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Good Earth Cafe in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Mingers Zingers or Boneless Pork Rib from Peanuts Public House. Vern's Pizza offers many options including Plain and 10”/12”. Pho Nam includes a wide range like Vietnamese spring rolls (4 rolls) or Vietnamese shrimp roll (3 rolls). Milana and Manche from . Gaga Pizza offers The Himalayan and Vegetable Mo:Mo (6 pcs).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Bacon cheese
    • Chunks of bacon & grated cheese
  • Poutine
    • "Canadian classic" fresh cut fries, cheese curds, vegetarian gravy & green onion
  • Chicken Fries
    • Chicken, Feta cheese, gravel
  • Yam Fries
    • Yams c/w garlic & chill dip on the side
  • - Add bacon " heart attack in the box"
  • All Fries gluten free & cooked in canola oil GST included
  • Spiral Dog 12" Lg
    • Yukon potato & all beef dog
  • Spiral Fry
    • Cut from fresh Yukon Gold Potato
  • Dry Ribs caesar salad & garlic toast 10.95
  • Vern's Special 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • pepperoni salami mushrooms green peppers pineapple onions cheese pizza sauce
  • Double Double 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • pepperoni Extra sauce and extra cheese cheddar mozza pizza sauce
  • The Big Cheese 15.95/20.95/27.95/32.95
    • mozzarella cheddar feta and parmesan pizza sauce
  • Flame Thrower 15.95/20.95/27.95/32.95
    • pepperoni spiced beef hot peppers green peppers onions cheese pizza sauce
  • Large Caesar Includes garlic toast 6.95
  • Meats 1.75/2.50/3.00/3.50
    • pepperoni salami ground beef spiced ground beef ham bacon
  • Chicken Teriyaki 16.95/21.95/28.95/33.95
    • chicken pineapple cheese teriyaki sauce
  • Spicy salmon roll $5.99
  • Umeshiso hosomaki(6 pcs) $3.49
    • Cucumber plum sauce
  • Salmon sashimi(5pcs) $9.50
  • Tuna nigiri $1.69
  • Crab meat hosomaki(6pcs) $3.49
  • Egg sashimi(6pcs) $8.50
  • Edamame $2.99
    • Steamed green soy bean
  • soji roll $13.99
    • Shrimp, flying fish egg, salmon, tuna, red tuna, red snapper, onion and spicy mayonnaise
  • Aries fries $5.99
    • Fries covered with feta, oregano and our signature greek sauce
  • Subberoni $8.99
    • Pepperoni, our awesome pizza sauce, and mozzarella
  • -Three pieces $9.99
  • Add your favourite toppings
    • Papperoni, ham, ground beef, white onion, green peppers, jalapenos, garlic, spinach, black olives, purple onions, mushrooms, fresh tomato, pineapple, banana peppers. pepperoncinis . ADD PER TOPPING:
  • More Awesome toppings
    • Back bacon, tendr chicken breast, BBQ chicken, salami, italian sausage, parmesan, feta, red peppers, cheddar cheese, purple onions, green olives, extra cheese. ADD PER TOPPING:
  • -13" Large $25.79
  • -Double up with gravy & mozzarella $10.99
  • Choose from: $10.00
    • BBQ's, caliente, aries, salt and pepper, lemon pepper, honey garlic, hot parmesan, greek buffalo, hot honey garlic, hot teriyaki
  • ●Entrees
  • Free-Run Chicken Breast $22.00
    • Brown-buttered spätzle, seasonal vegetables, pan jus
  • -Add 3 oz. chicken or 3 oz. smoked salmon $5.00
  • Certified Angus Beef Grass-Fed Striploin $25.00
    • Roasted potatoes, demi-glace, seasonal vegetables
  • Oysters each $3.5
    • (min. of 3) Fresh oysters served with freshly grated horseradish, house-blended mignonette
  • Ploughman's Platter $28.00
    • Cured and dried meats, locally-made sausages, marinated vegetables, house made terrines, domestic and imported cheese, artisan bread
  • Wild Game Burger $21.00
    • 7 oz all-natural burger, topped with applewood-smoked cheddar, dill pickle, caramelized onion bacon jam, grainy mustard aioli, served with side house salad or fries or sweet potato fries
  • Roasted Beef Club Sandwich $20.00
    • Horseradish aioli, arugula, prosciutto, pickled red onions, tomato, mustard, served with side house salad or fries or sweet potato fries
  • Thai Style Chow Box $8.00
    • Soy ginger sauce wok fried with chow mein noodles garlic onions peppers sprouts Thai Basil & roasted peanuts
  • Combo 2 proteins $4.00
  • kung Pao Box $10.00
    • Szechuan style sweet & spicy chili bean sauce wok fried Hokkien noodles onions peppers Asian greens sprouts & roasted cashews
  • Tom Yum Souyp $7.00
    • spicy Thai lemongrass broth simmered with rice noodles ginger garlic onions peppers Asian greens sprouts & gilantro
  • Family Box for 6 $7.00
    • 5 Boxes with the protein of your choice plus 3 sides
  • Burmese Naan $5.00
    • warm naan bread with a curry lime & cilantro dipping sauce
  • Spicy Peanut Noodle Box $10.00
    • Rich & creamy Indonesian sauce with coconut milk simmered with ribbon noodles Asian greens sprouts peppers & cilantro Topped with roasted peanuts
  • Pulled pork $2.00

Good Earth Cafe


4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, Alberta T3E 6K6, Canada





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4825 Mount Royal Gate SW, Calgary, Alberta T3E 6K6, Canada
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