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Hole In One in Vancouver has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Ransom or Sambar from Dosa Hut. The Flying Pig offers many options including Organic Fruit Smoothie and Classic Red Eye. Pizza Plus includes a wide range like Single Pizza Deal (S/M/L) or 2 Pizza Deal (S/M/L). Mixed olives and Ricotta meatballs from . Nordstrom Habitant offers Thai House Restaurant and Lunch hours 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Cream of Tomato $4/$7.50
  • Railtown Breakfast Wrap $13
    • fried egg, bacon, avocado, arugula, sprouts, pickled onion, hummus, flatbread + brunch spuds
  • Bread Pudding French Toast $14
    • blueberry compote, bourbon anglaise, pécan streusel, chantilly cream
  • Add fresh fruit $4
  • Roasted Mushroom + Country Bacon Pizzette $13
    • caramelized onions, aged white cheddar, goat cheese, sunflower seed pesto
  • Margherita Pizzette $11
    • San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozza, grana padano, basil
  • Shrimp Spaghetti Nero $17
    • Postmark IPA chorizo, jalapeño pesto, squid ink noodles, herbed bread crumbs
  • Radicchio Salad $12
    • manchego dressing, croutons, soft boiled egg
  • Fire Grilled Prawns $14
    • lemon tarragon caper sauce
  • Crème Brulee $4.50
    • vanilla bean
  • Caesar Salad $11
    • shaved padano, parmesan crostini
  • Mixed Berries Bowl $15
    • seasonal mixed berries, banana, housemade granola, greek yoghurt and blueberry compote
  • Soup of the day
  • Enjoy our slow roasted prime rib $32.50
  • Lobster Tail Benedict $29
    • herb butter baked 4 oz lobster tail, asparagus, roma tomato, potato latte, hollandaise sauce
  • Lemon meringue parfait $12.00
    • London fog ice cream, streusel
  • Bacon sandwich with salad & potato $14.00
    • Thick cut bacon, sunny side egg, cheddar
  • Octopus salad $15.00
    • Piccalilli, rosti croutons, bacon
  • Roasted carrot salad $12.00
    • Arugula, lemon labneh, roasted nuts
  • ●Desserts
  • Halibut & lamb $31.00
    • Lamb, sausage, tomato, fennel, spiced fritters
  • Spaghetti and meat ball $11.00
    • Duck meat ball, tagliatelle, mushrooms
  • Smoked duck breast $27.00
    • Peas, buttermilk, poached shallots
  • Braised beef shank, white bean and tomato cassoulet, sous vide eggs, mixed greens with maple sherry vinaigrette, toasted garlic bread crumb $16.00
  • Buttermilk fried confit lamb belly, honey ginger, roasted garlic aioli, grilled red pepper sauce $13.00
  • Lemon parmesan brussels sprouts $6.00
  • All canadian poutine, brisket, fries, curds, gravy $14.00
  • Slow braised pork cheek, black turtle beans, sauerkraut, smoked yoghurt, pork and caramelized onion just $17.00
  • Yoghurt, strawberry, honeyed oats $6.00
  • Pan roasted lingcod, zucchini and cauliflower fritter, roasted garlic cream sauce, green beans, puffed rice, pickled shallots, herb oil $25.00
  • Fresh spaghetti, roasted mushroom and brown butter cream, poached egg, garlic pangrattato, pickled shimeji $16.00
  • Antipasto rustico $13.95
    • Selection of imported cured meats, artisan cheese mostarda, olives, truffle honey, forno bread
  • Scallopini $27.95
    • Bresaola, fontina cheese, shaved black truffles
  • Bagna cauda $15.95
    • Cannellini & parmesan fondue, lardo bruschetta
  • Sauteed kale (G) $7.95
    • Parmigiano-reggiano
  • Polenta (G) $8.95
    • Bolognese sauce
  • ●Primo
  • Duck confit gnocchi $20.95
    • Pancetta, lemon, tomato, thyme cream
  • Mussels & clams $12.95
    • Soppressata, fennel, garlic, white wine broth
  • Chocolate mousse parfait (GF, VE) $9.00
    • Chocolate coconut mousse, praline crumble, lemon curd
  • -Roast garlic aioli $2.00
  • Fried oysters (GF,VE) $9.00
    • Lightly battered BC oyster mushrooms, creamy dill sauce
  • Herbed capellini (VE) $15.00
    • Fresh herbs, capellini pasta, tomato, olive, chili, arugula, olive oil, garlic bread
  • Southern fried artichoke sandwich $12.00
    • Battered + fried artichoke, eggplant ba con, avocado mousse, spicy mayo, cheddar cheese, jalapeno pepper, ciabatta bun
  • Margherita $12.00
    • Toma to sauce, fior di latte, Kootenay nostrala cheese, basil
  • -Sub macadamia cheese (VE) $2.50
  • Baja tacos (3 pcs) (GF, VE) $10.00
    • Lightly battered BC oyster mushrooms, coleslaw, guacamole, spicy mayo, jalapeno

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3155 27th Ave E, Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 1P3, Canada





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3155 27th Ave E, Vancouver, British Columbia V5R 1P3, Canada
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