
  • Warm Goat Cheese Salad
    • warmed Ontario goat cheese on mixed greens glazed pecans cucumber carrot cherry tomato & a garlic bread stick
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich
    • tender smoked pulled pork in BBQ sauce on a toasted bun & topped with our house slaw
  • Buffalo Wrap
    • crispy chicken tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce crisp lettuce marble cheese & tomato with peppercorn ranch dressing wrapped in a sundried tomato tortilla
  • Chili Lime Kettle Chips
    • chili lime seasoning & house made garlic aioli
  • Calamari
    • lightly dusted & seasoned served with tzatziki dip
  • Nachos
    • single/share size, Diced chicken marble cheese lettuce tomatoes Jalapenos served with sour cream & house made roasted corn salsa
  • Baby Back Ribs
    • fall off the bone premium slow cooked Baby back pork Ribs in our signature BBQ sauce rib entree are served with a side of our house slaw & your choice of roasted potatoes fresh cut fries, or chili lime kettle chips
  • Single Wings & Sweet potato Fries Combo
    • a single order of our traditional wings tossed in your choice of sauce served with a side of sweet potato fries
  • Beef Carpaccio thinly sliced with wasabi mayonnaise $7
  • Coconut Shrimp Sticks with spicy fruit sauce (6 sticks) $8. 50
  • Broiled Rack of Lamb
  • Escargot Camino Style garlic butter and mozzarella (6 per order) $7.50
  • Fresh Salmon Dill with a lemon dill butter sauce $17
  • Chicken Cordon Blue
  • Shrimp Americano
  • House made Smoked Salmon $8

Second Cup


1750 The Queensway, Unit 5, Toronto, Ontario M9C 5H5, Canada





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1750 The Queensway, Unit 5, Toronto, Ontario M9C 5H5, Canada
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