Heavens in Calgary Menu

Heavens in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Mini maki tray(38 pcs) or Mini sushi tray(25pcs) from Soji Sushi. Caffe Rosso offers many options including Verona Wrap and Roma Wrap. Wendy's includes a wide range like Jr. Cheeseburger or Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Orange chicken and Honey saseme chicken breast from . Panda Express offers Una Pizza + Wine and Beet Salad.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Palabok $12.99
    • Rice Noodles Topped With Smoked Fish, Pork Chicharon, Boiled Eggs and Fried Garlic With Special Sauce
  • Tokwa’t Bayboy $9.99
    • Fried Tofu and Pork Cubes In Vinaigrette Sauce
  • Halo - Halo $6.75
    • A Mixture Of Sweetened Fruits Topped With Leche Flan, Purple Jam, Rice Pinipig, crushed Ice And Milk
  • Goto $7.99
    • Rice Porridge Beef Tripes Topped With Boiled Egg, Fried Garlic And Green Onions
  • Wonton Soup $7.99
    • Pork Dumplings In Chicken Broth
  • Bulaklak Chicharon $12.99
    • Fried Pork Parts Served With Vinaigrette Dip
  • Dangsilog $8.99
    • Fried Boneless Milk Fish (Daing) With Two Eggs Served With garlic Rice
  • Sizzling Squid $14.99
    • Spiced Squid Served On A Sizzling Plate, Spicy or Mild
  • Boneless Chicken
    • Our boneless chicken is lightly breaded with savoury herbs, made with 100% white breast meat. Comes with our signature BBQ sauce for dipping.
  • Italian Sausage Marinara
    • Penne pasta baked in a zesty marinara sauce with Italian sausage, a blend of Italian seasonings and Provolone cheese.
  • Side of Collect Coupon
    • Side of Collect Coupon
  • BBQ Chicken Feast
    • Smothered in flavorful BBQ sauce and loaded with chicken, bacon, onions, green peppers and cheddar cheese.
  • Chicken Carbonara
    • Grilled 100% all white meat chicken, bacon, onions and mushrooms mixed with penne pasta and baked to perfection with creamy Alfredo sauce.
  • Build your Own Pasta
    • Choose a sauce (Marinara or Alfredo) and up to 3 ingredients from more than a dozen meat or vegetable toppings. Your penne pasta and ingredients are tossed and baked to perfection.
  • Wings
    • Our chicken wings are now tastier than ever. Sauced with your choice of Hot, Honey Garlic, BBQ or Mango Habanero Sauce.
  • Specialty Chicken – Classic Hot Buffalo
    • Tender bites of lightly breaded, 100% whole breast white meat chicken, topped with classic hot buffalo sauce, ranch, a blend of cheese made with mozzarella and cheddar, and feta.
  • All signature pizzas are available in a large, 18 inch NEW YORK style Pizza for an additional charge of $15
  • Nonna's Meatballs $11
    • Nonna's house made meatballs, roasted and sautéed in our own herb and garlic infused marinara sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese
  • Parmigiana Sandwich $15
    • Pork cutlet, lightly breaded in house and topped with marinara and mozzarella, served on a ciabatta bun
  • Chicken Wings $12
    • Available in Salt & Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Parmesan, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Mild, Medium and Hot, served with carrots, celery sticks and side of ranch
  • Ice Cream Sundae $6
    • 3 Scoops of premium ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream
  • Vegetariana $18
    • House Made tomato sauce, roasted peppers, eggplants, red onions, Zucchini, to Inatoes, mozza, smoked cheddar
  • Gluten Free Crusts Are Available for All Our Regular Sized Pizzas for an Additional Charge $3
  • Waffles $12
    • House made waffles served with a choice of fruit and whipping cream
  • Seared crab cakes $13.75
    • Red pepper and fennel coulis, arugula
  • Fried shrimp gyoza $9.75
    • Pan-fried shrimp dumplings served with dark soy ginger sauce
  • Steak salad $18.75
    • Six-ounce sterling silver AAA sirloin steak with arugula, wild mushrooms, cherry tomato, diced cucumber, blue cheese, and red wine vinagrette
  • Mini churros $7.75
    • Peach anglais and chocolate sauce
  • Beeh satay $8.75
    • Hoisin peanut sauce
  • New york cheesecake $7.75
    • Classic new york cheesecake served with raspberry coulis and whipped cream
  • Blue cheese stuffed prime rib burger(8 oz) $15.75
    • Eight-ounce prime rib burger stuffed with blue cheese, served with herb aioli, tomatoes, pickles, arugula, and spiced onion rings
  • Stuffed chicken breast $21.75
    • Gluten friendly, goat cheese, olives, au jus, and red pepper risotto
  • -2 small 9" $17.95
  • -2 small 9" $17.95
  • Small 1-Topper $5.99
    • Small (9") 1-topper pizza. Special price available for pick-up only.
  • -2 small 9" $17.95
  • -2 medium 12" $25.50
  • -2 small 9" $17.95
  • -2 large 14" $30.95
  • Donair
    • donair meat, red onions, fresh tomatoes and donair sauce
  • Margherita $ 14
    • homemade tomato sauce, mozza, fresh basil
  • Large bowls of soup $ 9 ¾
  • Steak Sandwich $ 17 ½
    • all natural flat iron steak, toasted focaccia, garlic aioli, crispy onions and choice of side
  • Berry Spinach Quinoa Salad $ 14
    • baby spinach, quinoa, smoked gruyere cheese, spiced walnuts, blueberries and oranges, mango ginger vinaigrette
  • Roasted BBQ Ribs $ 28
    • full rack of baby back ribs slow roasted in bbq sauce, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables
  • Baby shrimp $ 5 ½
  • Mushroom Mozza Burger $ 17 ½
    • sautéed mushrooms, melted mozza, truffle parmesan aioli, ketchup, lettuce, tomato
  • Santé Fe Club $ 16 ¾
    • roast chicken, chipotle ranch sauce, tomato, bacon, mozza, avocado aioli



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637 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0E1, Canada