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La Prep in Mississauga has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Unagi or Edamame from Hockey Sushi. Bar Burrito offers many options including R=Regular / L=Large and Bean & cheese. Pizza Mart includes a wide range like Pick up Special or Add Toppings. 1. 1 medium pizza, 1 topping (Small/Large/Extra Large) and 2. 1 medium pizza, 3 toppings (Small/Large/Extra Large) from . Pizza King offers LEE Kitchen - Toronto Pearson International Airport and Farmer’s Aged Cheddar & Ham Omelette.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Vine Leaves Plate
    • Fresh homemade grape vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices
  • Beef Shawarma Plate
    • Tender beef Shawarma plate
  • Hummus
    • Traditional Mediterranean/middle-eastern dip made with chickpeas, sesame sauce, and garlic sauce, Enjoy it with a pita
  • Shish Taouk Plate
    • Succulent chicken breast kabob skewered with fresh vegetables and grilled to perfection on a hot skillet grill
  • Shawarma Combination Plate
    • A combination of tender beef and slices of succulent marinated chicken Shawarma, slowly cooked on a high grade rotisserie
  • Garlic Potato
    • Crispy, oven-baked potatoes roasted with herbs
  • Sandwich Combos
    • Choice of succulent marinated chicken or beef shawarma/chicken & beef shawarma/shish taouk/kefta/falafel, wrapped in a wholesome pita with fresh Mediterranean toppings of your choice
  • Mediterranean Salad Plate
    • Your choice of 3 side salads and served with a pita
  • Eggs any style one/two/three $1.98/$2.98/$3.89
  • Rotisserie Chicken Dinner quarter/half/whole $8.49/$10.49/$17.99
  • Rotisserie Chicken quarter/half/whole $5.99/$9.49/$12.49
  • Rosti $3.99
  • Shrimp $10.49
  • With Breakfast Sausage or Bacon $7.29
  • Grilled Sausage $6.98
    • our best choice sausage served with Dijon mustard roasted vegetables & rice
  • Beef with Vegetable
  • Shao Mai Chicken & Shrimp Dumplings (4) $9
  • Farmer’s Vegetarian Omelette $15
    • roasted pepper, mushrooms and leeks, home fries
  • Steamed Bbq Pork Buns (2) $8
  • Susur Lee’s Award Winning Top Chef Chicken $28
    • mint chutney, north Indian biryani basmati rice, tomato jam and fresh pineapple
  • Classic Breakfast $16
    • eggs your style, home fries, toast
  • Chicken Vegetable Spring Rolls (4) $9
  • Greek Yogurt Parfait $13
    • with fresh berries, dried berries, honey roasted granola
  • Slow Cooked Sweet & Spicy BBQ Back Ribs $27
    • ginger mango sauce, fries, asian slaw
  • Chirahi $9.99
    • Sashimi on sushi rice, 2 pcs each sashimi, tuna, salmon, snapper, surf clam, shrimp, tamago, octopus
  • -Beef teriyaki
  • -Sashimi $4.99
    • 5 Pcs
  • Brampton roll $7.99
    • Shrimp tempura, crab meat, BBQ, eel, avocado with cream cheese
  • Oyako don $6.99
    • Grilled chicken with onions and eggs on a bed of rice
  • Yam tempura
  • Baby roll $6.50
    • Shrimp tempura, crab meat topped with crispy bits
  • Makimono set
  • Traditional 3 Brasseurs Saurkraut $18.00
    • smoked Mettwurst and Frankfurt sausages beer braized pork belly and grilled black forest ham on a bed of beer marinated sauerkraut with boiled potatoes
  • Hazelnut Chicken Salad $16.00
    • beer marinated chicken breast dusted with crushed hazelnut coriander and cumin and grilled served on kale and baby spinach tossed in a citrus quinoa with tomatoes red onions sliced radishes dried cranberries and honey pecans
  • Beef Tartare $20.00
    • Finely minced beef mixed with pickles capers red onions and a housemade tangy mustard sauce served with beer battered fries fresh greens and crostini
  • Soft Pretzels $5.00
    • 2 German-style soft pretzels warmed and topped with salt served with housemade beer honey mustard
  • Brie Blue Burger $15.50
    • creamy Brie Blue cheese and sweet caramelized onions on top of our hand pressed 100% beef burger garnished with fresh arugula and a drizzle of balsamic reduction
  • Bacon & Cheese Burger $15.00
    • our hand pressed fresh 100% Beef burger with our signature sauce topped with crisp smoked bacon and melted cheese garnished with a dill pickle slice lettuce tomato & onion
  • Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese $13.00
    • old fashioned housemade mac & Cheese with Cheddar & parmesan cheeses on minche bread served with a spicy sriracha ketchup
  • Ice Cream Sundae $8.00
    • 3 scoops of french vanilla ice cream topped with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream
  • Ginger
  • 2l Pop $2.99
  • Jalapeno
  • 36 wings $22.99
  • Whole Wheat Dough $1
  • 1 355ml Pop $0.99
  • Garlic
  • Thick or Thin Crust

La Prep


5100 Erin Mills Parkway, Erin Mills Town Center Unit V107, Mississauga, Ontario L5M 4Z5, Canada



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5100 Erin Mills Parkway, Erin Mills Town Center Unit V107, Mississauga, Ontario L5M 4Z5, Canada
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