Cherry Pit in Calgary Menu

Cherry Pit in Calgary has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Orange chicken or Honey saseme chicken breast from Panda Express. Caffe Rosso offers many options including Verona Wrap and Roma Wrap. Gaga Pizza includes a wide range like Milana or Manche. Large(12")/X large(14") and Small (8")/Medium(10") from . Atlas Pizza & Sports Bar offers Dillos pizza and Cheesy Bread (10 pc).

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Beijing beef
    • Crispy beef, bell peppers and onions in a sweet-tangy sauce.
  • Chicken egg roll
    • Cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, green onions and chicken in a crispy wonton wrapper.
  • Cream cheese rangoon
    • Wonton wrappers filled with cream cheese and served with sweet and sour sauce.
  • Sweetfrie chicken breast
    • Crispy, white-meat chicken, red bell peppers, onions and pineapples in a bright and sweet chili sauce.
  • Veggie spring roll
    • Cabbage, celery, carrots, green onions and Chinese noodles in a crispy wonton wrapper.
  • String bean chicken breast
    • Chicken breast, string beans and onions wok-tossed in a mild ginger soy sauce.
  • Honey saseme chicken breast
    • Honey Sesame Chicken Breast is made with thin, crispy strips of all-white meat chicken tossed with fresh-cut string beans, crisp yellow bell peppers in a sizzling hot wok with our new delicious honey sauce and topped off with sesame seeds.
  • Grilled teriyaki chicken
    • Grilled chicken hand-sliced to order and served with teriyaki sauce. Availability of Grilled Teriyaki Chicken may vary by location.
  • Kathmandu Vegetables (Mild, Medium or Hot) $14.5
    • Chickpeas, cauliflower and potatoes cooked in tomato and onion based sauce.
  • Lamb Choyla $8
    • Grilled lamb seasoned with garlic, ginger and tempered with herbs and mustard oil. Served with mixture of cripsy beat riceflakes and soybeans. >>
  • Spinach Tarkari (Mild, Medium or Hot) $15.95
    • Lamb or Chicken Spinach, tomato and onion based sauce.
  • Fish Tareko $8.00
    • Deep Fried Basa fish cutlets battered in chickpea and spices. Served with tomato and spice based hot sauce. >>
  • Machha ko Jhol (Mild, Medium or Hot) $16
    • Basa Fish cooked in tomato, onion and mustard based sauce.
  • Dal
    • Lentil Soup
  • Butter Veggies $17.25
    • Cauliflower, potato and cottage cheese cooked in creamy cashew and ginger based sauce.
  • Jomsom Chicken (Mild, Medium or Hot) $17
    • Grilled chicken cuts stir-fried with grilled vegetables and jimbu >>
  • Special "pho nam" rice dish $12.95
    • 4 kinds of meat- charbroiled beef, shrimp balls, grilled pork balls & grilled shrimp
  • Satay seafood-crab, squid, shrimps & veggies $12.95
  • To go only and include 1 pop extra
  • -Steamed riced $1.95
  • Beef salad roll (3 rolls) $6.95
  • -Noodle $1.95
  • Summer rice vermicelli $10.95
    • beef skewered with onion, shrimps, and spring roll
  • Vegetable salad roll $6.25
  • 10 oz $29.95
  • Soup of the Day $5.99
    • Ask your server about the Chef’s daily creation
  • 1 Egg Guide “A” $1 .99
  • Chicken Scaloppini $25.99
    • Pan fried chicken breast served with mushroom and herbed cream sauce
  • Vanilla Yogurt Cup $2.99
  • Tonic Mac & Cheese $14.49
    • Aich blend of Alfredo, two cheeses and double smoked bacon, topped with buttery breadcrumbs, Accompanied with a garlic toast, Comfort food at its best
  • Smoked Salmon $17.95
    • Two poached eggs and a generous portion of BC smoked salmon on a warm leek & parmesan puff pastry topped with hollandaise sauce
  • Flavours
    • Tonic BBQ, Hot Buffalo, Sticky Thai, Butter & Parmesan
  • Kilawing Kambing $12.99
    • Chopped Goat Meat Seasoned With Vinegar, Onion And Other Spice, Seasonal
  • Ginataang Bilo- Bilo $4.75
    • A Mixture Of Sweet Rice Flour Balls In Coconut Milk
  • Goto $7.99
    • Rice Porridge Beef Tripes Topped With Boiled Egg, Fried Garlic And Green Onions
  • Spring Rolls Vegetarian (4 Pieces) $6.99
    • Deep Fried Well- Seasoned Vegetables Wrapped In Rice Paper
  • Wor Wonton Soup $9.99
    • Pork Dumplings In Chicken Broth With Vegetables and Shrimps
  • Boneless Bangus Sisig $12.99
    • Shredded Boneless Bangus Seasoned With Spices
  • Sizzling Pork Sisig $12.99
    • Chopped Seasoned Pork Sauteed To Perfection Served On A Sizzling Plate Spicy Or Mild
  • Chicken Mami with Siopao $9.99
    • With An Order Of siopao
  • Halloumi $7
    • A semi-hard cheese made from goat and sheep milk.
  • Spanakopita $10
    • A traditional savoury pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese.
  • Horiatiki
    • The classic greek salad
  • Cold appetizer platter $20
    • The perfect dish to sample all of our cold appetizers.
  • Solomos $23
    • Broiled salmon
  • Melitzanosalata $10
    • A light and fresh dip made from slow roasted eggplant.
  • Soutzoukakia $10
    • Lightly spiced meatballs in tomato and wine sauce.
  • Moussaka $27
    • The national dish of greece!

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510 77 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1C3, Canada