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Landmark Restaurant in Winnipeg has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Pane Casa or Pane Al' aglio from Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge. Fort Garry Hotel Palm Lounge offers many options including Wild + Field Mushroom Quesadilla and Steamed Shrimp Dumplings. Salisbury House of Canada includes a wide range like Processed Cheddar Cheese or HEARTY BREAKFAST. Lemon Rice and French Onion from . Olympia Diner offers Maxime's Restaurant & Lounge and Served with garlic crostini.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Sweet Chill Chicken $7.25
    • Hand breaded boneless strips of chicken breast toasted in sweet chili sauce and topped with sesame seeds
  • For guests under 10
  • Pot-Pourri Spaghetti with Meat, Mushroom and Clam Sauce $11.85
    • A sampler for the undecided-generous portions of our most popular sauce
  • Kid’s Spaghetti Dinner with Choice of Sauce $5.75
  • Bam Bam Shrimp $7.79
    • Crispy breaded white shrimp glazed in spicy sriracha sauce and garnished with fresh green onion
  • Kid’s Pizza $6.75
    • Cheese or pepperoni
  • Baby Back Ribs $17.95
    • A full pound of baby back ribs, slow cooked, basted with our own smokey barbeque sauce and charbroiled to perfection, served with spaghetti with tomato sauce or fries
  • Pesto Linguine $12.25
    • Our homemade pesto sauce with fresh basil, pine nuts and almonds is mixed with a touch of cream and served with linguine noodles
  • Mayo
  • Bacon Cheese Dog $ 5.49
  • 100% fresh beef, no fillers or preservatives
  • Cheese Dog $ 4.69
  • Bacon Burger $ 7.79
  • Cheese Veggie Sandwich $ 4.59
  • Little Hamburger $ 4.99
  • Grilled Cheese $ 4.49
  • Spicy Pepperoni: pepperoni, button mushrooms, roasted roma tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, fresh basil and mozzarella with Carlo's tomato sauce $ 17
  • Grilled Portuguese water bread $ 4
  • Chicken and Pesto: fire roasted chicken, sundried tomatoes, red onion, asparagus, bocconcini, mozzarella and fresh basil on a basil and arugula pesto sauce $ 19
  • Grilled Portuguese Waterbread $ 4
  • Bonfire Flatbread $ 4
  • Roasted beet and goat cheese salad with arugula and red onion tossed in a grainy dijon vinaigrette with beet puree and topped with candied walnuts $ 14
  • Spicy Bonfire Hawaiian: capicollo ham, fire-roasted fresh pineapple, roasted red and fresh jalapeno peppers, green onion, mozzarella and feta cheese with cilantro on spicy La Bomba sauce $ 18
  • Wild Mushroom & Maple Bacon: porcini, portobello and oyster mushrooms with wilted spinach, fresh herbs, mozzarella and Stilton blue cheese on roasted garlic sauce $ 18
  • WOW $4.99
    • fried rice & honey garlic pork or Chow mein & sesame chicken or Vegetables & chow mein or Wonton Soup & egg rolls
  • Combo 5
    • Fried Rice, chow mein, S&S Chicken Balls
  • Combo 6
    • fried Rice Vegetables, chicken wings
  • Combo 2
    • Fried Rice, Chow mein, Lemon Chicken
  • Combo 3
    • Fried Rice, Chow Mein, S&S pork
  • COmbo 4
    • Fried Rice Vegetables, sesame Chicken
  • Combo 1
    • fried rice, Vegetables, Honey Garlic Pork
  • Bacon $2
  • All burgers are served with your choice of our house fries, soup de jour, caesar or tossed salad and are topped with argula, tomatoes, onions and pickles
  • Athenian Quinoa Salad $14
    • Quinoa, mixed greens, cucumbers, red onions and kalamata olives, tossed in a lemon-herb vinaigrette and topped with feta
  • Beet Chips $9
    • Crispy beet chips with a caramelized onion and goat cheese dip
  • Mumbai Number Five $13
    • Indian inspired spiced chickpea patty with Marsala mayo and tamarind sauce on Ciabatta
  • Steak Salad $16
    • 6oz sirloin steak with arugula, roasted beets, mushrooms, grilled red onions and Bothwell jalapeño muenster, Finished with a spicy ancho orange vinaigrette
  • Calamari $13
    • Tender calamari rings dusted and fried to perfection with a lemongrass soy glaze and scallions
  • Chicken Burger $15
    • Grilled chicken breast on ciabatta, with Strawberry jalapeño compote, melted Brie and Bistro Sauce
  • Three-Tiered Monte Cristo $14
    • Grilled Chicken, sliced ham, monterey, cranberry mayo between three-french bread dipped and fried in butter
  • Rigatoni
  • Shaved Beef $6
  • Jenn's Black Bean Quinoa $10
    • Stir fried vegetable over black bean quinoa
  • Chicken Burger $13
    • Grilled herb chicken breast OR crunchy breaded chicken, crisp lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo served between a toasted sesame bun
  • Pickerel Tacos $14
    • Pickerel put in a corn taco with lime crema, pica de gallo and cilantro
  • Grilled Chicken $6
  • Groceries:
    • Hellmanns Mayo, Chipotle Mayo Lettuce, Pickle, Tomato, Shaved Red Onion, Banana Peppers, Pickled Jalapeno, Grilled Onion, Garlic Mushrooms Relish, Ketchup, Mustard, Spicy Mustard ALL Dogs come with your choice of: Red skin fries, sweet potato fries, tator tots, roblin salad, greek salad, caesar salad OR soup Upgrade to poutine, chili fries

Landmark Restaurant


554 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1C4, Canada





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554 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1C4, Canada
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