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KW Gardens in Surrey has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Nutrigreen Frams Crumbled Tofu Salad or Calamari from Minami Restaurant. Subway offers many options including Tuna and Egg & Cheese (3 inch/6 inch/12 inch). CinCin Ristorante + Bar includes a wide range like ●Entrees or Benedicts with olive oil hollandaise. Skillet hash and Two eggs any style from . Match Eatery & Public House offers Miku and Feature Miso Soup (GF).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Vegetable udon $7.50
    • Vegetable with noodle soup, large
  • -Small $4.95
  • Chicken karaage $3.95
    • Deep fried chicken wings, 5 pc
  • Tna $1.25
  • Tempura udon $7.95
    • 3 prawns, 3 veggies, deep fried with noodle soup, large
  • Yam tempura roll $3.75
  • Toro sashimi $9.95
    • Fatty tuna, 6 pcs
  • -Small $4.95
  • -Vegetarian
  • -Vegetarian
  • Pad nam prig paow $9.50
    • Your choice of chicken, beef or pork sauteed with thai sweet roasted chilli paste
  • Pad pak ruam mitr $9.50
    • Choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu stir fried with mixed vegetables in oyster, black bean, peanut or sweet & sour cream
  • All dishes come with vegetarian spring roll, green salad and steamed thai jasmine rice
  • Signature fried rice $9.50
    • With egg served with sliced cucumbers, tomato & green onions
  • Chili pepper fried rice $9.50
    • With diced vegetables & egg
  • Lunch platter $11.00
    • Daily curry chicken, vegetables with oyster sauce served with rice, spring roll and salad
  • Add Yum fries $2.50
  • Add chicken, seasoned beef or extra cheese (each) $2.50
  • Fish & Chips
    • Tempura and Beer-battered fish with Fresh cut tries, coleslaw and tartar sauce
  • 2 for Tuesdays
    • All our appetizers are 2 for q after 5pm, your 2nd appy is free when the 1st is equal to greater value
  • Maple Salmon Salad $16
    • Maple Glazed Salmon, strawberries, roasted almonds and goat cheese on mixed greens with a honey apple vinaigrette
  • Tuna Sensual $13
    • Ginger soy marinated Albacore tuna with a light tempura batter, green onions and a sriracha aioli drizzle
  • Fish & Chips $7.50/$11
    • Thursday our special tempura beer battered fish & chips (cod 1 pieces/2 pieces)
  • Veggie Frittata $12
    • Eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions, and smoked Gouda cheese baked deliciously in our Wood Stone pizza oven
  • Spicy cheese terimayo
    • Another signature dog contains three types of cheese with a hint of spiciness in the sausage. All that topped with terimayo sauce makes for a tasty hot dog.
  • Three cheese smoky
    • Swiss, cheddar, and havarti are blended into the sausage. A best seller
  • Arabiki
    • A sausage made from coarse ground pork. Eat it once, and you will come back again and again.
  • Avocado
    • The avocado dog is finally coming to the robson store.
  • Bratwurst
    • Pork sausage with great flavor and texture.
  • Love meat
    • Our home made meat sauce is fused together with melted cheese, making it popular to all ages.
  • Ume katsuo
    • Ume(japanese pickled plum) flavor with a slight accent of bonito broth is a japanese traditional flavour!
  • Terimayo
    • Japadog's signature hot dog: teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed make for a winning combination.
  • Fried Wonton $6.35
    • served with Boi's special sauce
  • Steak Meat Balls
  • Vegetarian Rice $9.25
    • tofu fresh vegetables served with Boi's Special sauce
  • Steak Flak
  • Fried Chicken Wings $8.95
    • vietnamese style chicken wings served with Boi's special sauce
  • Vegetarian Vermicelli $8.95
    • tofu fresh vegetables served with Boi's special sauce
  • Seafood Egg noodle Soup $9.65
  • Steak Flank Tendon
  • Seasonal chocolate cake
    • Ask your server
  • California salad $16.99
    • A full grilled chicken breast, fresh sliced avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, seasonal berries and candied pecans on spring salad mix, with put signature dressing
  • Dipping sauces
  • Blackstone $13.99
    • With crisp maple bacon & more tomatoes
  • Radical bacon cheeseburger $15.99
    • A heavenly hook up! maple bacon and sharp cheddar crisp, the even more sharp cheddar melted on our 8oz cab burger seasoned with pepper medley, with crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, crunchy onion tanglers and mayo
  • Very veggie $11.99
    • Portobello and button mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, onions & herbs
  • Enjoy our tenders and combos with your choice of fries!
    • Try our fies with our superb seasonings (lemon pepper, cajun or garlic pepper) for extra great taste
  • -Cheezy grilled cheese
    • Parmesan crusted sandwich served on sourdough, 4 cheeses on the outside, 3 on the inside!

KW Gardens


2338 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC V4A 5A5, Canada





Opened hours

Monday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM, Thursday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM, Friday: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Saturday: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM, Sunday: 3:00 – 11:00 PM








Chinese , Asian


2338 King George Hwy, Surrey, BC V4A 5A5, Canada
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