Chef Tony Dim Sum in Burnaby Menu

Chef Tony Dim Sum in Burnaby has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Quarter or ●Ribs + lamb from Urban Fare. Miku offers many options including Feature Miso Soup (GF) and Nutri Greens Farm Tofu Salad (VEG). Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar includes a wide range like Bone In New York Strip or Gotham Onion Loaf. Sundays and Per sleeve shooters from . Milltown Bar & Grill offers New Town Bakery & Restaurant and 324 Chicken Chop Suey.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Salad roll $3.00
  • Chicken noodle soup $8.00
  • Special sub $5.00
    • Pate, mayo & assorted ham
  • Beef stew $8.49
  • Grilled pork sub $5.00
  • Served with lettuce, tomato, cucumber & house special sauce
  • Three spice pork meat $8.00
  • Pho $8.00
    • With any two ingredients above
  • Ahi tuna & avocado carpaccio $12.80
    • Thinly sliced ahi-tuna & avocado with wasabi-mayo & soy based dressing.
  • Aonori calamari $9.40
    • deep fried squid with aonori(dried seaweed powder), kingyo original tartar sauce & special shiso herb salsa sauce.
  • Chef’s choice
  • Our famous invincible & undefeated tan-tan noodle $11.80
    • noodles in pork bone & shrimp broth seasoned with sesame,miso and cashew nuts topped with ground pork,chili marinated chinese chive,spicy chili oil and black sesame.
  • Scallop(japan) $7.80
  • Marinated tuna tataki $8.80
    • lightly seared albacore tuna marinated with special mustard sauce, mini tomato,green onion & shaved onion topped with ponzu jelly.
  • Grilled sake-kasu black cod $18.00
    • irresistably silky and buttery black cod marinated in sweet “saikyo” white miso and “sakekasu” sake leeks, grilled and served with soy infused soft egg. Poke the egg to coat the cod with golden lava sauce.
  • Ahi-tuna & avocado carpaccio $12.80
    • thinly sliced ahi-tuna and avocado over organic greens. Topped with kaiware radish,garlic chips, wasabi mayo and soy based sesame dressing.
  • Veggie Supreme
    • Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms. Pineapple, black olives, Tomatoes
  • For delivery add $3.00
  • Chicken Pakora $9.99
  • 2 Pizza Special (2 L/2 M/2 S) $18.99/$16.99/$13.99
    • Any 3 topping on each, 2L pop free
  • Kids Special $3.99
    • 8 inch pizza, cheese, pepperoni, veggie, ham & pineapple
  • Dips (S/L) $25c/$65c
  • Meat Lasagna Or Spaghetti (M/L) $7.99/$9.99
  • Taco
    • Ground Beef Onions, fresh Cut lettuce, fresh cut Tomatoes, Mon & cheddar Cheese
  • Steamed Pork, Wild Mushrooms, Zucchini $10
  • Sticky Rice Cake $15
    • stir fried pork, salted mushroom greens, wood ear mushrooms, bamboo shoots
  • Sichuan Cucumbers, Spicy Vinaigrette $5
  • Shan Tofu $16
    • chickpea tofu, salted mustard leaf forestiere, yuzu miso Portobello, charred cauliflower, garlic stem, cucumber, sake vinaigrette
  • Bean Curd Skin, King Oyster Mushroom, Chili Ginger Vinaigrette $5
  • Spicy Noodles $9.5
    • flat wheat noodles, chili lamb mince, pork fat, sesame sauce, cucumber,preserved peanuts
  • Add Sunnyside Up Egg $2
  • Housemade Taiwanese Pork Sausage $6.5
  • Coconut custard, blueberry ice cream, pink peppercorn meringue crisp, macerated strawberries $9.00
  • Grilled humboldt squid, pepperoni ragu, potato puree, crispy croquette, gremolata $19.00
  • Confit tuna, roasted garlic hummus, potato croquette, poached egg, tomato and cucumber salad, honey dill dressing, crispy chickpeas $16.00
  • Scallop cracklins $5.00
  • Crispy pork belly, fried polenta, cheddar scrambled eggs, corn salsa $15.00
  • Crispy pork belly $6.00
  • Pan seared gnocchi, salsa verde, roasted tomato puree, parmesan sabayon, caramelized fennel $17.00
  • Pan roasted asparagus, shaved cured duck breast, garlic butter, cottage cheese $9.00
  • Poached Eggs With Smoked Pork Belly $17
    • cheddar sabayon and a homemade english muffin
  • Roast Pork Loin $37
    • apple, sage, braised cabbage
  • Pork Belly And Beans $5
  • Squah Roasted In Brown Butter And Spices $17
    • chestnut, apple, egg
  • Currant Scone With Jam And Clotted Cream $7
  • Duck Sausage $5
  • Full Breakfast $22
    • 2 eggs, duck sausage, pork & beans, boudin noir, rosti toast
  • Roasted Corn And Tomato Quiche $14
    • salad, warm bacon vinaigrette

Chef Tony Dim Sum


Eaton Ctr, 4700 Kingsway #1105, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M1, Canada





Opened hours

10 AM to 9 PM (Mon-Sat), 11 AM to 7 PM (Sun)








Dim Sum


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Eaton Ctr, 4700 Kingsway #1105, Burnaby, BC V5H 4M1, Canada
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