Hong Ma No Korean Restaurant in Surrey Menu

Hong Ma No Korean Restaurant in Surrey has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Chicken or Beef from Koya Japan. The Distillery Bar + Kitchen offers many options including Shoestring Fries and Each. Smoke's Poutinerie Vancouver includes a wide range like Fries or TraditionalPoutine. Chilled Pea Soup and Green Chickpea + Avocado Hummus from . Vancouver Urban Winery offers Cactus Club Cafe and with grilled avocado.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • More Eggs
  • Shod-rib $34
    • whipped yukon gold potato natural jus, gorgonzola crumble
  • Organic gathered greens $11
    • vine ripened tomato, Cucumber, carrot almonds, yogurt vinaigrette
  • Wild bc salmon roil $14
    • salmon karaage, avocado, ikura, salmon sashimi, wasabi mayonnaise
  • Caesar salad $12
    • romaine lettuce, yogurt dressing croutons, romano cheese
  • Wild bc salmon roil $14
    • salmon karaage, avocado, ikura, salmon sashimi, wasabi mayonnaise
  • Seafood tacos $16
    • halibut & prawns, coleslaw, tomato salsa
  • Sashimi $20
    • wild salmon, ahi tuna, hamachi, gari, wasabi
  • Octopus $19.00
    • Grilled, fingerling potato, sauce gribiche, lemon aioli
  • Mussels $19.00
    • Off the sell, garlic white wine broth, thyme oil, torn bread
  • Pasta MP
    • Daily feature
  • Scallop $28.00
    • Seared, pork jowl, roast turnips, pickled apples, cauliflower puree
  • Radish $12.00
    • Confit and raw, mixed baby kale, vegetable ash sourdough crumb, lemon parmesan
  • Semifreddo $9.00
    • Rosemary semifreddo, strawberries, toasted milk powder crumble, strawberry sorbet
  • Pate $8.00
    • Chicken liver, pickled mustard seeds, strawberry black pepper gel, house crackers
  • Pork $28.00
    • Confit pork belly, beef variation, goat cheese polenta, huckleberry jus
  • Pad pak ruam mitr $9.50
    • Choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu stir fried with mixed vegetables in oyster, black bean, peanut or sweet & sour cream
  • Tom yum noodle $11.00
    • Hot & sour broth with glass noodle, sprouts, mushrooms, shrimps and thai herbs
  • Pad katiem $9.50
    • Choice of chicken, beef por pork marinated with garlic & white pepper served on a bed of spinach
  • Pad nam prig paow $9.50
    • Your choice of chicken, beef or pork sauteed with thai sweet roasted chilli paste
  • Pad grapau $9.50
    • Choice of minced chicken, beef or pork stir frie with greens beans, basil and thai chill
  • Pra lunm long shong $9.50
    • Boneless chicken stir fried served with thai peanut sauce on a bed of spinach
  • -Choice of chicken, beef or pork & egg served with sliced cucumbers, tomato & green onions
  • Pad peaw wann $9.50
    • Choice of chicken, beef or pork stir fried in sweet & sour sauce
  • Grilled daily 2 kinds fish combo $15.80
    • This gorgeous meal comes with 2 kinds of grilled fish. Please ask your server for details. >>
  • Sockeye salmon (alaska) $9.80
  • Sockeye salmon carpaccio $9.80
    • Thinly sliced sockeye salmon & salmon caviar with wasabi-mayo, soy sesame dressing & genovese sauce.
  • Crown daisy wasabi caesar salad $8.40
    • hearty crown daisy drizzled with mouth-tingling wasabi caesar dressing served with poached egg and housemade root veggie and tofu chips.
  • Stone grilled beef tongue $9.80
    • Served with shio koji, red yuzu pepper sauce & green onion.
  • Vegetarian stone bowl $12.80
    • “inari age”(deep fried bean curd), almond, avocado, takana pickles on the rice in a sizzling stone bowl with 2 kinds of sauce – miso & soy. Served with green salad, pickles & vegetarian miso soup.
  • Raw takowasabi $3.80
    • chopped octopus and pickles marinated in wasabi flavoured sauce.served with dry seaweed.
  • Kingyo’s assorted deluxe bento box $20
    • This extremely sophisticated &well designed bento Here to satisfy every sinble customer who comes to kingyo. This is the king of lunch!!!
  • Traditional Poutine $10.99
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
    • bacon prime ground beef cheese sauce
  • Philly Cheesesteak
    • flat iron steak onions mushrooms cheese sauce red pepper
  • Steak peppercorn
    • flat iron steak mushrooms peppercorn gravy
  • Veggie Rainbow
    • sriracha cheese sauce guacamole sour cream
  • Chicken Chili
    • grilled chicken cheese sauce homemade chili
  • Chicken Inferno
    • grilled chicken sriracha Jalapeno red pepper
  • Country Style
    • grilled chicken bacon mushrooms peas onions
  • Forno baked strawberry pavlova $12.95
    • Limoncello, sponge, lemon curd balsamic strawberries
  • Polenta (G) $8.95
    • Bolognese sauce
  • Milanese $25.95
    • Herb breading, grilled lemon
  • Pesce piatto $34.95
    • Grilled salmon, seared albacore tuna, kale salad, grilled tiger prawns, seafood fettuccine
  • Piccata $25.95
    • Lemon, white wine, capers
  • Beef carpaccio (G) $16.95
    • Gorgonzola polenta, asiago cheese
  • Penne arrabiata $17.95
    • Pancetta, garlic, tomatoes, burrata, peperoncino
  • Burrata sampler $15.95
    • Cherries & prosciutto, pesto bruschetta minted peas & pancetta on herb crostini

Hong Ma No Korean Restaurant


Guildford Place, 10330 152 Street, Surrey V3R4G8





Opened hours

11:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Mon-Sat), Sun Closed








Chinese , Korean , Asian


Guildford Place, 10330 152 Street, Surrey V3R4G8