4 menus in Strasbourg lunch, restaurant and takeaway menus

Strasbourg's Royal Grill

100 Mountain St, Strasbourg, SK S0G 4V0, Canada

New New Chop Suey House


123 Mountain St, Strasbourg, Saskatchewan S0G 4V0, Canada

The Burger Barn

415 Pearson St, Strasbourg, Saskatchewan S0G 4V0, Canada

Sisters cafe


123 Mountain Street, Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada

Sisters cafe Sample Menu

Caesar Salad small/large/family size 9.95/13.25/25.95
Greek Salad small/large/family 10.95/14.95/28.95
Beef Onion 11.95/17.95/27.95/38.95
Vegetarian 12.95/19.95/30.95/39.95
Salami, Mushroom, Bacon 12.95/19.95/30.95/39.95
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