Mt. Fuji Sushi in Vancouver Menu

Mt. Fuji Sushi in Vancouver has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Burrata or Beef tartare from Bauhaus Restaurant. Nook offers many options including Tonnarelli Cacio Kits and Olives. Italian Kitchen includes a wide range like Italian kitchen breakfast or Prosciutto benny. Meatsa and ●All day from . Little Caesars Pizza Sunshine Hills offers Subway and Tuna.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Birdies $10
    • Rosemary Infused Pastry Surrounding Duck Confit and Duxelles, Orange Chilli Chocolate Mousse
  • Chocolate Trutfíes, Cheese and fruit Plate $12
  • Ulster Fry Up $15
    • Two Basted Eggs, Double Smoked Bacon, Banger, Soda Bread, Roast Tomato, Rum Baked Beans
  • Traditional Champ Potatoes $4
  • Robin’s Boring Salad $11
    • Mixed Greens With Celery, Apple and Smoked Gouda in a Caraway Dressing
  • Guinness and Mushroom Porter Burger $14
  • Sweet Potato, Braised Carrot, Chickpeas and Spinach, Golden Curry Rice $24
  • Bone Marrow with Pumpernickel Crostini $12
  • SET B $ 4.00
  • Negi-goma Chashu-men $14.95
  • Mentaiko Rice (Spicy Cod Roe) $3.50
  • Shio Chashu-men $12.95
  • Shio Ramen $9.95
    • A mild and simple salt-umami flavour
  • Shio Rekka Ramen $10.95
  • Kikurage (Cloud Ear Mushroom) $1.00
  • 4 slices $3.00
  • With 7 great flavours
    • ham, honey garlic, teriyaki, S & P, dry Cajun, or sweet thai chili or Szechuan
  • Quinoa (our version of a veggie burger) $13.50
    • A house-made quinoa and black bean patty with avocado roasted red peppers and pesto
  • The Port Side Beef Dip $15
    • Slow roasted sirloin beef with white cheddar and onion strings in a fresh baked-to-order baguette with au jus
  • Salmon Flatbread $15.25
    • Housemade flatbread with a lemon and dill creme Fraiche, capers, mixed greens and topped with house cured salmon lox with a mustard and dill drizzle
  • Per sleeve Burger and Beer Night $11.95
    • Our famous milltown, house-made burger and a Sleeve of 0K Spring 1518 Lager for only
  • Add Yum fries $2.50
  • West-Coast Seafood Charcuterie $16
    • A tasty combination platter with house cured wild BC salmon lox, tuna poke with fresh cucumber crostini, cold poached chill prawns, raspberry cocktail sauce S cherry tomato chutney with pickled cucumbers and wonton crisps
  • Add cheese, bacon, mushrooms or fried onions (each) $l.25
  • Delicious Ice Cream $6
    • ask your server
  • Omelet, Salted Turnip And Butter $6
  • Green Beans, House Cured Bacon, Preserved Mango, Black Bean $8
  • Duck salad $19
    • 5 spice smoked duck breast, Hannah brook fram greens, carrot cardamom puree, apple, charredcipollinni onions
  • Steelhead Trout $23
    • crispy kabocha cumin gnocchi, rapini, shiso butter clam sauce
  • Housemade Taiwanese Pork Sausage $6.5
  • Wok Fried Loligo Squid $17
    • mustard greens, lardons, wilted kale, pickled green papaya, grape fruit, tomato kombucha broth
  • Shan Tofu $16
    • chickpea tofu, salted mustard leaf forestiere, yuzu miso Portobello, charred cauliflower, garlic stem, cucumber, sake vinaigrette
  • Salmon $8.95
    • Seasonal vegetables
  • Chicken panzanella salad $20.95
    • Breaded chicken, arugula, vine-ripened tomatoes radishes, grapes, celery, scallions, burrata pine nuts, sherry shallot vinaigrette
  • Penne arrabiata $16.95
    • Pancetta, garlic, tomatoes, burrata, peperoncino
  • Spaghetti & signature meatballs $18.95
    • Spicy tomato basil sauce, herbed ricotta
  • Tartina fragola e limone $9.95
    • Lemon & strawberry tart
  • Macaroni & cheese $6.95
    • Creamy cheese sauce
  • Meatball sandwich $13.95
    • Signature meatballs, provolone, tomato sauce
  • Penne pomodoro $6.95
    • Tomato sauce, parmesan cheese
  • Steak Meat Balls
  • Vegetarian Summer Roll $3.55
    • rice paper roll with salad served with peanut sauce
  • Carrot Beef Stew Served with bread or noodle $9.45
  • Brisket Flank Fatty Brisket Tendon Tripe
  • Meat Balls
  • Chicken Beef Shrimp or tofu Curry served with bread noodle or rice $9.45
  • Vegetarian Vermicelli $8.95
    • tofu fresh vegetables served with Boi's special sauce
  • Wonton Noodles Soup $9.25
    • served with broccoli celery carrot & cauliflower

Mt. Fuji Sushi


Killarney Centre, 2607 East 49th Avenue, Vancouver V5S 1J9





Opened hours

11:30 AM to 8 PM (Mon-Sat), 12 Noon to 7 PM (Sun)








Sushi , Asian , Japanese


Killarney Centre, 2607 East 49th Avenue, Vancouver V5S 1J9