Le Riverain in Le Haut-Saint-Laurent County Menu

Le Riverain in Le Haut-Saint-Laurent County has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Any 3 Item Plate or Beef & Broccoli from Manchu Wok. Cafe Saigon offers many options including Chicken spring roll and Pork spring roll. Brit and Chips includes a wide range like Large shrimp or Cod. mixed lettuce, pickled onions, pumpkin seeds and Roasted beets, mozzarella, almonds, apples, pickled squash from . L'Orignal offers Pizza Express and Canadian combo.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Escargot $11.00
    • Stuffed mushroom caps, garlic, herbs
  • Mini keg burgers $11.00
  • Steak sandwich $24.00
    • Garlic toast, sautéed field mushrooms, cabbage slaw, keg fries
  • ●Desserts
  • Keg fries gf / caesar salad / vegetables gf
  • Shrimp cocktail gf $13.00
    • Chilled jumbo shrimp, martini cocktail sauce
  • New york striploin gf (12 oz) $42.00
  • Keg caesar $9.00
    • Romaine, aged parmesan cheese, keg creamy dressing
  • key lime o mango pie $8.25
  • -Add 3 meatballs for $3.00
  • mousse chocolate et cafe $8.25
  • Chicken scaloppine with pesto, smoked calabrese sausage and provolone $24.00
  • Red wine & small vegetable rabbit stew served on tagliatelle
  • Risotto parmesan grana padano $9.00
  • Saumon rôti avec risotto au citron et limoncello
  • Panini club $14.00
    • Poulet, bacon, laitue, tomates et fromage/chicken, bacon lettuce, tomatoes and cheese
  • Ajoutez un steak de macreuse grillé à votre goût $10
  • Cheese $17
    • cheddar vieilli, compotée d’oignon, aïoli, iceberg
  • El Paso $17
    • Monterey Jack, salsa, guacamole, jalapenos, iceberg
  • Grosses Rondelles D’oignon $6
    • 5 rondelles, servies avec miel
  • Grande Verte $13
    • mesclun, tomates cerises, maïs rôti, edamames, vinaigrette raifort
  • Végétarien $3
    • Remplacez la protéine par du Tempeh au quinoa et sésame
  • Mac N’ Cheese $19
    • Monterey Jack, bacon, échalote française, petite verte
  • Le Chaudron Presque Cochon $16
    • Légumes du jour et petites patates rôties, le tout sauté à la poêle et gratiné au fromage mozzarella, nappé d’une hollandaise, servi avec 1 oeuf à votre goût et pain baguette
  • Nicoise salad with tuna confit and seasonal vegetable $35.00
  • Organic green salad, fried onions, roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, lime vinaigrette INCLUDED
  • -Grilled octopus $40.00
  • Fish and seafood “Bouillabaisse” (+ lobster MP) $38.00
  • Sautéed veggies $8.00
  • Burrata, seasonal tomatoes, peaches, pecans and coriander pesto $22.00
  • Oysters on ice with mignonette MP
  • Seasonal tomatoes, pecan and coriander pesto, São Jorge cheese and arugula INCLUDED
  • -Bramde "14 $28.95
  • -Petite 3" $10.75
  • -Petite 10" $16.65
  • Pepperoni
  • Club sandwich $12.85
  • -Brosse 9" $17.95
  • -Bebe $8.25
  • -Vini 8" $14.30
  • PERSONAL THREE CHEESE PIZZA $13.50/$16.00/$27.50
    • Tomato sauce, mozzarella, semi-dried tomatoes, chives and your choice of two cheeses: cheddar, Parmesan, swiss cheese, camembert, Bénédictin blue cheese, Blackburn, goat cheese or ripened goat cheese
  • BISCOTTI (1) $2.00
  • SEAFOOD $14.00/$16.50/$28.50
    • Emiliana sauce, garlic, shrimps, scallops, snails, mozzarella, Parmesan and parsley from the oven with white wine and lemon
  • SALAD IN JAR $6,50
    • A mixture of arugula, grape tomatoes, and green onion tossed with balsamic vinegar, Dijon, and maple syrup dressing, served with fried onions
  • WESTPHALIA HAM $13.00/$15.50/$26.50
    • Cep sauce, smoked prosciutto, mozzarella, swiss cheese, mushrooms, green onion and five pepper mix
    • A mixture of lettuce, apple, melted camembert over toasted baguette and pecans, served with three-pepper maple syrup dressing
  • TIRAMISÙ $6.00
  • OTHERS EXTRAS $2.25/$2.25/$4.50
    • Snails, guacamole, pecans, pine nuts, cashews, port-caramelized onions, pistou, semi-dried tomatoes

Le Riverain


24 Rue Bridge, Ormstown, QC J0S, Canada





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24 Rue Bridge, Ormstown, QC J0S, Canada
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