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Extreme Pita in Winnipeg has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as All large or Topping delite crust from Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza. Sorrento's offers many options including 1 Pizza (Small/Medium) and Oil And Vinegar, House Italian, Ranch, Thousand Island, Creamy Italian, Our Homemade Caesar, French And Poppyseed. Browns Socialhouse Ridgecrest includes a wide range like Smashed avocado toast or Loaded nachos. Served daily until 4pm and Mixed Grill from . Pony Corral - Downtown offers Rae & Jerry's Steak House and Monday.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Brave Heart Salad $16.00
    • A creation of market greens with Spicy Chicken, Bacon, Mushrooms, Green Peppers and Jalapenos all mixed with our very own Chipotle ranch dressing. Topped with cheddar, mozzarella cheese and a hardboiled egg
  • Drunken Fish N' Chips $17.00
    • Fresh Haddock fillets, coated in signature Guinness Beer batter, fried crips and served with your choice of House cut chips or yam fries
  • Ale & Cheese Dip $13.50
    • Our signature dip made with spinach, artichoke hearts, rich Irsih beer and cream cheese served baked and accompanied with fresh baked flatbread for dipping
  • Traditional Nachos $15.00
    • Fresh made tortilla chips topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, tomatoes, green onions and jalapenos. It's huge and made to share
  • Add Chicken $4.00
  • Fried Pickles $9.50
    • Sliced pickles lightly breaded and deep fried until golden brown. Served with our signature Chipotle dip
  • The Captains Platter $17.00
    • Fried shrimp and large piece of our beef battered haddock, served with House cut chips, Coleslaw and Tartar sauce
  • Add Chicken $4.00
  • *Pickled Herring and Sour Cream $ 7.25
  • Saturday/Sunday $ 15.25
    • Breakfast Feature served with chilled orange juice, bacon & sausages, two eggs, home fried potatoes, and toast with marmalade or jam
  • Grilled Minced Beef Sirloin Steak with mushroom sauce (not availabe Saturday/Sunday) $ 16.75
  • *New York Striploin Steak (12-oz.) $ 40.25
  • *Creme Brulee $ 8.25
  • *The Wedge $ 9.75
  • Monday $ 15.25
    • Roast Manitoba Hot Turkey Sandwich with cranberry sauce and gravy
  • Clubhouse Sandwich (3 Decker) $ 16.25
    • toasted bacon and tomato, chicken and dill pickle
  • Chorizo Dip $12
    • Chorizo, artichokes, and spinach baked with cream cheese and Bothwell white cheddar, Belgium white cheddar Served with flatbread
  • All burgers are served with your choice of our house fries, soup de jour, caesar or tossed salad and are topped with argula, tomatoes, onions and pickles
  • Carbonara $18
    • House bacon, pancetta, portobello to mushrooms, green peas, white wine and garlic, penne, egg, pecorino and fresh herbs
  • Guacamole $3
  • Chicken Burger $15
    • Grilled chicken breast on ciabatta, with Strawberry jalapeño compote, melted Brie and Bistro Sauce
  • Shrimp $8
  • Athenian Quinoa Salad $14
    • Quinoa, mixed greens, cucumbers, red onions and kalamata olives, tossed in a lemon-herb vinaigrette and topped with feta
  • The Steak $33
    • Thirteen ounces of mouth watering Ribeye charbroiled the way you like it with mushrooms and shallots, Served with roasted garlic mashed and fresh market vegetables
  • Add Grilled Salmon $ 7
  • Garlic Cheese Bread $ 10
  • Steakhouse Burger with Lettuce, Tomato, Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard & Fried Onions $ 13
  • Sauteed Button Mushrooms $ 7
  • Burger of the Day Ask Server
  • Add 1/2 Order Kennebec Fries $ 6
  • Add 1/2 Order Onion Rings $ 7
  • 22oz Broiled Rib Steak $ 56
  • Roasted boneless lamb loin, sweet potato, red curry, tamarind, yogurt, basil $ 22
  • Beef tartar, brioche toast, torchon of foie gras, mustard, quail egg, yogurt $ 21
  • King oyster & wild oyster mushrooms, black garlic, meyer lemon puree, crunchy fingerlings, kale $ 17
  • Jumbo crab, asparagus, bacon, soft egg, quinoa & almond crumble, herbs $ 19
  • Salumi, romesco, manchego, toast (each) $6
  • Roast brussel sprouts, crab vinaigrette, torched shaved lomo, crisp grains $ 15
  • Crisp sweetbreads, Sauterne agra dolce, sunchokes, olive, bacon, buttermilk dressing, chevril $ 19
  • Nagano pork belly, pickled vegetables, parsnip puree, romesco, Iberian chorizo, basil, Sherry fino $ 21
  • All dishes are topped with fresh parmesan and greens
  • Lobster Mac and cheese $16
    • Chorizo sausage, lobster meat & macaroni, tossed in a four-cheese béchamel, topped with bread crumbs
  • Grigliato Salmone $27
    • Grilled Atlantic Salmon served with orzo pasta, arugula pesto, black olive tapenade and shared scallions
  • Large $ 4
  • Medium $14
  • Add To Any Salad $6
    • Chicken or Tiger Prawns
  • Picante $14
    • Pizza marinara sauce, pepperoni, onions, house-made spicy Italian sausage, spicy eggplant, hot banana peppers, asiago and mozzarella cheese
  • Chicken marsala $10
    • Sliced chicken, red onions, and mushrooms simmered in Marsala wine and tossed in a creamy, four cheese béchamel. Topped with more these and panko breadcrumbs

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