Godiva Chocolatier in Laval Regional Laval Menu

Currently there is no menu available for Godiva Chocolatier in Laval. We are continuously adding menus, so check back soon! In the meantime feel free to browse our other menus within Laval below.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Crudo de cadeau
    • Fluke carpaccio, artichokes, celery, fennel flower, lucques olives and lemon
  • Croque-monsieur $23.00
    • Pain viennois maison gratiné au gruyère des grottes, curé hébert fermier et jambon de
  • Châtaignes et courge
    • Chestnut mousse, butternut squash, kumquat, cara-cara orange and spices
  • Tortellacci burro et oro
    • Ricotta and spinach stuffed tortellacci, sage butter and tomato
  • Glaces et sorbets maison 3 quenelles au choix>>Ice creams and sorbets
  • Burger classique
    • Classic burger, homemade pepper brioche bun, arugula salad, onion chutney and fresh tomatoes, with or without smoked suckling pig belly and morbier
  • Truite
    • Pan-seared trout, rapini pesto and tarragon sauce vierge
  • Sardines
    • Sardines, onions and fennel pissaladière, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil
  • Potatoes with garlic $4.00
  • -Add cream sour $2.00
  • -Small $14.00
  • Round $10.00
    • Minced meat, onion rings
  • The french
    • Pepperoni, ham, bacon
  • Vegetarian
    • Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, olives,tomatoes
  • -Add cream sour $2.00
  • -X-large $26.00
  • Lamb curry $19.00
    • Chunks of lamb in a generous, thick, highly-seasoned sauce
  • Vegetable Biryani $15.00
    • Steamed basmati rice cooked with seasonal vegetables. Served with raita
  • Vegetable Nan $6.00
    • Nan with a seasoned-vegetable filling
  • Tandoori Chicken $19.00
    • Half chicken marinated in a mixture of yogurt, lemon juice, ginger-garlic paste, skewered and cooked in our special tandoor
  • Mushroom do-pizza $12.00
    • Mushrooms cooked in a rich gravy of onions and tomatoes, coriander and garam masala
  • *Taj thali $30.00
    • A modified, milder version of the tamil mulligatanir `` pepper water`` it is prepared with vegetables, lemtils and chicken bits
  • Saag beef $19.00
    • Creamed spinach is added to sizzling beef and freshly ground spices, cooked with fenugreek and the fragrant cardamon
  • Chicken tíkka Masala $20.00
    • Boneless pieces of tandoori chicken in a yogurt sauce, enriched with special herbs
  • Tropical chicken salad $15.95
    • Fresh baby spinach with mango, papaya and grapefruit tossed with our balsamic or house vinaigrette. Topped with honey-mustard grilled chicken and roasted sunflower seeds
  • Croque mons $11.95
    • A panini-style croque monsieur sandwich with grilled ham, tomato concassé, Swiss cheese, creamy cheese sauce and Dijon mustard.
  • The philly cream cheeseburger $14.95
    • Our custom-ground sirloin burger grilled to perfection and served on artisanal brioche bun with our aioli sauce, sautéed mushrooms, Philadelphia cream cheese and caramelized onions.
  • Eggstravaganza $13.95
    • Our classic dish: two any-style eggs, two slices of brioche French toast with pure Canadian maple syrup, a choice of ham, bacon or sausages, and our succulent Lyonnaise-style potatoes
  • Caesar salad $5.95
    • Hearts of romaine, Parmesan cheese and bacon blended with our own flavour-packed twist on the classic Caesar dressing, and garlic crostini on the side
  • Strawberry blonde $10.95
    • Flambéed orange brandy sauce on a crêpe bretonne filled with caramelized strawberries and a brown sugar kiss.
  • Greek country-style salad $14.95
    • Our version of this all-time favourite has tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, peppers, red onions, seared traditional Greek feta cheese and watermelon, tossed with our house vinaigrette made with extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice
  • -a healthy mix of quinoa, flax and wheat bran sprinkled with cinnamon for $1.75
  • Medium rare warm, red center
  • Calamari $13.00
    • Lightly fried, ginger garlic sauce, greek feta sauce
  • Shrimp & scallop oscar $10.00
  • New york striploin gf (12 oz) $34.00
  • Mixed greens gf $9.00
    • Field greens, garden vegetables, vinaigrette dressing
  • Coupe glacée au brownie $7.00
    • Brownie au chocolat avec glace à la vanille, fondant chaud au chocolat, caramel et crème fouettée.
  • -(8 oz) $26.00
  • Mini crème brûlée $3.00
    • Bien crémeuse et garnie de sucre caramélisé.
  • -Vini 8" $9.70
  • -Voy 8" $14.95
  • -Combo pizza bambino
  • -Fam 16" $31.10
  • ●Suite
  • -Grisse $8.05
  • -Brosse 9" $17.95
  • -Brosse 9" $17.95

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3035 Boulevard le Carrefour, Laval, QC H7T 1C8, Canada