Hong Fok BBQ Gourmet in North York Menu

Hong Fok BBQ Gourmet in North York has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Imperial Roll or Spring Roll vegetable from Thai Express - York Lanes. Mi-Ne Sushi offers many options including We Charge Extra For Any Additional Changes and All Items Below Include Miso Soup & Green Salad. The Elm Tree Restaurant includes a wide range like Charred Eggplant or Greek. 3 Tacos and Los Campechanos from . La Tortilleria offers Eaton Ruby Thai and Dim Sum Combo.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Red Curry Chicken $12.99
    • grilled seasoned chicken strips red onion green pepper fresh cilantro pizza mozzarella cheese & Thai red curry sauce
  • Garlic Bread
    • warm and garlicky need we say more
  • Chunky Monkey $4.99
    • fall in love with our new sweet and delicious choco-banana dessert
  • The Big Deal $12.99
    • 1 large 1 topping 2 cans of pop, 2 dipping sauces
  • Friends & Family Deal $29.99
    • 2 medium pizzas, 6 toppings combined, 10 chicken wings, 1lb potato wedges, 2 Dipping sauces
  • 1LB Potato wedges
    • potatoes have tasted better
  • Pizza and Wings $21.99
    • 1 medium 3 toppings + 15 wings (sauce: hot, medium, BBQ, honey garlic, red curry)
  • Hawaiian Firecracker $12.99
    • smoked ham pineapple jalapeno peppers, pizza mozzarella cheese & firecracker sauce medium
  • Atlantic Sole Cajun with shrimps wrapped in banana leaf and lime $18
  • Seaweed salad on a bed of greens with a sesame soya dressing $7
  • Soup of the Day $3
  • House Salad $3
  • Broiled Rack of Lamb
  • Ox Tongue braised to a tender perfection in a bourguignon red wine sauce $17
  • Duck Confit with Italian Sausage and Dijon Mustard
  • Beef Carpaccio thinly sliced with wasabi mayonnaise $7
    • Come visit us to see our daily sushi offerings
    • Flavourful fried udon noodles prepared on teppan-grill, cooked with a topping of your choice, mixed vegetables, and teriyaki sauce(Choice of: chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken)
    • A snack portion of teriyaki classic. Great for afternoon snacks!(Choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken Option: teriyaki sauce, curry sauce)
    • Japanese-style curry has a sweet and mild taste and pairs very well with beef, chicken, and tofu. The recipe contains vegetables accompanying the curry--potatoes, carrots, green peppers and white onions—enhancing the curry sauce flavor to another level(Choice of chicken, beef, tofu, vegetables)
    • Choose two toppings of your choice, and stir-fried with udon noodles, mixed vegetables and flavored with teriyaki sauce(Choice of chicken & beef, chicken & shrimp, beef & shrimp, scallop & shrimp)
    • Koya’s most popular dish of all time! A stir-fry dish prepared on the teppan-grill with your choice of topping and cooked right in front of your eyes. Served with rice, mixed vegetables, and carefully simmered teriyaki sauce(Choice of: chicken, beef, shrimp, tofu, vegetables, pineapple chicken)
    • A snack portion of ramen, udon or Tonkinese noodle soups(Choice of chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables)
    • Koya’s ramen noodle soups are carefully prepared to ensure perfect texture of the noodles. Various toppings include nori (dried seaweed), soy sauce egg, crab stick and fish cake* and shoyu (soy-flavored) soup base(Choice of chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables*Toppings vary in different options)
  • McFlurry (Snack/Regular) $2.49/$2.00
  • Baked Pie (For 2/for 1) $1.39/$0.59
  • Side Garden $2.39
  • Chicken Snack Wrap $4.00
    • with your choice of anular & grilled sides
  • Blueberry Pomegranate Real Fruit Smoothie (Medium) $3.49
  • Triple Thick Milkshake (S/M/L) $2.99/$3.59/$3.00
    • Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla
  • Mini Fries or Small Fries or Apple Slice
  • Soft Baked Cookies (For 12/for 6/for 2/for 1) $5.39/$2.89/$1.00/$0.59
  • Soup of the day $5.49
  • Sweet potato fries or home fries add $2.49
  • Sweet potato fries add $2.49
  • Twisters and flat bagels are extra $0.79
  • Bagel world salad S$7.99/R$11.49
    • Spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, fresh albacore tuna, egg, and feta
  • Feta cheese $1.99
    • 2Oz
  • Grilled cheese on challah $5.99
  • Mushroom omelette $10.49
  • Veal Asiago Sandwich $ 10.00
    • Served with sautéed onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, light tomato sauce & asiago cheese
  • Eggs Florentine $ 12.00
    • Poached eggs over an english muffin with sautéed spinach and hollandaise sauce
  • Napolitan $ 11.00
    • Rigatoni noodles with a homemade garlic and herb tomato sauce
  • Tenderloin Steak Sandwich $ 11.00
    • Tenderloin Steak Sandwich
  • Please notify your server of any food allergies
  • ViVetha Caesar Salad $ 11.00
    • Served with cajun chicken or cajun shrimp
  • Add chicken or shrimp $3.50
  • 8 oz. BBQ Sirloin Burger $ 8.00
    • Homemade sirloin burger brushed with BBQ sauce served on a kaiser with lettuce, tomato, bacon & cheese

Hong Fok BBQ Gourmet


3030 Don Mills Rd E, North York, ON M2J 3K3, Canada





Opened hours

10 AM to 9 PM








Chinese , Asian


Quick Bites

3030 Don Mills Rd E, North York, ON M2J 3K3, Canada
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