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Centra Food Market in Aurora has no menu available, but can choose from many other options such as Kids menu available or ●Something more from The Bistro. Sansotei Ramen offers many options including Tonkatsu and Tonkotsu Black. Tim Horton includes a wide range like Turkey Bacon Club or Extreme Italian. Garlic Parmesan and Blackened from . Tilted Kilt offers Congee Queen and Sliced Beef Congee.

Nearby Sample Menus

  • Olive Currant Nut and Seed $11.00
    • kalamata olives currants pine nuts pumpkin & hemp seeds on a bed of arugula
  • Pizza $12.00
    • served on a sprouted buckwheat & flax seed crust with cashew nut cheese and Either marinara or pesto sauce topping change daily
  • Pumpkin Pie $7.00
    • almond date crust with creamy pie filling topped with coconut whipped cream
  • Dressing Available
    • Tangy lemon, olive oil lemon apple cider vinegar agave & spices/Ginger Date olive oil dates ginger coconut aminos lemon garlic/Balsamic vinaigrette olive oil balsamic maple syrup dijon garlic & spices/tahini garlic olive oil dijon tahini garlic/oil & lemon olive oil & lemon Juice
  • Special Order Cheesecakes available in $50.00/$65.00/$85.00
    • lemon, chocolate banana, blueberry vanilla, strawberry vanilla, coffee, vanilla chai, cookie crunch
  • All Green Goodness $12.00
    • cucumber green onion avocado sunflower sprouts pumpkin & hemp seeds on kale & romaine lettuce
  • Taco Wrap $9.50
    • seasoned nut loaf guacamole romaine lettuce salsa & almond nut cheese wrapped in a collard leaf
  • Caesar Salad $10.50
    • romaine lettuce tossed with a caesar dressing topped with onion bread croutons & pine nut parmesan
  • Fried vermicelli with shrimp & chicken in home style $9.25
  • Blood Jello Congee $5.50
  • Fried Handmade Udon with seafood in Japanese Style $12.50
  • BBQ duck leg rice $9.25
  • Minced Fish congee w orange peel $5.95
  • Spice & pepper salt Squid $8.50
  • Szechuan style chicken beef $11.75
  • Seafood Super Bowl Congee $11.25
  • Triple Decker BBQ $9.00
    • slow smoked beef brisket pulled pork shaved smoked turkey with apple fennel slaw a pretzel bun with Carolina BBQ sauce
  • California $12.00
    • ripe avocado baby arugula sliced tomato sriracha mayonnaise alpine swiss cheese mushrooms caramelized onion and Dijon mayonnaise sauce
  • Basket of hand-cut fries $3.00
  • Breakfast Sandwich $5.00
    • fried egg and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun
  • Beet Reuben $8.00
    • smoked sea salt roasted beets with sauerkraunt, thousand Island dressing + swiss cheese on marble rye
  • Shaved Turkey $9.00
    • smoked turkey on a garlic butter toasted brioche bun with BBQ sauce and apple fennel slaw
  • Premium Butcher Blend Beef Burger $10.00
    • a blend of ground beef brisket short ribs and beef chuck
  • vegetable of the day $3.00
  • Black Bean Veggie Wrap $12.50
    • A spinach tortilla filled with a spicy black bean, corn and tomato combination, lettuce, fresh veggies, cheddar and jack cheeses and cayenne ranch sauce, Served with sweet potato fries
  • Flat Iron Steak Salad $15.50
    • Our fresh lettuce blend tossed with tomatoes, cucumbers and your choice of dressing, topped with tender slices of grilled flat iron steak, caramelized red onions and bleu cheese crumbles
  • Add your choice of cheese American, cheddar, swiss, bleu, provolone or pepper jack $1
  • Grilled Herbed Chicken $14
    • Two tender and juicy grilled chicken breasts seasoned with our special blend of herbs and served with a side of steamed seasonal vegetables
  • Additional $0.50
    • Make it “reuben style” with grilled sauerkraut and thousand island dressing
  • Mushroom & Swiss Burger $14
    • Sautéed mushrooms and onions with melted swiss cheese
  • Soup of the Day (Cup/Blow) $4/$6
    • Ask your Kilt Girl about today’s daily selection
  • Fish sauce chicken with rice $5.50
  • Fish fillet in corn sauce $7.95
  • Spare ribs with black bean sauce & bitter melon $6.95
  • Combo 2a $14.50
    • Fish sauce chicken, sliced beef with mushroom & onion
  • -Change to snow pea tips $2.00
    • Extra
  • Deep fried bean curd $5.99
  • Sliced beef & oyster sauce $6.99
  • Egg plants with minced pork $6.50
  • Side Steak $9.99
  • Eggs Florentine $11.49
    • three eggs over easy served on sauteed baby spinach with melted swiss on English muffins topped with Hollandaise sauce, Served with home fries
  • kids Chocolate Chip pancakes 3 $6.99
  • Thick Toast & Jam $2.49
    • white whole wheat dark rye or bagel
  • Side Chicken Breast $7.99
  • Grilled Cheese & Bacon $6.99
  • Grilled Cheese $5.49
  • Grilled Chicken breast $11.99
    • with three eggs served with home fries and thick toast & jam

Centra Food Market


24 Orchard Heights Blvd #104, Aurora, ON L4G 6S8, Canada





Opened hours

Monday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM










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24 Orchard Heights Blvd #104, Aurora, ON L4G 6S8, Canada
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