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East Kitchen in Vancouver has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as TradItional or Vegetation from LIFT Bar Grill View. Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie offers many options including Assorted Seasonal Chinese Pickles and Sichuan Cucumbers, Spicy Vinaigrette. Koya Japan includes a wide range like Chicken or Beef. -Sub gluten-free ciabatta bun (GF) and Artichoke nuggets (GF,VE) from . Arbor Restaurant offers Panago Pizza and Panago pizza sizes - P 8", S10", M12" , L14".

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Pan Fried Oysters $ 16
    • Horseradish Cocktail Sauce
  • Flatbread $16
    • Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato, Caramelized Onion, Arugula, Pesto, Balsamic Reduction
  • Wok Squid $13
    • Flash Fried, Garlic, Chillies, Onions
  • Steak Sandwich $ 18
    • Striploin Steak, Crispy Onions, Horseradish Mayo
  • Add Fresh House- made Guacamole More $ 2
  • Warm Chocolate Nut Brownie $9.5
    • Vanilla, Bean, Gelato
  • Atlantic Lobostar (Based On Availability) $ 45
    • 1 ¼ lb, Steamed Served With Butter
  • Harbour Platter $39
    • Prosciutto, Seared Albacore, Chilled Prawns, Hummus, Feta, Roasted Tomatoes, Olives & Pita
  • Salad With Mustard Dressing $5
  • Honey Cake $11
    • poached pears, burnt honey custard, brown butter ice cream
  • Whipped Cream Cheese Mousse $11
    • mango curd, caramelized white chocolate
  • Grilled Rockfish Bouillabaisse $36
    • fried mussels, rouille
  • Squah Roasted In Brown Butter And Spices $17
    • chestnut, apple, egg
  • Chocolate Cremeux $12
    • chestnut mousse, caramel, milk ice cream
  • Pastries $5
  • Toast With Butter And Jam $5
  • Belgian waffles $10.00
    • 3 Belgian waffles topped with fresh berries and confectioners sugar, served with a side of maple syrup
  • The big (french) o $8.00
    • Our signature french onion soup, made in house, topped with a giant crouton and smothered in cheese
  • Chicken & waffles $12.00
    • Breaded chicken breast marinated in buttermilk and hot sauce, stuffed between two belgian waffles, topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon and maple bourbon aioli
  • Dry ribs (1lb) $10.00
    • Keep your shirt clean with your salt and pepper dusted pork ribs
  • Taco trio $8.00
    • 3 Soft shell street tacos, topped with smoked cheddar, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, red onion, chilli threads, cilantro jalapeño sour cream and key lime wedges
  • Cheesy brew $7.00
    • Beer infused creamy potato and smoked cheddar soup topped with bacon bits, scallions and sour cream, served with a garlic loaf
  • Pesto shrimp $15.00
    • A garlic butter and pesto base topped with shrimp. sun dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and lemon
  • The manwich $14.00
    • A 7 oz flatiron steak on a garlic, french loaf topped with crispy onion strings, roasted grape tomatoes and garlic aioli
  • Bruschetta Salsiccia E Mascarpone (Per pieces) $2
    • garlic sausage, mascarpone, chive oil
  • Spaghetti Con Ie Noci (V) $16
    • roasted walnuts, pecorino romano, ricotta, fried sage, chillies, aglio e olio
  • Your Choice of Pasta a Glass of Wine from Select offerings $15
  • Offered every Friday & Saturday
  • Carpaccio Di Manzo $14
    • sliced rare beef carpaccio, arugula, parmigiano shavins, trutta oil and lemon
  • Penne Al Salmone E Vodka
    • wild salmon, light cream, vodka, cherry tomatoes, parsley
  • Spaghetti Con le Noci (V)
    • roasted walnuts, pecorino romano, ricotta, fried sage, chilies, aglio e olio
  • Fragole Al Balsamico (G & V) (per skewer) $1.75
    • fresh strawberry with balsamic and black pepper
  • Tuna tataki $8.80
    • Lightly seared tuna tataki with ponzu & ponzu jelly.
  • Grilled pork cheek $8.80
    • kingyo original miso marinated pork cheek. Served with homemade 7kinds blended spice.
  • Ahi-tuna & avocado carpaccio $12.80
    • thinly sliced ahi-tuna and avocado over organic greens. Topped with kaiware radish,garlic chips, wasabi mayo and soy based sesame dressing.
  • Pressed mackerel sushi $13.40
    • seared marinated mackerel pressed sushi with special mustard mixed soy based sauce & green onion-ginger paste oil.
  • Crispy chicken karaage $9.40
    • Crispy deep fried boneless chicken thigh served with real salt.
  • Pressed mackerel sushi $13.40
    • Seared mackerel pressed sushi with special mustard mixed soy based sauce & green onion-ginger paste oil.
  • Sockeye salmon (alaska) $9.80
  • Sizzling stone eel hitsumabushi $16.80
    • Eel fillet cooked in soy flavoured sauce served in a sizzling stone of rice. Served with house special broth on the side for the after half. This is nagoya’s famous local dish.
  • Chilliwack Creamed Corn $6 ½
    • Jalapeno & Cheddar
  • Three Pea Soup $ 7 ½
    • Smoked Ham Hock, Chick, Split And Sweet Peas
  • House Breakfast Sausage $ 4¾
    • Artisan Crafted
  • Crispy Hashbrowns $ 5
    • Made To Order “Lyonnaise” Style
  • 4 Cheese Mushroom Gnocchi Gratin $16 ½
    • Forest Mushrooms, Seasonal Veggies, Garlic Toast
  • Beef Short Rib Croquette $6 ¾
    • Spicy Dipping Sauce
  • T.F.P. Iceberg Salad $ 9 ½
    • Chef Erik’s Favourite Recipe
  • Pan Seared Haida Gwaii Halibut $29 ¾
    • Lobster “Bisque” Risotto, Chive Beurre Blanc

East Kitchen


5794 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3W7, Canada





Opened hours

10:30 AM to 7:30 PM










5794 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3W7, Canada
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